Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0) is coming... now-ish

Twitter for iPhone update available

Twitter for iPhone, aka Tweetie 3.0, is showing as an available update now in iTunes, though the link currently leads to an "application unavailable" popup. We take this to mean that, yes, Tweetie 2.0 was pulled from the iTunes App Store last night because the newly rebranded version is on its way... now-ish.

How long it takes for now-ish to become now depends on entirely on the wanton tease that is iTunes' international propagation system. If/when you manage to grab it, let us know in comments and tell us what you think. (Especially if you spot any nifty new features!)

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0) is coming... now-ish


Right now mines just sitting in the App Update category but won't let me update it, says not available in US iTunes store then leads to a dead link

i don't even see it in my AppStore. and I'm the the US. I'm sure the update will come within the next few hours. hopefully.

In all honesty - the update feels rushed. They didn't even update the user manual to replace tweetie with Twitter. No new features really. Still waiting for push. Bummed.

Be careful when updating, you will lose all accounts, searches, etc and will have to set them up again.

Aside from a few cosmetics pretty much the same thing. Doesn't yet seem to have ads, for those who were concerned.