Clash of Clans picks up biggest update yet with 'Clan Wars'

Clash of Clans has had one of its biggest updates in the infamous game’s history today. Now players can raid without any risk to their resources, shield, or trophies, and work towards two new achievements. This is done with a new system called war bases, where multiple players can lump all of their troops together in the same place and, once attack day arrives, they all head out to raid other war bases together. In the meantime, your village stays entirely separate from the whole affair. Full details on the update are available on the Supercell Forum.

Besides that, the Clan Castle level cap has been bumped up, allowing you to rally more allied troops, and is now lootable in combat. Gem boxes are spawning again, so keep an eye out for these precious rewards. Clash of Clans remains an insanely popular game, despite (or maybe because of) its fairly casual mechanics. We have any Clash of Clans players here? What level are you?

Source: SuperCell

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LozBlanko says:

Such a superb game. I can't help feeling how completely futile playing it is but I love the thought that's gone into it and the complexity of layers as you play it longer. The new feature adds a few more layers!

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Gregory Ray1 says:

I love clash of calns, and I have been waiting for this update for a while now. I think this has been an epic fail for the launch. It took 20 min to pair for a war. Half of my long term members weren't alowed to compete. And now the scout map has gone blank. I am very disappointed that we waited and waited and this is what we got.

Peter Kovach says:

I have a Galaxy Note III. I have spent a lot on this game and was FORCED to update my game today.
The app fails to install and just sits there with a progress bar forever. After hours I tried restarting, etc and nothing changes -- the progress bar just keeps indicating it is updating.
This is inexcusable !!!!!
How can you possible FORCE an update on people when you obviously did not test it properly.


tobias_i_d says:

that's because you're in android platform and using inferior hardware. Sell your note 3 and buy iphone instead.

I updated CoC this morning on my iPad 3 (yes, three) and it works smoothly.

Peter Kovach says:

Iphones are pieces of garbage for people who can't program. They can run one app at a time and are ancient technology now. And you can barely see the text on an iphone.
I was asking for intelligent useful help - not ignorant comments.

Anyone with useful input PLEASE let me know if you can help.

tobias_i_d says:

Is "Iphones are pieces of garbage" not an ignorant comment?

sell your note 3, leave android and buy iphone / ipad instead.

Peter Kovach says:

No oh prance is not understanding the limitations of your phone and why so many people have upgraded to the Android platform which can do multiple apps etc etc

Anyway don't want to waste more of my time.
To help you, turns out the android setup they have only updates using wifi. - stupid choice on the CofC folks but hey, that is all it took. Have a good onw

tobias_i_d says:

"so many people have upgraded to the Android platform"

people from which platform? windows? blackberry? perhaps. IOS? I'm not so sure.

Besides, Imore is all about Apple, iPhone, iPad, Macbook and all the good stuff. If you want to know about android, you might better google it.

Anyway don't want to waste more of my time.

Mrdevali says:

Join us for war in "The Big Bang"now accepting new members.

allimb529 says:

Join us at "KING OF DRAGONS" for the clan wars. Now accepting new members

Jessica Blaesing says:

Lol. You come on here and complain how your app isn't working properly and then defend your crappy android. News flash, your crappy android us what makes the app not work.

danthraxx says:

Wow you obviously dont know you a$$ from a hole in the ground .

brlujueg says:

My clan uses Clan Wars Assist to communicate war strategy. It works great!