Case-Mate Gelli Kaleidoscope Case for iPad - accessory review

If you're looking for a nice, fashionable, and well-made skin for your iPad, the Case-Mate Gelli [$36.95] may be the case for you.

The Case-Mate Gelli is made from cutting-edge flexible thermoplastic material that Case-Mate claims to be more resilient than silicone and rubber. It fits very snuggly onto the iPad even after removing it several times. The skin feel great in your hands and adds some traction to your grip. It is also very thin; so it adds additional protection without adding unnecessary bulk. All ports are accessible with the Case-Mate Gelli.

The Case-Mate Gelli comes in two different chic designs: Kaleidoscope and Checkmate. I took a look at the Tomato Kaleidoscope skin and it is very beautiful. The thin, translucent case looks great with the iPad's aluminum back. The Apple Logo and iPad branding show through the skin perfectly. The noticeability of the circles designed into the Kaleidoscope case is enough to look great, yet not stand out so much that it seems to be screaming "look at me!" The Kaleidoscope case comes in Tomato, Pink, and Aurora (yellow/gold). The Checkmate skin comes in green, blue, and gray.

I have been very happy with the Case-Mate Gelli case and highly recommend it to anyone interested in a skin case for their iPad.

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  • Nice and thin
  • Looks and feels great
  • Accessibility to all ports
  • Come is two styles and three colors for each style


  • Does not work with iPad dock

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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Reader comments

Case-Mate Gelli Kaleidoscope Case for iPad - accessory review


This is one I have been thinking about getting but don't know if it will fit in the dock or keyboard dock, If it doesn't then no sale.

I have the lime green checkmate, and LOVE it!!! And to darwin- no these cases do not fit on the dock sadly.

Is the edge ridged enough so that when you hold it with your fingers on back and thumb on front that the case does not start to peel off like the silicone ones.

Is the surface a bit rubberized or sticky so it keeps the iPad from sliding or spinning around on a table when you use it flat?

Bummer about the dock. Sorry, I don't have a dock so I didn't get to test it. I'll add it as a con though.
@Carter - the only time the case starts to peel is when I make it peel. In normal use, the edges stay where they are.
@Doug - Yes, the surface adds quite a bit of traction.

Why cover its true me I want to preserve it just the way it is, so I use invisible shield.

Do you think it's easy to get the Ipad (with this skin on) in a case? I know with silicon cases it is difficult to insert in a case because of the traction of the material.

@JoAnne - It depends on the case. If the case is really snug, then no. But I do have a case/sleeve that I'm able to use with the Case-Mate Gelli.
@Gino - I know!! There was no way I was keeping my big belly out of the frame! Hahaha.

Why cant I seem to find a case or cover that works WITH the docking or charging station? And how much protection can a skin REALLY provide?

This case is useful if you are concerned about dropping your iPad, when it's not in a pouch case. I like the grip feeling it has so it has some protection on it all the time. I am so worried about dropping my iPad.

Looks nice in that colour although not sure about the Kaleidoscope circles on the back.
One thing I've noticed being an iPad owner here in the UK is there's a serious lack of cases, they all seem to be offered from US based companies.
Even the Apple case has 3-4 weeks delivery.
Sent from my iPad.