#CESlive: Watching the skies with the Celestron Wi-Fi telescope

Astronomers and star watchers have been gazing at the skies forever now and for the past 40 years, Celestron has been there making telescopes for the masses. Their latest product is the Cosmos 90GT Wi-Fi telescope inspired by COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey​, the first Wi-Fi operated telescope for amateur astronomy

Bryan Cogdell from Celestron​ stopped by #CESlive to give us all a further look. The Cosmos 90GT creates its own wireless connection, so it can communicate with your device even in remote locations where WiFi or cellular networks aren’t available.​

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#CESlive: Watching the skies with the Celestron Wi-Fi telescope


Wow! This definitely makes me want a wireless telescope. This is very intuitive app and make exploring the moon and plan it's much easier. Great review!

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This is hands down very cool tech. It's as close to my own "Astrometrics Lab" as I could currently get.

Stargazing at the comforts of home. Very cool!
"You get a case! You get a case! You get a case!" Hahaha.