Could iPhone 5 land on Sprint as well this year?

Shing Yin, a Citadel Securities analyst, thinks a Sprint iPhone deal may not be that far off, perhaps as soon as this year, which would likely mean a CDMA iPhone 5. After Verizon finally shipped the iPhone 4, we found out T-Mobile might be getting one, either on their own or as part of the ongoing T-Mobile and AT&T merger. That leaves Sprint sitting alone in the corner.

Interestingly enough, after Verizon ends unlimited data on July 7, 2011, Sprint will be the only carrier to still offer unlimited data. Yin things that may appeal to Apple.

With lower prices on plans, a Sprint iPhone could offer an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users (a demographic that we think is increasingly important to Apple following the rise of Android)...

I think it's only a matter of time before Sprint picks up the iPhone. I'm not convinced they'll receive the next hardware iteration at the same time as Verizon and AT&T but I could see a launch later in the year or early next year, the same way Verizon got the iPhone 4 roughly 8 months after AT&T.

Like with AT&T, eventually everyone on Verizon who wants an iPhone, even an iPhone 5, will have one, and selling into Sprint's user


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Reader comments

Could iPhone 5 land on Sprint as well this year?


ugh im hoping so bad the iphone comes to Sprint, but i really hope its at least in September. I wish it was earlier. Next year would not be ideal. That would suck waiting that long. My blackberry is barely holding up anymore.

So get a new phone! I will never understand those who sit around waiting on a carrier that they detest, just because they're the only one who carries that phone, or those that stick with a device they don't like, just because there are rumors that the device they want MIGHT come to their provider.

ok so here's my thinking. Why would I get a new phone and ruin my discount on my next upgrade when the iphone is going to come to Sprint in a few months? 2nd get a new phone where? Sprint's line up is horrible. all they have are android phones and i DETEST android phones.

I use to say i hated Android too until I bought the EVO and I LOVE IT. The only way I would give up my EVO for an iPhone is if Apple increases it screen size. There are some great things about the iPhone and there are some great things about the EVO but you will not have Apple envy sitting next to your iPhone friends with your EVO.

thats funny because i left my BB 9700 and t-mobile to get the EVO and within a month i went back to the blackberry 9650. The EVO is the reason i hate Android so much lol

LMFAO!!!! Why am i an idiot? because i Detest Android. Android sucks sorry. and so do their phones. I'd rather have a blackberry or and iphone over android anyday. I'm pretty sure your an idiot though.

And 3rd. Are you going to pay my ETF to jump ship to another carrier? not to mention At&t and Verizon (Verizon tomorrow) dont even have Unlimited data plans anymore. Doesnt make sense to switch. its better to be patient and weigh your options.

That would be great, but a year too late for me. My wife and I left Sprint for AT&T because we both had bad experiences with Android, and wanted to move to Apple. It was hard, because Sprint's plans are so cheap for the amount you get. But in this case, hardware trumped plan.

Currently holding on to an EVO 4G that I'd rather chuck into Lake Michigan for an iPhone 4. For the love of God, make it happen by this fall...I love Sprint...but am effing done with Android fragmentation.

Sprint is not making a a profit right now and hasn't in quite some time. If Sprint does get the iPhone, they will have to do away with unlimited/"everything" plans.
It's pretty bad when a company can rake in billions in revenue yet still post a $439 million loss.

You guys are both douchebags smh. You don't want the best cell phone coming to your crappy network? Sprints phone line up SUCKS!!!