Verizon rumored to be testing CDMA iPad

According to one of BRG's "highly placed" sources, Verizon Wireless is currently testing CDMA-compatible iPads. Their source even went one step further and mentioned LTE with another possible iPad model though that could not be confirmed.

So with all of the Verizon rumors flying around as of late it looks as if we will see both the iPad and iPhone in the hands of Big Red faithful sooner or later.

Is anyone out there regretting picking up a AT&T compatible iPad right about now?


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Verizon rumored to be testing CDMA iPad


sigh, I'm usually not one to complain about news stories. But, I'm getting so sick of hearing about the iPhone on Verizon. Now we're going to have to deal with iPad stories now?

Apple products hold their value well.. if you don't like the AT&T choice just sell it on eBay and buy the Verizon model. Its never a bad investment to buy Apple.
I too am sick of all the Verizon and Sprint rumors though... if nothing new is announced next week there should be a law against these rumors... you know, take bloggers birthdays away.

No, because CDMA devices don't work when I travel to Europe or Asia. I need GSM no matter what. Verizon and Sprint are not options for me until they get 100% on LTE.

I'd be (personally) regretting picking up an iPad at all. I think that Apple will have a ton more tricks up their sleeve for the second generation. To me, a pure consumer who would just be using it recreationally, for $499, it's not worth buying if I'm going to rebuy it next year.

TM... read my previous post. I doubt you will be out any $ if you just list it on eBay and buy the 2nd gen. If a person has to look forward to the next model then there is never a good time to buy because we all know these things will be upgraded every year just like the iphone and just like the Macs...
Then again I know a few guys that still have black and white TVs beacuse they are waiting for the right model to come along. Hmmm.. maybe 3D will be their time. ;)

It's for a Verizon ipad. The fact that u cannot do voice and data is not relevant. There is no voice on an ipad anyway.......

I'm looking at this one a little cross-eyed. HOWEVER, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the exclusive contract with AT&T is for the iPhone not the iPad.

I wish someone could actually confirm this as true. After AT&T's tiered data fiasco, I will NOT be buying an iPad (3G) until someone else has a data plan for it that is unlimited. I don't care about their data congestion issues and how this will help. Don't punish your customers for your bad network, use the insane amount of money we're being charged as iPhone customers to make it better.

And today, Verizon announced that they're not going to be supporting Apple mobile devices.
GIVE UP ON THE VERIZON IPHONE. It's not happening.

I really hope they put the ipad on Verizon's network, I'd be first in line. That and also the iPhone 4. If Steve Jobs really wants "Facetime" to be on anything other than wifi then Verizon 3g/4g network is the way. Have you seen AT&T's 3g coverage map for the U.S.? It is ridiculous!

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