Canadians Unlock iPhone, Celebrate in Wild Drinking Binge


Some hosers in Montreal successfully managed to get iPhones working on Canada's Rogers wireless network, with a little help of the rather costly TurboSIM card method. Apparently these chaps are unaware of the 18 million and counting software unlock solutions that cost nothing, or they could have saved themselves the price of 200 maple leaves, eh?

Come on, Canada. The Israelis are making you look like chumps!


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Reader comments

Canadians Unlock iPhone, Celebrate in Wild Drinking Binge


That's not an unlocked iphone, just a modded sim. Check, they already have the real unlocked iphone. No turbo sim.

I probably should have chosen a more appropriate title since this isn't yet another unlock solution, but rather a success story with TurboSIM. But hey, if the Canadians are happy...I'm happy for them. ;-)

That is a picture of an idiot peeing on our National War Memorial,]. Can you please find another picture to put on that iphone? Thanks.
BTW Love your site...other than that pic.