Check out the Tim Cook interview from D11 in full; see what he didn't say

Tim Cook

Last night saw Apple CEO Tim Cook make his much anticipated appearance on stage at the D11 conference in California. Whenever Tim Cook talks, people want to listen, and so, now, the video has been posted by the folks at AllThingsD so we can all re-live the interview in full.

Cook talked -- and perhaps more prominently didn't talk -- about everything from taxes, to Apple TV, to iOS 7, API's, some interesting stuff. While we didn't learn anything new about forthcoming products -- and why would we, especially with WWDC just a couple of weeks away -- it was still a pretty good interview. Catch the highlights from the interview below, go take a look and the video and be sure to come back and share your thoughts on what you've seen with us.

Source: AllThingsD

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Check out the Tim Cook interview from D11 in full; see what he didn't say

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Great interview. I like the fact that Tim Cook remained unflustered by all the gloom and doom that a lot of folk are painting. I'm no techie. I am relatively new to Apple products. Just finished my first year using an iPhone. iPad not even a year yet. But coming from webOS which was elegant but lack hardware it is great to have a product that marries the two well. I agree in the end it should be about a great product. If Apple had settled for anything less I think the whole industry including Samsung would have suffered. It is true they are playing catch up in some key areas like the map service and iOS looking a bit stale in general. But in the end what I think the iPhone does better than anyone else is facilitate usage of apps that make my life easier. Both for play and especially for work. After viewing video on my iPad it sucks to look at say Netflix on my Dell Inspiron. It seems the mindset now is gimme gimme the next 'new' thing. And I might be in the minority in what next society. But I would rather buy a great product any day over simply a fancy one.