A close up of Olloclip's new iPad camera lens at #CESlive

Olloclip makes clip-on lenses for iPhone; now they're offering a new product for the iPad Air, iPad mini and Retina iPad mini. They're also showing off a new 3-in-1 macro lens for the iPhone, and Rene and Georgia get a chance to look at them both.

Keep it tuned to #CESlive for all the latest news from CES!

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A close up of Olloclip's new iPad camera lens at #CESlive


Olloclip's new macro lenses look like a lot of fun. It's tough to get some really good macro shots from a stock iPhone so I will definitely be looking into these.

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I still think using an iPad to take pictures is so-so. But if they only have their iPad with them and they need to take a photo, I guess it's ok. Maybe it'll look better if the iPad has an Olloclip attached.