China may have banned government purchases of iPads and other Apple products


A new report from Bloomberg claims that the government of China has excluded a number of Apple products, including the iPad, the iPad mini and a number of MacBook laptops from a list of approved products that can be purchased with public money.

Bloomberg cites unnamed sources for the basis of their report, claiming that the 10 Apple products went missing on the latest Chinese government procurement list that is made by the country's National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance. The report said that security concerns were to blame for the removal of the Apple devices but does not include iPhones. The list is made to be followed by all central Communist Party departments, along with government ministries and all local governments.

Neither Apple nor the Chinese government have commented on Bloomberg's report. What do you think about this possible ban of many Apple products from the Chinese government?

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

China may have banned government purchases of iPads and other Apple products


Well, if the government continues to ban them, they can rip off the technology as much as they want and Apple can't do anything about it. Sad, but true.

If a ban is truly in place, it won't be much longer that even Apple loses out in China. First it was Samsung dropping, soon it will be Apple.

China was, and is, a violatal market. A country that will ban video game systems has no problem banning telecommunication devices from companies it deems unsafe.

Maybe our government should start banning the import and use of some Chinese domestic products that are exported and sold here. Such as products from Xiaomi, Meizu and Oppo for example. China is such a scum bag rip off country. They protect their own and resort to these type of actions whenever their own industries are threatened. China is our most dangerous adversary and we are financing their rise by having exported millions of our jobs to them. Slave labor exists and it thrives in China.

Oh please. Half the reason slave labour exists is because the western world wants cheap goods. They could do more if they wanted.

I'm banning Wan Tons and no longer giving hot Chinese women a double take! Take that Chinese! And as Tom Petty says "Don't come round here no mo".

But I bet they run half of their economy and most of their government on Windows machines. For superior security?! Will wonders never cease.