Apple's Claim to the Letter "i" - Rejected


Apple's claim to the letter "i" has come to a screeching halt as a trademarks tribunal has rejected the company's bid to stop a small company from using their favorite letter of the alphabet.

This particular company wanted to name it's cases for Apple products DOPi, which is iPod spelled backwards. Apple's argument was that the DOPi name resembled their own products too closely and that it had potential to confuse consumers that they were purchasing a Apple product.

Now if you stop and think about it there are currently other products on the market that use the letter "i" that Apple has not gone after - iSkin or iSoft anyone? So that must mean Apple is protecting the name iPod simply spelled backwards but intellectual property lawyer Trevor Choy has a explanation for that.

"A competitor can sometimes get away with registering the reverse spelling of a registered trade mark - iPOD and DOPi. Here, they said that DOPi stands for 'Digital Options and Personalised Items',"

We will let our readers decide this case. Should Apple have a case or is this another case of the company simply trying to throw it's weight around? Sound off in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Apple's Claim to the Letter "i" - Rejected


I would consider myself a tech geek and I generally know what products are good and are able to tell when something is junk... and it does get a little confusing with everything being named i"junk" . To my knowledge they were the first to use the "i" in their product names. the only thing is that everything is named "i" something nowadays. you could probably go to the grocery store and find idrink and ifood if you looked hard enough... it would be nice to be able to distinguish apple products using the "i" but i doubt its going to work out

Apple doesn't get to protect everything "i" but Lindsay Lohan can keep companies from using "Lindsay"? I say we piss them both off and trademark the iLindsay.

Apple gets on my nerves every time they do something like this. Especially after darn near strongarming companies to get certain naming rights for their products...the same products at issue here.

They could probably just drop the "i" eventually anyway. Since the "internet" is no longer anything new, is it even necessary to label these devices in such ways anymore?

Haha I luv this screw apple trying to own the rights to everything. Finally the little guy scores a point. I will be changing my name to iErick hope apple doesn't come after me.

Lol, I wouldn't of even noticed it was iPod backwards if it wasn't stated. Apple needto take a chillpill

We seriously need some kind of patent/trademark reform here in the U.S. Tort reform wouldn't hurt either.

Trademarks represent big money, and Apple has to protect them so not just anybody can abuse them. Yes, even the letter ' '.
Anybody who says otherw se s obv ously hates nvention, nnovat on, and ngenu ty. Apple s perfectly w th n the r r ghts, you smelly, d rty h pp es!
, for one, th nk we should treat the r ntellectual property cla ms w th all the ser ousness and cons derat on they deserve!

We will let our readers decide this case.

Too late.
Decision already rendered.
Bitchhh already slapped.

Maybe Apple should change their name, like Prince changed his name to a symbol just to yank Sony's chain. Then they could be referred to the company formerly known as Apple. DOPI says it pretty much for this lawsuit.

They need to focus on moving forward instead of what they already have done isn't that what they intended the company to do from the get go?!? When they invented the very first mac.

All it takes is a well informed consumer to realize the product is not Apple. Does Apple not believe the consumers who spend thousands on their products are not intelligent to know it's actually not their product? Hhhmm?

I swear this industry has turn into cliche high school drama, with apple as the goodie goodie girl tunred queen B
"Like OMG Apple theres a hoe wearing the same outfit as you"
"OMG really, where is she i need to kick her a**"
"OMG apple, that slut HTC is totally sleeping with your ex-boyfriend Google"
"OMG Really? but i thought google was with Motorola, I mean she totally dumped Microsoft for him, and i thought HTC was still with Microsoft"
"She is, but apparently Microsoft stopped working out and got really fat, i mean thats why Motorola and palm dumped him"
"So google is sleeping with both HTC AND Motorola? what a man whore!"
"I know right!"
"OMG i have some really old embarrassing videos of HTC that would totally ruin her, and i also recently made some vague videos that have nothing to do with her that we can use against her!"
"OMG do it!, but what about that b***h palm? she is totally sleeping with you other ex"
"I dont care about her, i heard shes like totally anorexic now, she should like drop dead at any moment"
"Your so evil"
"I know :D"

So Apple is just like Any other gazillion-dollar company - big surprise! Just 'cause they make Nice products doesnt make Them nice people.

Remember how apple tried to sue woolworths over the apple-w logo? Apple is wasting their time sueing companies for no useful reason!

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Well, here in the US if you don't defend your patents you lose them. So really, Apple HAS to take action whenever anything could "arguably" infringe on one of its patents unless it wants to lose it.

I'm really starting to get sick of Apple... I've had an iPhone for about a year and a half now.. I think I will be getting the Bold 9700 when I can upgrade. I had a crackberry before and it's more beneficial for me. Love the touchscreen.. but I'm bored of it and don't use the apps enough. and as for DOPi.. A. I love the name. B. Apple needs to stop being a dumb iBitch.