Clear for iPhone getting updated, Clear for Mac coming soon

Clear for iPhone will soon be getting an update that will include iCloud sync... to it's forthcoming big brother app for the Mac. When Clear launched for the iPhone it immediately made an impact for its almost button-less design, bold aesthetic, and super-fast, ultra-focused usability (see my Clear for iPhone review. Now Realmac wants to bring that same level of form-meets-function to the desktop, and based on the video above, it looks like they've succeeded.

In addition to iCloud sync, Clear 1.2 for iPhone will also bring the ability to easily swipe between lists using edge gestures, and the ability to paste in multiple lines of text to speed up task entry.

Clear 1.0 for Mac will bring the same, innovative gesture interface to trackpad users, but also include full on keyboard shortcut support for type-centric users. You can literally just start typing to enter new items, and point down a list to add something without having to switch to a mouse or trackpad to click.

Clear has always been a phenomenally simple, beautiful task manager for iPhone, and now that it will have a desktop counterpart, it'll be even more functional for even more users.

You can grab Clear for iPhone now from the iOS App Store. Clear for iPhone 1.2 and Clear for Mac 1.0 land on November 8. Clear for iPhone is $1.99. Clear for Mac will run you $14.99.

Source: Realmac

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Clear for iPhone getting updated, Clear for Mac coming soon


Looking at Due and Clear for task manager for me and my wife. Is there to do app that syncs across multiple phones--hers and mine?

We use and like buy me a pie for grocery lists.