Citymapper for iPhone expands from London into New York City

Citymapper for iPhone is one of my absolute favorite travel apps for London, but now it's leaving the shores of the UK and taking in New York City as well. Citymapper is your one stop shop for route planning and transit information, bike share stations, is completely free to download and looks great to boot.

Full offline subway maps for the city are on board, as is a pretty nifty routing tool, bus routes and times, and the option to set your home and work locations for working out best routes. Not only maps, but disruptions, line status, live bus information, and here in London at least – can't really test it yet in New York – prices for your routes on different modes of public transport.

For anyone in London or New York, or anyone visiting either city anytime soon, Citymapper is one great app you should definitely be taking a look at. It's free, so there's no reason not to take a look! Any Citymapper fans in London have any words for our New York City friends?

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Citymapper for iPhone expands from London into New York City

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Best app for planning travel in London by far. Great to find out how to get from any venue to home, including walking times to bus and tube stops. There's a large supermarket I go to which is served by both bus and a tube route from my flat - I was never sure which was actually quickest to journey home, and Citymapper helps make that decision for me.