OMFG! iPhone Officially Unlocked, This Time for Realz


Yes folks, this is the real deal. Remember that shady website that claimed would release a fully software based iPhone unlock solution within 48 hours? Well...they did. So far I have already received reports from users claiming to have iPhones unlocked and functioning on T-Mobile, Rogers, Vodaphone, and Orange networks.

Engadget has posted a fantastic tutorial detailing the process involved to make the unlock magic happen. It's really straight forward and quite simple. However, I don't have a second iPhone to act as guinea pig, so I won't be putting this unlock solution to the test. Feel free to send me your success stories, or mishaps.

By the way, if anyone out there can confirm their unlocked iPhone works with Centennial Wireless I would much appreciate it. I have a couple friends on that network who are just dying to get iPhones.

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OMFG! iPhone Officially Unlocked, This Time for Realz


Anything to remove AT&T's stranglehold on the iPhone! I recently had a horrible experience trying to get ATT wireless service. The telesales person took down the wrong mailing address, the phone got returned, and they didn't even bother calling me to see if I still wanted it (or, God forbid, to apologize). I had to speak to 7 (I kid you not!) customer service/sales/telesales reps before I could even get the money for the phone back. Some of them couldn't even find my order, event though it was open in front of me on my computer screen and I kept hollering the order number to them. I immediately went over to Verizon, where ordering online was a cinch, and no problems with service so far. ATT sucks as far as I am concerned, and I WILL NEVER BUY THE IPHONE AS LONG AS THE EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT WITH ATT REMAINS. Anyone agree with me on this?

I don't blame you for feeling this way. Until our Government intercedes on behalf of consumers by abolishing these onerous carrier exclusive contracts, there is little we can do, other than rely on hacks to unlock mobile devices as we've seen her.

Kent, your desire for governmental controls baffles me. From what I can tell, Apple's desire to enter into an exclusive contract with AT&T was a financial decision -- not a political one. AT&T invested money, as did Apple, and they are entitled to a return on their investments.
I think you could benefit by a short course in economics. If you don't like the carrier, don't buy the iPhone.

yes IPhone does work with centennial !!iphone is amazing !!! it works perfectly, just pop in your sim and you are good to go !!! except data pac. cant be figured out

I have an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone, still isnt working with centennial. What do I do??? HELP! PLEASE!

unlocked iphone with and it works great. only thing i cant do is surf the net (besides wifi thts fine) and i cant send or recieve multimedia messages