Clear for Mac now available in Mac App Store, Clear for iPhone updated with iCloud support

Clear, the incredibly beautiful task list manager for iPhone that stole our hearts with its gesture-based approach, has been updated to support iCloud sync -- to work seamlessly with the newly released Clear for Mac! The Mac version looks very similar to the iPhone version both in design and size, which is awesome because switching between the two is a seamless as ever. If you're already familiar with Clear for iPhone, Clear for Mac behaves exactly as you would expect.

iCloud sync will not only keep your Clear lists in sync between iPhone and Mac, but also keep your unlocked themes stored in the cloud so that they'll be available on all your devices.

Clear for Mac brings the same, innovative gesture interface to trackpad users, but also includes full on keyboard shortcut support for type-centric users. You can literally just start typing to enter new items and point down a list to add something without having to switch to a mouse or trackpad to click.

Some other features added to the iPhone version of Clear include the ability to share your favorite quotes on Twitter and Facebook, quick list switching by swiping from the edges of your iPhone, pasting text as lists, and sending tasks to Clear from other apps such as Launch Center Pro.

Clear for Mac is currently 50% off to celebrate its launch, so grab it now!

$6.99 for Mac - Download Now

$1.99 for iPhone - Download Now

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Clear for Mac now available in Mac App Store, Clear for iPhone updated with iCloud support

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It's nice to see a company not try to do anything grand or extravagant when they port from a mobile app to desktop app. Too many times people try to change the experience too much, and the product gets lost along the way. Props to Clear for keeping it simple. Though why does a to-do list needs facebook/twitter integration?