CODE Keyboard offers quiet, backlit mechanical keyfeel

CODE Keyboard offers quiet, backlit mechanical keyfeel

Jeff "Coding Horror" Atwood and Weyman Kwong of WASD Keyboards have collaborated to create the CODE Keyboard. It's available in 104 and 87-key configurations and can be thoroughly customized using removable key caps and a row of DIP switches on the bottom. It costs $149.

The black-clad keyboard features white LED backlighting with seven levels of brightness; under the hood are Cherry MX Clear mechanical keyswitches, which offer the precision and speed tolerance of classic mechanical keyswitches but are quiet, making the keyboard suitable to use in shared office environments and other places where a noisy keyboard is unwelcome.

Mechanical keyboards have long been favored by speed typists and others for their precise keyfeel and their ability to handle fast input without "ghosting" - that is, not registering correct key presses. The combination of fast input, precise keyfeel and quiet operation is sure to be a hit. Compared to rubber dome keyboards, the CODE is pricey, but it's not ridiculously out of whack for a heavily customizable mechanical keyboard.

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Reader comments

CODE Keyboard offers quiet, backlit mechanical keyfeel


Very Cool! I prefer the blue switches myself as i prefer the clicky feel and sound*, also the clear switches require a little extra force to actuate which could be an upside or a negative depending on who you are.

*My office mates do not seem to mind the two of us who have Cherry Blue Switches on our keyboards.

any chance you can make a video where we can hear the actual volume this keyboard produces? I love mechanical keyboards but people hate my clack clack clack.

Matias is really good about uploading audio files of their keyboards in action. If I get a chance to talk with the CODE folks, I'll pass the suggestion along, and if we get the opportunity to test it, I'll try to do the same.