Apple announces 1 million iPads sold


Apple has just announced sales of 1 million iPads since the US debut on April 3, along with 12 million app downloads from the iTunes App Store and 1.5 million ebook downloads from the iBookstore. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, is happy:

“One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone. Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.”

Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G debuted on April 30 and unofficial tallies have its sales of those SKUs at 300,000.

An amazing debut by any standards, but will growth match that of the iPhone?

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Apple announces 1 million iPads sold


I'm expecting my iPad here in Europe on may 15th, guess it won't be one from the first million iPads sold :)

Not that I have any reason to doubt Apple's press release, but, since the release does not say "into the hands of customers," and console makers frequently use this technique to inflate sales figures, it bears asking -- does this refer to 1 million iPads sold to end users, or 1 million iPads sold by Apple corporate to retail outlets (yes, including Apple stores) to stock for end users?

There will always be skeptics. There will always be disbelievers. And there will always be Apple to prove them wrong.

That's a bumper sticker, not an answer. "Disbelievers?" Jeez, no wonder they compare fanboys to a cult.
All the press release would have to say is "1 million iPads in the hands of users" and I would be cheering right next to you. They did not, but instead intentionally used language that companies from Nintendo to Ford have used to pump up sales figures past reality. As such, it is a legitimate question, one that hopefully an actual journalist can answer. If answered in the positive, I will be cheering Apple right next to you.
Press releases are specifically crafted for maximum impact while avoiding only actionable untruths; the only proper answer to such a document, from corporations from Apple to Zenith, is skepticism.

Love my new ipad and them are good numbers but "but will growth match that of the iPhone? I'm gonna say NO!

I had one and returned it. It was pointless to me, but at least I tried it. I'm glad they made the tablet.

i cant wait for iphone os 4 to hit the ipad. then it will work as a full fledged computer. listening to pandora while ichatting and browsing the web while typing out essays on pages. all while doing it on a 10 inch tablet that 1.5 pounds and less than an inch thick. my MBP is gunna be used mostly for my deejaying

Accounting rules dictates Apple counts those sold to both end-users and unaffiliated resellers, but not that shipped to official Apple Stores.

According to:
almost 1.9 Million have been sold by today, May 3.
According to this article in FORTUNE, iPad 3G
sold out in 45 of 50 stores they called:
And according to today's Wall Street Journal, stores reached in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Houston said they didn't have any iPad 3G models left:

@iPad Lover, do not take that and run with it, the media uses packages, other-words, corporations (Govt as well) put together media packaging, they (the media) then send the "packages" to the media (for a fee) as a way to have us read/hear what the corporations want. That being said, I subscribe to the crowd questioning these numbers, simply due to the fact Apple are reusing their app downloads from previous devices, "iphone, itouch". Meaning, someone who has an iphone of itouch who purchased an ipad, will have their apps transferred to the ipad. So... that 12 million app download figure for the ipad is bogus.

If Apple sells an iPad to a reseller, of course it's sold! Regardless, Apple is very tight with stock to resellers; so it's certainly going to be extremely close. Apple don't count it as "sold" in an Apple retail store, until it's in a customers hands - so I suspect their figure is MUCH more accurate than some other players I similar industries.

Theres nothing magical about it. The only magical thing here is called marketing. The ipad is still a useless gadget.