Pogo Sketch stylus for iPhone and iPad - accessory review

Here we have the Pogo Sketch stylus [$14.95], the small, lightweight and stylish choice for those who want to write on their iPhone or iPad.

The Pogo Sketch comes in sliver or pink and is made of a aluminum alloy that makes it look sleek and feel sturdy in your hand. The capacitive foam tip gives a nice soft feel when its used, though I do find you have to press a bit harder than when using your finger. The tip is thin which is also good for those who want to do detail work or get around pudgy fingers to begin with. There's a handy clip on the back so it will fit over your shirt, book bag, or hang off your pouch case. It also has a loop on the top so if you want to hang it from your neck -- or anyplace else -- you can just place a cord around it and go. They really did think of everything.

Some (including Steve Jobs) may ask: why use a stylus at all when you always have your fingers handy. Well I live in a cold climate and I hate having to take off my gloves to use my iPhone or iPad. I also would rather use a stylus when I am doing anything which leaves my fingers dirty like eating or yard work. Also, drawing with a stylus is fun.

I keep my Pogo Sketch with me in my purse, so if ever I need it is always at hand. It works really well with the iPhone and iPad and is a good deal at $14.99. It's especially great for a gift because it is very useful for any iPhone, iPad user. If you pick one up please let me know if you enjoy it as much as I do!


-Lightweight -Sturdy -Affordable


  • The clip is made of plastic
  • needs a bit more pressure than your finger

The Pogo Sketch from Ten 1, $14.99 [Store Link]

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There are 32 comments. Add yours.

Mitchell says:

I need a stylus for practising drawing and painting. iPad tomorrow!

Charles Dudley says:

Looks pretty cool! Have you tried using it with a note taking / sketching app with finer lines than Brushes? How does it fare? I'd love to be able to sketch layouts on the go and currently using my finger makes my sketches look ridiculous.

-Andy- says:

Having used one sporadicly for 2 weeks (with my large fingers, I find OmniGraffle to be much more usable with the Sketch than without.) the only real drawback IMHO is the lack of replaceable tips. If you catch it on something sharp ( especially in a pocket ) the tip can be damaged and you're out $15. And the lack of a cap to protect the tip is a concern if you plan to use it in harsh environments.
Unfortunately, giving it replaceable tips would most likely increase the cost more than it's worth.

Macboy74 says:

@Charles Dudley I got one on amazon about a month ago. It's cool for apps like brushes and drawing-painting type apps. But not that great for note taking because sometimes the point does not catch and you need to go over what you tried to do again. I wish they can make one with I finer point. But it's not ad for $9.

Charles Dudley says:

@Macboy15 thanks!
Off topic, but is there a way to subscribe to comments here at tipb.

mth785 says:

Until they make one with a finer tip, it's not very useful for me.

kgreer says:

I'd like to see a more eco friendly version of a stylus. All I can find in the market are eco friendly iPhone cases.
Have you guys seen this new ecofriendly iPhone case by TRTL BOT? It holds your IDs and credit cards and its made from recycled plastic. I can't find any reviews on it. It must be new to the market. It looks pretty useful.

John says:

What's this post about? All I saw in the video was an extremely attractive tech chick with a cute voice making pretty lines on her sexy ipad. How are we supposed to concentrate? Where's Ritchie's salt and pepper, four eyed mug when you need it?? :-) lol

Carly says:

@mth785: I don't believe a finer tip is possible, because the iPhone itself requires a certain touch radius to even register a touch. This is why this one requires a bit of pressure, to flatten the foam against the screen.
I just picked up one of these myself (for a lot less on Amazon, BTW - TiPb's prices are not that great) to assist me in gaming on my iPhone. I have a disability where my hands are curled under and I actually use my knuckle on the iPhone screen. This works fine in most cases, but in certain games my hand can get in the way so I can't see what I am doing (also an issue with the magnifying glass for placing the text cursor). The stylus helps get my hand out of the way in these cases. I have noticed that while it requires a bit more pressure when you first start to use it, it seems to require less as it "warms up", which is probably because the foam begins to flatten out.

Roger says:

Does it use batteries?

Emre SUMENGEN says:

1) I never heard that a stylus itself be capacitive... Isn't it the screen technology itself?
2) Lamest video ever I've seen...
3) For iPad, yeah maybe, but why and how on earth would you use your ipad when a) it's cold outside or b) your hands are dirty? Remember, it's a PAD... I really wonder what use it has while walking around outside, IN THE SNOW! Or, I guess one can refrain using the iPad a little while gardening... Lamest excuses!
4) For the iPhone... Gush, it's the same length as my iPhone :) And, come on... Go buy a WM phone if you really want to use a stylus... It's nowhere cool.
This thing MIGHT have some uses, but this review is light years away from persuading me...

whoa says:

whoa review is HOT! i'll buy it

Bob says:

I bought one for my girlfriend and I, and I really WANT to love it, but it's more trouble than it's worth. You have to push a decent amount harder then your finger, so it's hard to get use too. When pushing hard and holding it at a slight angle, it keeps bending the tip. I think with prolonged usage it's not going to hold up. I'm not sure if my dream of writing normally on the ipad like a paper pad won't be realized....

Marco Schreijen says:

I looked into Pogo Sketch too, but ended up at eBay. 2 for $2,50 postage included. Bought 4 and aore great giveaways...

Mazon says:

I've had both the Pogo and the Sketch for several months now and find them both excellent, especially on the iPhone and Touch as I do have big fingers and find it hard to type on their small screens. For Drawing programs on the iPad they are nice but I prefer typing on the keyboard for all else.
Also I have a case for the iPhone and Touch that allows me to carry the Sketch in side the case to keep it handy, not having a purse myself.
To each his or her own, I love mine.

jIBjAB says:

I just can't take it Gloria is just way too good looking! I'll buy whatever she promotes :)

Orangensaft says:

Who's Gloria? Lol. Can anyone here attest to the build quality of this stylus? I just picked one of these up and am concerned about the durability of the pocket clip, as well as the foam tip. Does it seem like the foam is easily teared or ripped?

Georgia says:

Yeah who is Gloria ?! Anyways it is very sturdy and though the clip is made of plastic so I would be careful with that. I love mine and the tips is still great so thats all I can say of it.
It feels nice in the hand as well.

websyndicate says:

okay wait Georgia is cute. Just saying

Jenn says:

Bought this at the apple store in Pittsburgh- tried it before I left the store on both my ipad and iPhone... And returned it after 30 min of playing around w it.
It worked better on my ipad (which had no screen protector... My bf's had a powersupport screen on... It did not always recognize the touches.
My main reason to buy this was for notetaking... Which it was absolutely horrible for. I really want to be able to write just like I do on paper. My handwriting is very nice on paper but it looked like a 1st grader on the ipad. (I tried it w multiple apps) it's also very hard to write small. I don't want my writing/ font to be an inch big...
Completely dissatisfied :( and it sucks bc I really wanted to loooove this.

Mark says:

I bought one and it works really well on the iPad. I use it to make notes in meetings. There are two downsides, the clip broke on the 1st day and it is a bit too thin to hold comfortably if you have quite big hands. I have converted a normal pen to become a holder for the sketch hence fixing both issues. Will post pictures on my blog later.

Hassan says:

I bought the sausage instead.
While not as accurate as the pogo, the coolness factor is off the charts :-)

Orangensaft says:

Just received my Pogo Sketch in the mail! It is great so far and while you do need to press a bit harder for the capacitive screen to register your inputs, the accuracy is top notch and the overall experience is very satisfying. Plus, it's just badass all around. In that nerdy kind of way :)

Georgia says:

@Orangeshaft Im happy you are enjoying it! Yeah it is a nice addition to have.

David Baird says:

I bought one the week the stylist came out and I really like it. The only thing I have a problem with is writing on apps when I put my hand on the screen to write it picks up my hand and makes marks on the screen. It could just be that certain app but overall the accessory is a must have!

bakerjam says:

Damn, Georgia is one fine nerd! Be my wife?

Pink says:

@Mark. Where the pictures of your self made pen stylus? What blog?

Jerry Zacharias says:

My wife bought a Pogo Sketch for her iPad because she has a bad hand tremor and had trouble hitting the right key on the iPad keyboard. The Pogo Sketch stylus worked very well for her and it doesn't mess up the iPad screen as the fingers do.

Northorn says:

The Pogo Sketch is awesome for drawing Apps ont the iPad! I use it all the time for drawing with the amazing OmniSketch App!