Chromecast now shipping internationally from Amazon

Google's Chromecast is officially still a U.S. only product, but Amazon has now started to offer international shipping of the little $35 dongle for the first time. With shipping and import fees, the Chromecast still comes in less expensive than those often ridiculous eBay prices for anyone outside the U.S. Android Central's Alex Dobie:

For UK buyers, standard (8 to 14-day) shipping costs £5.79, while priority (two-day) shipping costs £21.28. In Australia it's A$11.02 and A$36.42 respectively. With standard shipping our UK order came to just over £34 — not at all bad for this type of product.

So far countries supported seems limited, but Australia, the U.K, Hong Kong and Germany all seem able at this time to import a Chromecast from However, while the device itself might be easier to snag now, the Chromecast app for iOS is not.

You can set up your Chromecast without the app – see the guide below for the full rundown – but if you do want it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, right now you can only get it from the U.S. App Store. That requires a U.S. iTunes account. If you have one, or you have access to one, you'll find the app at the link below. No doubt the app will become more widely available once Google officially launches the Chromecast outside of the U.S.

So, now that you can, anyone in any of those countries picking one up?

via Android Central

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Chromecast now shipping internationally from Amazon


I bought one while I was in the US, but it's pretty useless right now. It's fun to play YouTube videos on the TV, but of course Netflix doesn't work in my country. So I'm still hoping for Plex support eventually, so that I can stream my Media library to the Chromecast.

Yeah, hopefully devs will be able to get their apps working with it sooner rather than later. For the price there's a ton of potential

This is a site dedicated to everything Apple. And since this is a Google product with support for Apple devices, we will naturally be interested in it.

I guess I am one of those apple fans that doesn't care at all about anything google. I don't even use gmail.

I hope they make a full feature box with a real remote that does everything Roku and WDTV (and apple tv) does. But specifically, stream all the formats not just a few, has usb ports. has a nice clean interface, has great app variety, and can access my 20k music files in google play.