#CESlive: TwelveSouth on Being Mac Only

Peripheral maker Twelve South has differentiated itself from the competition with a laser-like focus on just making stuff that matters for Mac and iOS device users. Their products include the BookBook, a "travel journal" case that looks for all the world like an antique book, stands like the HiRise and BookArc, the PlugBug charger and more.

In this interview, company founder Andrew Green sits down with John P from GeekBeat and our own Rene Ritchie to discuss more about where the company gets its inspiration from, how it responds to new product introductions from Apple and more.

What's more, Andrew offered a sneak peek at some new products that Twelve South has in the pipeline right now, so make sure to watch and take a gander and the new stuff!

As always, stick with us and our #CESlive Superpage for all the details from CES.

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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#CESlive: TwelveSouth on Being Mac Only


Twelve South sucks. I asked them about two years ago why they don't make a Bookbook for the iPod touch and received a rather dickish answer of "we don't make niche" products. BUT, they make that stupid shelf for the iMac, which the guy in the video even says is a niche product. So what the hell Twelve South? I'll just recommend everyone shop elsewhere.

The BookBook for the iPhone 5 is excellent. I'll definitely hit the TwelveSouth website for whatever wallet/case combo they produce for the next iPhone.

Love my BookBook for my 5S and I just decided to order one for my rMini. I'm thinking about the travel journal but it just looks too huge!

This is the first time I've seen/heard a BookBook and I really like it. Had to google their site to get more info and now I want one. Really glad I saw this interview. Thanks, iMore!