#CESlive sneak preview video: Check out what's coming to Vegas!

Cali Lewis and John P. of Geek Beat join Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, Daniel Rubino, and yours truly of Mobile Nations to give everyone a sneak preview of what we have planned for #CESlive, including the awesome enormity of what John's building in the geek labs... Check it out!

Rene Ritchie

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Becjr says:

The biggest reveal at this CES could be a cardboard box for all I care. If the iMore [Mobile Nations] coverage is going to be as fun as this preview... It's gonna be a good week.
More previews? (Please)
So much fun! :D

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Richard Devine says:

Going to be an awesome week. Guess I should probably get a haircut with all those cameras about...

Rowanova says:

Looking forward to learning what's coming out soon in new tech. Nice to see Mobile Nations going all in for the big show...and for the rest of us too. Let the fun begin.

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asuperstarr says:

I'm excited. I can't wait to see all the reveals and information on the latest products.

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teepeeayy says:

What happens in Vegas BETTER NOT stay in Vegas!

zdn1042 says:

As Kevin mentioned, whatever happens in Vegas gets tweeted and posted all across the internet.
Looking forward to getting all my CES tech news cravings from you guys!

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