What change does Apple most need to make to the App Store? [Poll]

Apple announced the App Store way back in spring of 2008 as part of the iPhone SDK event, and now 4 years later it's the biggest thing to ever hit mobile applications, but it still has a lot of issues. If you could wave a magic wand and have Apple add one thing to the App Store, what would it be?


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What change does Apple most need to make to the App Store? [Poll]


Not an App Store feature, just apps in general. I think it would be best to take the Mountain Lion "Gatekeeper" approach over to iOS. That would cover several items on this list.

lol the first option shouldn't be in the poll, since everyone already have said they want it like forever :P
The others are more interesting :)

"Less Curation" could probably use some splitting up. Most people want some manner of curation, but would like to see some ability to sideload -- perhaps a ML-esque Gatekeeper for iOS, that would allow people to enter the Wild West at their own risk.

Probably remove at least 200,000 of the pieces of trash that are in the way of finding good apps. We don't need 1 "radar" app or weather app for every single city in the US; which is what some developers do. They are selling hundreds of the same app just for a different city/state/region/country.

Background app install ( no jumping out of AppStore to homepage)
Remote purchase and install for when you don't have your device with you. Just like android via any browser

I would buy more apps if I could preview them. As it is, I don't want to pay for crap apps so I don't bother. I think a lot of people are in the same boat.

This is probably something they won't do with a redesign, but I would really like some kind of auto-update of apps when you charge the device for instance.

Personally, I'd like some sort of wish list feature with price change notification. There are many times I see something interesting that I'd like to save with no way of doing it inside the App store app. Just build it into the app please and I can delete a few app tracker apps

it's just poorly organized and hard to navigate. I'm not talking about searching. I mean browsing for things that are new. browsing isn't great.

Edit- Android often has links to you tube videos embedded so you can really see the app in action. The developers should provide the video so they have control as to the quality of the video and show off the features.

I would also like a save for later list, apps that I might buy later, be able to check for price changes or apps where I have to wait to download over wifi, oh yeah and how about increasing the 20 mb limit on 3G downloads, maybe up to 50 mb

And one more thing- this is more related to iTunes, let me favorite apps, or make a sort of playlist of essential apps that are the ones I want to install by default on a new device or after a total reformat. I have over 900 apps in iTunes, it takes forever to go through them to check off which ones to install.

I want to see the App Store utilize it's own push notification system, to tell ME when updates are available, rather than me going to the Store to find out.
Also, it's about time the App Store had a Downloads button, so you don't get kicked out of the app every time you download.

Missing option: Don't make me type my password for free apps and free updates. I think I've typed my Apple ID password more than any other of my passwords combined!

Totally disagree with the statement made about not putting in passwords for free apps. My children have iPods and I controll what they are able to download because everything requires a password. I also would not want to let someone use my iPod or phone and find out they downloaded something that I do not want.

Basically you all need to buy and Android. All these features have been there for years. Apple never listens to their customers, just the shareholders, so don't expect anything to change for a long time.

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