iPhoneSIMfree Unlock To Be Released Into the Wild No Later Than Friday, Promise


Those hacking hoodlums at iPhoneSIMfree are teasing us with the promise of a soon to be released unlock solution, no later than Friday. In the meantime they are wetting our appetites with a nice little FAQ answering many of our gripping questions, like...is it future-proof (yes)...if I do a backup restore will it still work (yes)...will it work on any GSM network (yes)...can the iPhone be unlocked prior to AT&T activation (yes)...Will it help me get laid? (yes, wait..what?)

Now before any of you moisten your trousers, this unlock software will not be released freely. According the FAQ an undetermined cover charge will be imposed for this service, eventually. But hey, if you can afford an iPhone, you're already in the hole for $600 - what's another $20 or so?

So read the FAQ and wait for the hack. Coming!

Note This kid shops at The GAP...I have a shirt just like that.


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iPhoneSIMfree Unlock To Be Released Into the Wild No Later Than Friday, Promise


Will this really require NO hardware mods at all? And if it does, how does the average guy like me figure it out? I need this to be a download for my mac, then I plug in my iphone, then bang it works on Tmobile... is that what we can expect with iphonesimfree.com? If anyone know the details of how this will work please explain. Because I read somewhere that even with isf's technique there isa still something called "Jailbreaking" the device. What the heck does that mean? I don't want to ruin my $600 iphone!

When they release the software unlock, it will be very easy to do on both mac and pc. There will be detail step by step instructions included. You will not ruin your phone. There are lots of people that will help if you need it.

If you don't know anything about jailbreaking a phone, then you shouldn't have bought the phone to begin with, knowing its limitations to AT&T.

Now the site says it will be available "next week." I got all excited for a second but now it looks like I'm gonna have to be patient.

hi again. so how the !@#$ are we supposed to activate the phone once we buy it from Apple if we have NO intentions of using it on AT&T's network? Maybe I am missing something in all of this "unlock the iphone" talk but nobody seems to be explaining that part clearly. So as I am reading more and more on other blogs it seems that this iphonesimfree software unlock is still a few days away correct? And even then, when it comes out to the public is it going to be just a simple download to my computer, hook up iphone, then voila! I can use it on T-mobile? Can someone please explain the process to me. I am sorry but I am trying to piece together all of the information but it is confusing. And please tell me how I activate the NEW iphone without getting ATT involved. Thanks so much