Facebook integration into iPhone OS - Apple patent watch

Patently Apple discovered a recently published Apple patent detailing an "Add Contact" workflow and "Social Networking" workflow that specifically uses Facebook as it's main example. Now that does not mean this patent will not work with other social networks, but Facebook is the current king of the mountain and it makes sense considering that it was just last week heard Apple was looking to integrate Facebook into iPhone OS 4.

With the deep integration of social networking sites on various Android-based devices Apple does have some catching up to do. We all know, when Apple takes their time the final product usually tops all other implementations out there. Cut/Copy/Paste ring a bell? Good things come to those who wait.

[Patently Apple]

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Facebook integration into iPhone OS - Apple patent watch


I sincerely hope that it's not exclusive to Facebook. Facebook is nice but I have far more contacts in LinkedIn than in Facebook. I'd hate to have easy integration for friends and a more challenging path for my extensive business contacts.

Great...a patent for one closed system to sync with another closed system, written broadly enough to sic lawyers upon those who try similar concepts.

Honestly...I don't see how you could implement syncing of social sites with contacts any differently or better.
webOS and Android implementation is really as good as it gets. Apple will just add onto it and become another provider. I still prefer Android and their Quick Contact methods though.

@iDavey, clearly you've never used webOS's facebook contact syncing...
It has no options, it imports ALLLL of your facebook contacts into your phone. That's not a good implementation.

Reptile: You, honestly, use social networking sites - as opposed to Outlook or similar -to keep a record of your business contacts?

It's not a matter of whether or not I have friends, I just don't find the value in virtual socializing when I can do it person.

I'm with Mr Anonymous on this one - as a teacher, I'll never use Facebook et al. Meh, if they make it optional, but I do not want more useless apps cluttering up my screen that I can't remove without jailbreaking.

@mranonymous: Why have Facebook if you don't ever use it? Why waste your time commenting on it?

very cool although it would be nice if apple implemented a way to hide or uninstall stock apps you don't wish to use. That way we are all happy. i've never used the stocks app in my life yet i can't get rid of it..

Chill out people. With 4.0 you'll be able to put any apps that you don't use into a folder. You can make a folder just for apps that you don't use to get them out of the way. Now everybody's happy.

Man why does people love Facebook. I hate always going back into settings to change the privacy settings they always screw up. :( You know when Leo Laporte deleted his Facebook presence live on his show, there is something wrong with Facebook.

oh great, another apple patent for the worlds biggest and almost only social site that people actually use. No thanks. You have enough lawsuits on your hand anyway