Last chance to help TiPb beat Android Central and CrackBerry - Win an iPad from Waze update!

This is it folks -- only one day left and TiPb and Android Central are still too close to call in the great Waze iPad give-away contest, and isn't slowing down either.

We need you to dig deep. We need you to eat as many TiPb icons on Waze as possible so that we can nab bragging rights and you have a chance to win an iPad. Now not to get all Lord of the Rings about it but...

Hear me TiPb nation! It shall be an iPhone day, a Waze day ere the dawn rises! Drive now. Drive NOW! For TiPb and the contest's ending!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

Steve says:

I've munched a bunch in my area. Does tipb get a list of the top 25 waze usernames to determine who is in for the drawing?

patcom8 says:

i wish there was more closer to me, and i dont drive to work and i miss out on the ability to pick up the tipb icons... I had to drive up a private driveway to get one though.... i later updated the waze map to show that it was a private driveway and not a road haha

mdntblu says:

I drove over 300 miles and chomped over 10 tipb icons. Some areas there are lots of them and others there are none.

TavisB says:

I got one on the first day, haven't seen any in my area since.

Terry says:

There aren't many in my area and if they are they are way out of the way. How did they place them?

Vox says:

And none in .mx...I'm betting it's US only and somebody forgot to mention that :/

Terry says:

@Vox I believe the original post stated it's for the US only.