Clear for iPhone and iPad free for 24hrs — go get it!

Clear for iPhone and iPad free for 24hrs — go get it!

Clear, now universal for iPhone and iPad, is free for the next 24hrs. If you're still reading rather than downloading, RealMac previously promised to make the original version of their popular gesture-based to-do list maker and manager free in order to help migrate people over from Clear+, which they're discontinuing. And so they have. Grab, enjoy, and let me know what you think of the new, unified Clear!

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Reader comments

Clear for iPhone and iPad free for 24hrs — go get it!


$4,99 for me... But if I see it free, I will take it.. Maybe will never use it, but hey it's free.. :-)))

The link in the article ultimately goes to Clear+ which is $4.99. If you just go to RealMac software, or just Clear, it is free.

Questions: does this app have reminders? And, if so, does it sync with Apple's native Reminders? If not, deal breaker.

(I checked their web site and it's surprisingly spare on the details. I guess that's consistent with the app's philosophy, but frustrating.)


It's a tasks & to-do list manager. No reminders. I switched on the "App Icon Badge", and the "Active List Count for Badge" in the settings menu so I can see remaining tasks for the active list. I use reminders in Fantastical and both apps now sit on my home screen. I added Clear today and I quite like it. Perhaps less is more.

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No reminders, but the developer says it's coming in March. I don't think it syncs with Reminders.

One question: It's free, so why not just download and check it out?! Just curious.

Because I do not like to take advantage of the freebie deals and would rather support the developers when the price goes back up. I will wait until March etc. to see what's in store for Clear and, if reminders is included, I'll be happy to pay for it.

Thank you for the info. Clear is beautiful, but reminders are a deal breaker for me, so I never bothered before. I just downloaded it (hey, it's free) and if reminders are coming I may actually start using it.

I'm in to give it a go, but right now completely hooked on "ListBook".

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Anyone know how I can set notifications/badge app or something to let me know what I have remaining? Or does it not support that functionality? Am I missing something??

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