Nokia Brazenly Copies iPhone As World Looks on in Shame

Nokia held a gala press event earlier today, proudly showcasing its newest line of consumer handsets and high-end smartphones, all very common and sporting the usual design flair we've come to love, and lament. But the true highlight of the show came during a special promotional video demonstrating upcoming technology Nokia has cooking in its labs. wink wink

An amazed audience looked on in stunned disbelief as the video revealed a slim device with full sized touchscreen - demonstrating nearly every feature of iPhone. Right down to gesture navigation and motion acumen identical to iPhone's patented MultiTouch interface and accelerometer-driven screen reorientation.

Apparently the phone maker from Finland has run out of ideas and now looks to its competitors for inspiration. Great work, guys! What will you rip-off think of next?


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Reader comments

Nokia Brazenly Copies iPhone As World Looks on in Shame


And so it begins. Sure there have been some half-baked iPhone ripoffs from China and the like, but this is from the big kid on the block. And yes, this is shameful.
I have to ask myself, why would Nokia show this to the world, being that its not even close to being ready to ship? The answer is because they are desperate. They are losing customers like they've never seen before. They panic and put out this video to tell their remaining customers "look, we have an iPhone too... its coming... don't leave!"
Good show Nokia. Have fun playing catchup. By the time this is out iPhone v2.0 will be basking the the warm glow of sweetness, leaving your pathetic attempt at innovation to sit on the shelves.
And for the love of god, why do people get paid to do things like this? I wish I could have a job where I get paid to take the best things other people come up with and flat out copy them. I wouldn't have to think, I wouldn't have the bothersome burden of being responsible for anything.
I just lost a ton of respect for Nokia.

Seems like a pretty obvious rip-off, but it should keep Apple from getting complacent and just rest on the laurels of the iPhone.

Part of me actually admires Nokia for having the cojones to show the world..."Yeah, we copied iPhone. Sit on it!"