iPhone 4 vs Droid Incredible vs Android Evo 4G vs Nexus One tech specs

We've once again taken our good buddy Phil Nickinson's Android Central tech spec sheet featuring the Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, and Nexus One, and added in Apple's just-announced iPhone 4 and we gotta tell ya -- smartphones have never been this good. Everyone is firing on all cylinders these days and from the highly polished package that is Apple's latest iPhone 4 to the power and diversity of Google's Android platform, consumers are the true winners.

For those of you who love your spec porn, there it is up top, and we're honestly beginning to wonder -- what could they possibly do next? (Besides mind-control, of course).

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iPhone 4 vs Droid Incredible vs Android Evo 4G vs Nexus One tech specs


Wow, pretty shoddy table I must say.
Why not define what speeds you can get with each network technology as currently implemented in the US?
All android devices once upgraded to 2.2 will support full Flash as well as "MyFi" functionality, not just the Nexus one. And how is pricing on the Evo4G not available?

So does the Droid and NexusOne record in HD ? Another thing , it makes no sense that Apple didn't also release some kind of HDMI output if the phone can record in HD and also display movies and TV shows in HD. Maybe Im speaking too soon.

same problem here no MicroSIM on my carrier - i googled for a way to cut down the SIM but didn't find much helpful things :( :@

so we dont know how much RAM or ROM it has?? or how many mp the front facing camera is?? Its a snazzy device. too bad it was spoiled by all the leaks. we're used to leaks pf other handsets but it sucks that apple's one time to shine was messed up. takes all the excitement out of it if you ask me. no wow factor.
Is there a way that the EVO can video chat with an iphone?? or will that require a jailbreak?
also..is there a significant noticeable difference between a 480 x 800 resolution and a 640 x 960 resolution?? sorry for all the questions.

With all the BS speculating coming from all the tech blogs this announcement seemed somewhat.. well... sad. Where is the Spring, Verizon thing.. how about free mobileme, facebook integration, super touchpads and all the other BS stuff you guys dreamed up. I think the blogs should stop guessing and start covering the real news. Its getting tiresome.. oops, it already got.

P.S. the table doesn't reflect the true comparison of the phones. Where iPhone 4 leads its sidestepped or not mentioned. Its not worthy of a Tipb post IMHO. Update it.

@OmariJames: But you conveniently neglected to mention that the Evo 4G does record in HD. Long story short, the new iPhone is a great phone like always, it's just that this time it is not ahead of its competitors, and will probably be technically inferior to the new batch of phones coming out in the fall and next year. Apple is going to have to innovate a lot faster in order to keep up with the competition. As the author states, we the consumers benefit from this tight competition.

I might agree that Apple should be innovating faster, but when they do what they do its done in such a way that others can copy or even beat, but in a BMW vs. Ford kind of way. The way this phone is put together will be tough to beat even if some of the tech specs are passed. You won't find an Android based phone that is this elegant.. ever.. and thats fine if you are more into Fords.
The competition is good, I agree. I think people need to get over themselves on the feature by feature comparison and look at the big picture on what we the consumers get out of this. This NASCARish my car is faster than your car thing is getting old.

If those are the iPhone 4's specs, then they aren't really that spectacular, they're pretty average compared to smartphones that are coming out now or already released. Especially compared to those leading 3 Android phones. I guess we can assume that it's got a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM like the three Android phones. I'm kinda disappointed, I was expecting greater, cause I would love to see what the competition does to catch up.

@Sausage Party: There are always a flood or rumors just before an Apple launch many of which turn out to be unfounded, so this is nothing new.
@Whatever: I think it is a bit silly using a spec comparison chart like this to unanimously state one phone is better than another. If someone lives in a Sprint 4G covered city and wants a MiFi the Evo is probably a good choice. Some people like swappable batteries but I like a solid device without a back plate that can come loose over time (happened to every phone/PDA I have ever owned) with better battery life to begin with (iPhone 4 is faster than the 3GS yet has improved battery life!).
Other specs are equally subjective; the Evo may have an 8MP camera (not the first with 8MP BTW), but the iPhone uses a bigger, backlit sensor, which can produce better quality images. Some people like being able to fit different memory cards in their phones (at extra cost), but I prefer to have storage fully integrated in the system and included in the original price since I would never need more than 16 or 32GB (I actually cope with an 8GB 3G right now). etc etc

I find it interesting the mental gymnastics that some of the IPhone people are doing. Based on what was shown the Incredible and Evo are clearly better phones than the iPhone 4. Video chat only on WiFi and only with other IPhone 4 users? Sad. Pop up ads in your phone...woo hoo! "Virtual multitasking" is better...thats like saying virtual sex is better than the real thing.
Sorry but while the Apple hype machine is second to none this phone doesn't cut it at all. Why don't you come over to Sprint and get an Evo, that way you can video chat with anyone and on the off chance you decide to call them....they will actually get the call!!! :-) :-)

Truthfully, I don't think iPhone tech specs have ever been that spectacular or industry leading. Their screen technology has always been near the leading edge, but processors and RAM not so much. But as it's been stated, it's the way Apple makes it all work together so smoothly that hooks us. I can't imagine going back to my Touch Pro 2 at this point and count me in on a preorder.

Sprint... a desparate company betting on fast speeds based on bad technology that will only cost them (and their customers) in the long run. A move they had to make, but for consumers that fall for the Evo its too bad. I think the phone is cool but you couldn't pay me to switch to Sprint. So sorry for those that did.

It is interesting that no matter the specs people will always try to find a way to proclaim the device they have chosen as being the better of the lot. I agree that the "my phone can do this and yours cannot" is not just getting a bit old... but ignorant. The thing that frustrates me the most is that more likely 85% of the people doing most of the unintelligent banter dont even know the technology behind the device they are using and are not qualified to make any assessment. It goes back to the Windows vs Mac and the Oracle vs Sql Server arguments of past. Many of those who had the most to say had no idea what they were saying or what it meant; they simply recited things they had heard. Sadly the same can be said of those who keep reciting meaningless specs about smart phones as if they mean something definitive.
As someone mentioned consider the camera argument. Higher megapixels does not equate to a better picture. Only someone with little to no knowledge of how the technology works would come to the conclusion that more megapixels equates to a better picture. I honestly wanted so much to like Android. But to be honest my opinion is that the Android market follows the anthem of hardware specs versus user experience and optimizing the use of the technology they have chosen. I sat at Sprint for 2 hours waiting to get an Evo 4g and eventually left (even after being offered a discount on the phone and my monthly plan) after coming to the conclusion that it was not worth it. The build quality on nearly every Android device I have seen has been subpar; relying on cheap plastics perhaps to offset the price of the internal hardware. Fair enough. But in my opinion the OS even with Sense comes off as being unfinished and rushed to market; from the media player to user experience (which i admit is subjective).
Those are my opinions. Does that mean Android devices are not good? Absolutely not. But I bring this to everyone's attention to say specs mean nothing when you do not effectively know how to take advantage of them. Throwing hardware at a subpar written OS is not the answer. Flushing out the OS and the hardware will only make it better. And as I have heard many say the fact that Froyo is that much faster than the previous versions means either the previous versions were coded half-ass or they are finally beginning to understand how to make the hardware and OS sing in harmony. Either way, Android and iOS are both viable and in high demand. And as soon as I find an Android device with a decent assembly build that is solid I will purchase it. Just as I plan to purchase the iPhone 4. Express your opinions yes, but back them up with facts. Anyone to jump on a forum and throw out random statements. Back them up and you will better gain everyone's respect.
That is all. ;)

@MrC I agree with your "Don't let this chart tell you what is better" remarks. I live in an area with EDGE. Closest 3G service area is a 2 hour drive. I have an iPhone because it integrates very well with my platform of choice, that being the Mac. I like it when my computing devices compliment each other, as opposed to them being oblivious of each other.

I owned the original iPhone...then upgraded to 3G. Was anxiously awaiting the end of my contract to be eligible for the iPhone 4....then the craziest thing happened.
I recently started a business out of my home and get ZERO coverage on AT&T. The irony of all these phone "wars" is at the end of the day - IT NEEDS TO BE A PHONE. You could design a phone that makes my bed for me, but if I can't use it to make a call - ultimately I will get frustrated and have to move on.
So I recently switched to Verizon and am awaiting my HTC Incredible (they gave me the Eris to hold me over, like having training wheels).
What am I getting at? The only way, IMHO, to have a true phone comparison is to have them running on the same network - then see what sales and customer satisfaction looks like. Until then, can't we all get along and keep forcing device manufacturers to continue to raise the bar??

well said, fandroid. And I'm not a fanboy of either brand. I appreciate the elegance and smoothness of macs and never had a problem with them as much as PC's, but I do agree that the "phone" part needs to work well. These networks gotta get their asses in gear.

If Apple every decided to release an iPhone for Verizon, Android-based phone sales would sink big time, no matter what the specs are for the latest device. The same thing happened with the iPod - there were other devices out there that offered more features for less. Where are they now?
There is a significant reason why Apple hasn't released an iPhone for Verizon yet and the fact that they aren't talking about it means that they are working on a particular strategy.
Time will tell but I don't think Apple intends to cede the market to Google, Motorola, or whoever.

New Fandroid said: "The only way, IMHO, to have a true phone comparison is to have them running on the same network – then see what sales and customer satisfaction looks like."
AND you also have to take into consideration not just the overall network and customer satisfaction, but the LOCAL network and satisfaction.
I live in Northern Michigan. I don't give a crap about what someone's experience with Verizon or AT&T is like in SanFran or New York, because it is NOT the same network. What I care about is the network reliability in MY neck of the woods. Here, Alltel was bought out by Verizon. Compared to AT&T's local network (which was originally Cellular One), the Verizon/Alltel network is a joke.

I believe the iphone 4 has a great new set of features but what offsets it is the fact the its competitors are and have been implementing many of those same features previously. And with the coming of the samsung galaxy s with its super AMOLED screen and the Motorola Shadow/Xtreme with its rediculous fast figures on the quadrant standard test. I believe apple should have at least brought a little more to the table say a larger screen and hdmi out.

@Sausage But you use the same old my car is faster/better than this car to make your point. So you've bought into the same arguments and methods of arguing that your so called opponents have chosen to use instead of rising above the fray. Why does there even need to be a ford vs. BMW comparison. And while your talking that way. Has BMW fixed its 335 engine issues yet? To step back, for me, the N1 and 3GS were neck in neck in both elegance and usability, the only significant difference was the Google vs Apple business models and I'm not espousing either one, but its really up to the users to decide whats best for them. I will agree though that the spec battle is played out, but instead of it being a ford vs. BMW comparison it needs to be a Needs Analysis as each OS excels in different areas.

Apple has never had the highest specs when dealing with phones. If you guys are talking about specs Sony had a 1GHz phone two year ago and yet no one bought it. We moved froma phone having the fastest processor or space to the user experience, hence apps. I used the Evo and the 8mp camera is not great at all, I would even say that my iPhone 3g takes better quality pictures. At the end of the day specs doesn't mean a better phone, just as Dreamcast was far ahead of it's time with technology but yet PS1 which was inferior in technology won.

Like someone else said, this table is not worthy of you Tipb. Step it up!
This table does not contain tech specs. It's a marketing list for gadget nerds. That maybe your intent, but step it up!
You can update the table to contain actual information. Each line item should have some statement as to what it means and how it performs. Battery size is meaningless without letting us know how long the phones last under controlled conditions. Camera information is meaningless with performance information such first-shot time, shot-to-shot time, noise under low light, etc. Display information is useless without knowing the nit range, quality, etc. Hell, the dimension and weight aren't to be trusted and they should be measured!
I say this because the marketing list comparison table is blog post fodder from Engadget or whatever. Step it up! WirelessInfo.com did something like this but they've faded.
It's really not that hard. iPhone 4 is on aggregate the best phone for the vast majority of consumers in the market. Android devices are a step below but serves niche cases better. It's the basic market strategy of the two companies. Apple endeavors to create the best device for the majority of people and charges a premium. Google endeavors to cover as many people as people. Best product versus widest product.
As it is the table does a disservice to all of the phones, especially iPhone. When you put a table out like this, it reduces all of the line items to equivalent importance. That's just not right.

This chart is not accurate.
It gives a very bad name to anyone who distributes it.
I can forgive the errors and omissions on the iPhone 4, but we already HAVE an HTC Evo -- It's been out! -- and this chart is not even accurate about it!
For example...
Everyone knows Evo runs Android 2.2 Froyo. Everyone's known that for months.

I like how they say that with the retinal display you won't see the pixels, in theory that's a good thing, however I think this is over hyped. I can zoom in on my Droid to maximum and I won't see any pixels on text.
And this won't work on pictures and video, pictures will pixelate the further you zoom in once you go beyond their original size/resolution.
I'll give it a whirl when it comes out though. See if that screen lives up to what Jobs says.

@Bruce Wagner
And I thought everyone (except for you apparently) knew that the EVO shipped with Android 2.1.

In the past I didn't like the iPhone's form factor. It's too big and simply not handy. When I now have the choice between that huge screen devices, I really would go for the HTC Evo though the iPhone 4 really has some design improvements. I like the brushed-metal side panels and the more chiseled looking edges.
Anyway, this polished black surfaces suck!
... and white is soemhow faggot, isn't it?
So for me the new iPhone is not the big bang, Apple!

Have my EVO on order. Since there's been no further discussions of iPhone 4 on Sprint, EVO it is. And even if it did, iPhone would have to EARN my business. Is it pretty, yes, is it slick, yes...but then again so is the EVO in my view.
I think it is pretty funny that fanbois of Apple seem to want to portray this as "everyone wants an iPhone" kinda like "everyone wants Outlook." Both statements are untrue. They seem to not get that fact. Sure, the same can be said for any fanatics but still....
With what I work on, Android makes more sense and so that's how I am going. We're also supposed to have 4G here in summer, which iPhone 4 doesn't support from the looks of it.

@Junior: You're right, absolutely right!
Decisions are made based on many things, a rich feature set is an important but not the most important reason for a device to succeed.
I personally think style and usability is very important and what is more the feeling about the manufacturer. Apple certainly doesn't manufacture the best phones from a technical point of view but they made them fashion objects. And that's exactly why some like it and some break out in spots when they think on it.
btw. I agree with you on the quality of some features: I use a 5-MPixel smartphone and the photo quality is poor. Had a 3MP cam in may old Sony Ericsson and it really rocks!

There are features and build quality issues that go into them that nobody ever compares. And half of them are passed off as fashion when there's function as well. Subtleties like the metal band that goes around the iPhone to provide superior antennae signal, not for looks.
No mention of the fact that the iPhone's rear camera has backside illumination for superior low-light photography (as does the EVO), nor that the camera is perfectly capable of autofocus through software - and tap to autofocus without.
You compare battery sizes but not how much use you get out of them. Everybody complains about virtual multitasking - but if it triples my battery time comparatively then it makes sense - particularly if the phone is fast enough that I never notice the difference.
Honestly, I could go back and forth on my next phone. But specs are so close I'd rather let software be the decider. From my iPhone 4 I'll be able to shoot, edit, and publish HD video without having to go to my computer at all. I'll be able to video chat, wifi only for now though 3G is coming. My battery life is going to rock, 30% better than the 3GS which is huge, all while delivering multitasking that works.

Evo 4 has an option of HD recording this is different check reviews it's not true HD pixels messup and fps drop well below 25 please check facts first .andriod gave us options bur bad user experience tell me one good implementation with andriod software e.g you got a car but no gas then what good is ur car superior hardware never means better device all you who r running for evo should know it's locked wimax phone which has been implemented everywhere yet and even clearwire is switching route to lte leaving sprint and customers smack on there face . How many andriod devices have you seen which have stable software and apps none and all devices have different build some 1.8 some 2 2.1 n waiting for2.2 for fixing issues hope means they don't care about u just like to flood market google is making it's own Moore law of bringing superior hardware on phone every month but no support for older phones

I'm pretty sure an update won't fix the Apple's 3.7" screen...although if Steve said it would, I'm sure the Apple faithful would believe that too.

Is the whole world on CRAZY PILLS??? Best I can tell, the EVO 4G DEMOLISHES the iPhone 4 !!!
Navigation, Kickstand, TV, 4.3" Screen, $199.00 at Bestbuy, AND Radioshack, 1.3 front Camera VS vga... FM Radio, 4G, NO Wifi requirement for Video chat, LIVE WALLPAPERS, Speech to text, you tube HD, HDMI out, USB out, ETC, Etc, etc... And I have seen 32gb Micros on on Ebay for around $30... who ever writes these "apple" bias reviews should do some research next time...

It isn't about raw horsepower and tech specs; it's about elegance of aesthetic design, providing features that are easily accessible and useful and general ease-of-use for the consumer, and in these areas, Apple remains ahead of the competition. So more or less RAM or camera megapixels is meaningless in the context of the total smartphone user experience, and the overall experience is what Apple focuses on.

I agree with "R" all the way. See, the EVO is like the Wildlife Serengeti, lets u roam free and use you device as you naturally see fit. The iphone is like the SanDiego zoo.....Yes its prettier and cleaner, but you are restricted to what Zoo Keeper Mr Apple wants you to do and how you can do it. Just cant wait for the Droid to step up its App game and then the iphone will be just another contender.

Next version of this chart:
Unlocked price for all the phones.
Samsung Galaxy S (and all high end Android phones being released in the next two months).

officially moved over to andriod with nexus one running froyo. This phone is amazing, and with mifi hotspot on tmo's new HSDPA+ I have no need for home internet anymore. Gotta say tho.. pulling like 4mpbs down and sending 1.5 up is pretty amazing.
and the spec sheet is wrong nexus one has N wireless.. just not running on that band, and also has FM. The chip allows for it all, just need some smart ones from XDA Dev to go ahead and write ROMs for it.

I just took a pill, for calming down from uncontrollable laughter after reading some of the commentary regarding the smart phone comparisons on here.
R. the iPhone is better than the Nexus one...HANDS DOWN
Guy. What you say is true, it's not about RAW techspecs. Apple has control over manufacturing the perfect chip and the perfect balance of software functionality.
Ife Nigeria. That Wildlife Serengeti as the EVO and iPhone for as the SD zoo. Hilarious. I definitely life the idea of visiting the Serengeti, but honestly, you take the risk of running into many dangers...including quicksand and getting eaten by large carnivorous predators.
Azzman, so funny, you say your phone is great but someone needs to 'write' ROMs to take advantage of it..Exacty right, you could have all the potential in the world with hardware, but if there isn't software integration WHAT's the point
Ultimately, it's so great that we have all these choices, but honestly, the iPhone is the BEST, most elegant, stable, realized platform of them all. It's just a superior product hands DOWN!!

CrunchBit, you are the man my friend. I bet you my SOUL if all you smartphone savvy people even tried the iPhone ONCE, you all would change your mind in a heartbeat. The iPhone is always going to stay on top. The truth hurts my friends.

Well Crunch, As you we always need to remember that it is a phone... With the continued drop calls of the AT..t network I would rather use a can and a string ;)

Could you please comment on multi-tasking. Can you be on a call and text and look up an address and GPS at the same time. Even if it's not true multi-tasking, being able to do this as I am on my iPhone 3G is important. I've heard this is a limitation of the Droid.
Also, in regard to use as a phone, I agree it's very important and there have been "issues" with my phone\service. From past experience (and I've used them all the major vendors) the device makes a difference for reception and signal strength and with with battery life. Early on AT&T had to send me firmware updates to make my phone perform better. Another clue for you. Biggest complaint - lost calls. Second, limited hyper link for phone numbers in meeting requests from corp mail (Exchunk). Does Droid fix these?

android all the way. last year in tests on the same networks n at the same time google n android proved better than the fastest iphones. apple is now putting everything they can into besting them. unfortunately steve jobs is a little scared cause hes running out of ideas n google\ android has only begun.

i agree with what everyone is saying that iPhone is better. however if i could make a point. AT&T needs to inprove in their network coverage. "if they say they "r" #1". mayb apple needs to add other carriers. i think if iPhone 4 was on this 4G network they would be far ahead of any smart phones. after all apple started this.. i think this go's back to when apple and microsoft started. i thought apple made a better product but for what-ever their resons are, they were unable to take over the market. so im afraid this may be history repeating itself in the smartphone market...

The Idea That Steve Jobs and Apple are scared is hilarious. Apple has been ahead of the game in every product they make for years. It took developers 3 years after the first iphone to try to compete. They thought thety had something better than it with the droid, and no doubt it is nice. However, just a few months later the iphone 4 comes out and absolutely cleans house. Also, it is so true that raw power means nothing. If your phone doesnt work in perfect harmony with it self then it sucks. Same with apple computers vs. PC's. Just a more well made product.

HI all, I read all the comments thus far and there're some great points both ways. I am actually in the market for a new phone. My Verizon contract is out so I can chose any provider. I have never had a problem with Verizon and would like to stick with it, but I have a Mac Book Pro and love it. So I'm thinking the iPhone 4. Plus it comes out on my birthday (24th). It's almost like a sign. I am a little worried about switching to AT&T if I went with the iPhone. If I don't get the iPhone, I will buy the Droid Incredible.
So the question is simple, which phone should I buy? The iPhone 4 or D. Incredible?

All I could tell you is that My iPhone is one of the best purchases I've made. I also have a MacBook Pro and loved it which is what convinced me to go all out apple. Everything you love about your MacBook will be the same reasons why you will love an iPhone. It's thin and nice looking, its intuitive, and just works flawlessly every time you use it. Also, don't worry about AT&T. I get service everywhere. The only issue is you will only get 3G if you live near civilization. Definitely go iPhone!

build quality. Apple's phones are physically solidly made. Also, if your phone dies out of warranty (or you happen to go swimming with it), Apple will still replace it for $200.

As someone who is very much a techie nerd at heart (and in practice, lol), I'd like to say that I still prefer an iPhone over an Android phone. Of course my iphone is jailbroken to take fuller advantage of its capabilities: ie. multitasking, quick access to turning on and off various functions like wifi, having categories for apps, terminal access, etc. (some of which I won't have to worry about anymore with the upcoming iOS 4) Android is definitely cool too, I'll probably get one of those cheap android tablets just so I can have an Android device to mess around with.

@ Schwil "Same with apple computers vs. PC’s. Just a more well made product." And what exactly is a "pc"? I built my own badass computer with top of the line hardware and it cost around $2,000. It will dust anything Crapple makes. What is this "pc" you speak of?

I have an iPod touch, the keyboard on it is junk compared to my Nexus One (running froyo w/ Flash as well).

Thanks for the advice. I still have two weeks to decide and can use all the advice anyone is willing to give. Do I switch to AT&T to get an iPhone 4 or do a stick with Verizon and get an Android incredible??? Thanks

"Same with apple computers vs. PC’s. Just a more well made product."
Well made product in this case meaning a huge hefty price premium over comparable non-Apple hardware. Has anyone ever specced out a desktop or laptop on Apple's site? Good god the prices are laughable. Would you like to add 2 gigabytes of RAM for $300? Uh no thanks Steve. If you hang out in Apple land long enough you tend to forget that computer hardware is actually dirt cheap.
One area I give Apple huge props on is aesthetic design. They have every other manufacturer licked in that department. No one else it seems knows how the hell to design a laptop casing. But that's not enough to offset Apple's absolutely ridiculous price gouging, outdated graphics hardware (they are almost always a generation behind when it comes to video cards), and incredibly limited software compatibility. Not to mention their whole gestapo attitude regarding app development, and their idiotic refusal to support flash on the iphone. Adobe could win that little war so quickly..."don't want to support flash? Fine, suddenly Adobe products are incompatible with OSX". Then watch how fast all the hipsters and wannabe hollywood directors flee from Apple.

HTML5 barely even exists yet.
Flash is ubiquitous and supported by 99.99% of computers and browsers out there. HTML5 might, might end up as a viable alternative, but even a prediction like that is YEARS down the road.

I find in disingenuous of Apple to claim the only reason they don't offer Flash is because they believe in an "open" environment. Apple has practiced the most closed environment in the computing world!!!
I recently swapped my 3GS for an HTC Incredible. No contest there. Better phone... MUCH better phone... on a superior network (read: you can actually move around and not drop your calls!).
From the specs available for the iPhone4, it looks like Apple was caught sleeping. This phone offers too little.
LCD?! Really?! I can just imagine a conference room table full of marketing idiots:
"Umm... Ok... we have yesteryear's technology. How can we spin this so we don't look like fools? I know! We'll call it "Retina" display. That will fool just about everyone. We don't have to worry about the people that actually know a thing or two about technology, because they won't be buying this phone anyway!"

I will give u one good reason to not have another iphone. I-tunes. Enough said. If apple would make their product more compatible with the software on the market it would be a no brainer, but i hate apple software especially I-tunes. Come on man, i can't restore my phone without being forced to update. Yeah apple has the best hardware, but their software sux hands down.

Thanks Jefro you know whats up. I built a $2000 i7 "personal computer" and have had not one crash or anything even close since its come to being over a year ago. I can mod it to appear and function just like an apple computer, but I'd never do that, being that apple products are simply made for idiots who can't figure out technology. I also own a nexus one running 2.2 froyo, and it runs so smoothly and efficiently that I have developed a perma-smile. I can also mod it to run iphone software, but I won't. If only apple users could try a smooth running android device (w/ 2.2).
Not to mention the fact that Apple just release this "iphone 4g" with specs that have either already been surpassed or will be surpassed in the next 2 months.
Apple users, you have no argument. Android runs soother, easier, and can be moded in so many ways to your every liking that it would take an idiot or (600,000) to buy an an iphone 4g right now. 3.5 screen? No flash? 5mp camera? No SD card? No theming? ATT? Not future proof? seriously. my smile just grew even more

Ebones, That is EXACTLY the kind of talk that Mac users HATE. They spend $1500 on a new shiny computer that will probably never have a problem until 10 years later and then you call them an idiot. Personally I found out that you CAN upgrade a mac yourself so don't go into random spec rants, I've heard enough for a while. You can theoretically buy a macbook pro 15in with lowest available specs, then upgrade it from the following vendors:http://www.crucial.com/ -very trustworthy sitehttp://www.macsales.com/
OR at least use them to find out what kind of memory/other part your mac uses.

I thought the same about iphone and bought it and have been using it for 2 years.
But, the biggest fact is
Just to tell the facts, today morning I got 8 calls, but my iphone never rang. After 10 mins, I see 8 missed calls.
If you really want a phone, go with anything else other than iphone.
Iphone is cool for other stuff like games & music. It is all about defining your priorities and go with better option.
After my buy experience, I am not going to buy another iphone.

I see someone saying i7 never crashed.
Good to know, but my iphone crashes, stops responding every now & then.
I get a call, I need to wait for 5 seconds, before I can pick up the call. If not, I cannot even pick up the call.
Apple support says.. reboot the phone every other day. That will give you better battery life etc.

I have the EVO and a buddy of mine (Die hard IPhone Man) has the iphone 4. We compared them side by side and I have to say that the Evo is the superior phone. I'm not here to argue, just grab the two phone,s run them side by side and see for yourself. Apple is a great product, however Android/Google platforms have truely taken over and it they will only get better as time goes by.

To anyone thinking of jumping ship from their present carrier to AT&T...FOR GODS SAKE DON'T DO IT!!! ESPECIALLY if you're in or near any major (or minor) city. I can always tell when one of my friends has AT&T, the call invariably gets distorted and then dropped. They call back (if they can get another cell signal) and I say, "AT&T, huh?"..."sigh, Yes".
Beyond the horrid AT&T service...seriously? iPhone 4 with a 3.5" screen? Why, oh why would you waste your money on that when you can get the big beautiful 4.3" screen of the Evo or the upcoming Droid X? Not to mention, the stable, ever improving, ever innovating Android platform...a platform which, has had multitasking from it's inception.
Don't be swayed by the Fanboys, step into the future with a REAL phone.

I hate Android phones they are just imitations the iPhone 4 kills the competition its just a much better product in response to Rs douchebag comment the Evo 4g doesnt even touch the new iPhone the EVO is ugly and the screen is big but its not as high quality as the iPhone cool Android lets you customize so does iPhone the fact about Apple is they want their consumers to enjoy the product and not worry about it breaking or getting viruses that is why Apple puts restrictions on their products and that is why so many people like them. A jailbroken iPhone takes it to another level keep dreaming tho we all know you want the iPhone

NO, the one I have is better. Not the one you have!
My network works better than yours.
Does anyone have any comments that dont fit the above?

Hey All couldn't help it had to throw my 2 cents in. I'm here at bilouxi mississppi and I recently bought and returned the HTC hero. Wanted to give android a chance. I also ownIPOD touch, Iphone, PC, Macbook.
Droid - I like how the market is open and apps come in all shapes and sizes. The left and right swipes of the os to change screens and the expose(macbook) view of all the screens all seemed like they were playing ketchup with apple. Thier were slight delay with alot of features, a problem if you just forked out 200 dollars for a phone. as far as options go I felt the like i was caged to what the menu button had to offer. no porn lol either or streaming video with the droid i had. The market had a lot of apps that would require you to jailbreak Iphone for suchas emulators, but some also cost you, so its a catch 22 there
it felt like what windows is compared to mac. A gui that is technical with bugs, capable of many things but far from intuitive(windows) & and A gui that is basically dummy proof,intuitive and powerful, but the downside is relearning how to speak a different language(windows)
Iphone- When i first got my macbook, one month in i wanted to sell the damn thing, It seemed impossible to relearn how to do things i posted it on craigslist my price was high so i held onto it, theny as i was hold on to it, I came to love it, I gave it more of a chance. Then after understanding it better. I realized apple is the type of company that puts effort into it's products. The narrow range of products compared to htc and other coperates allows it to specialize and master thier products, OS' and features
Where as other companies make so many products they don't invest as much into one specific no doubt some come close, I can yap feature of Iphone till im blue but i can say for about 90 PERCENT OF YOU try it for 2 months and you will never go back. The difference is there but you'll see everything down the mirco features you will apprieciate.
Droid is bad tho if you wanna go that route, i personally don't like i phones market but its a nicer OS. Driod is an imitation with it features but who know if itll make its own place in the future.

Give me a break , the iPhone is a joke !!! Android slaughters anything apple can make , its not even close , especially with the iPhone being stuck on the WORST network on earth AT&T !!! Give me a break , 4g iphone ?? You got to have 3g 1st LOL !!!


So sad reading the comments from all you iPhone evangelists. What's sadder is that while you have a good phone...you're on an INFERIOR carrier. ATT must be paying Apple out the wazoo for the exclusivity rights on iPhone. Apple doesn't care that most iPhone users want a different network. I MUCH prefer my Incredible Droid on Verizon. I have service when most of my iPhone buddies can't get a signal!

Hey I{hone users. Why worry about your network coverage when you're stuck at 2:00 am on a deserted highway when it's 4 below in February? You can stay inside your warm car and play with all your cool apps.
That is if your car still has gas.

Hey...I wonder what happened to the "iPhone Killer"? These are the same phones that are made in China???

I purchased the Evo 4g and my girl who is an Apple loyalist just got her Iphone 4 ( early birthday gift, had to wait in line forever). i've had my Evo for about a few weeks now and i'd played with my girl's iphone. I mean dont get me wrong the Iphone 4 is pretty nice, but it lacks a lot features that the Evo 4g has. i've played with the iphone for almost a week now. My Evo is far better, especially for webrowsing. With flash and that 4.3 inch screen, it's bad ass. at first i thought it was just to big but once you get used to it it's acutally a plus. you dont even realise it's that big until you use it and that's a good thing. I love that Evo 4g has HDMI outlet. kickstand is bad ass too when you have slingbox and that screen is nice size to watch my sports and shows from anywhere i want when im not at home. i videochat from my phone with skype or fring with my other friends when they are on the computer at home but i girl cant. Evo 4g over iphone anyday. Now my girls wants to trade her iphone in. i find it funny.

guys!!!! seriously!! CHILL! they're just phones! each serves its own purpose! no one is the absolute BEST of them all. different people have different preferences. if you like to have the highest screen/camera quality, and lots of apps, buy an iPhone 4. if you want lots of room to customize your phone, buy an Incredible. if you want plenty of screen real estate, and like to video chat, buy an EVO 4G. and if you want to have the latest new cell phone with all the bells and whistles, buy a Nexus One.
its insane how people can make such big arguments over such little insignificant things (Xbox vs Playstation, Blu-ray Vs HD DVD, Mac vs PC, iPad vs Kindle etc.)
i personally prefer the iPhone, but thats just me....
i'm not saying its the BEST, but, i'm just saying it has the features that i need (high quality display, Apps, simple UI), and doesn't have some of the features that i don't like or need (removable battery, themes)
for some, themes and removable batteries might be of a higher priority than high res screens, in which case, they should buy an Android OS based phone.
just some thoughts, lol..

Sorry to point this out but everybody has their own opinion about tthis crap. It doesn't really matter. You have own your opinion and a different person has a different opinion. So stop fogging up your glasses nerds about this crap and let people have their own opinions.

Look, I've seen it many times, you put an alleged underpowered iPhone next to an "iPhone wannabee" and try to perform the same functions and you'll see. Besides the fact that the other device is clunkier to use, because of the smart way that Apple connects, manipulates and allows the user to manipulate the data, the iPhone user gets to the finish line first. On the other note: I don't care if Microsoft ever comes out with a good product again. I'll never forgive them for Vista and then the pathetic attempt to ram it down the consumers throat.

You American's think that the only country that exists in this world is the U. S. of A.
So let's remove the whole stupid ridiculous statements about not having network coverage with ATT. There are bucket loads of networks in the world that could make an Android look like a sack of potatoes in about 5 minutes.
I know a few million other people (in other countries, yes...they do exist America) who have any 3G capable Apple devices and they can pull down 5Mbps anywhere they go and upload at 1.5Mbps
I have some fact's here droid lovers and i'm not going to say X is better than Z but...
1) The iPhone is the most sought after phone out there by any consumer. Why you ask...i think we know the answer to that. Mobile browser stats for the United States alone embarrass the Android into looking like a complete waste of anyones time.
2)The only reason anyone in there right mind would go into a contract with an Android is because when they had the chance to take an iPhone, they basically turned round and said "Naaah i'm not paying that, i can't afford it" and tell all my friends i didn't want an iPhone in the first place so i don't look like a cheapskate.
200,000 apps to how many on the Droid?
Droid users are delusional, i work with loads at T-Mobile, in the Tech Support department in the UK. After the 4th generation iPhone was unveiled, at least 50% of them have decided to order one.
Droid will die or it might help wipe out the competition alongside Apple but it will never hold any sort of crown for being number one and i can categorically state that right now.

WOAH! You guys take this very seriously! Alright, heres my 2 cents. I would choose the iPhone 4 OVER ANY OTHER PHONE! BUT i'm afraid of AT&T. One thing that outrages me is that most droid users here are bagging on macs to ( reason not to buy: itunes). You don't seem to realise the advantages of having a mac so dont bag on it because this is a phone discussion. Itunes is not a valid offer against the iphone. Most people think you HAVE to buy songs and video from itunes store. Newsflash! they've had things like limewire and similar for years now and since macs have so few viruses, you get all that for free. Keep in mind I do see the beauty of the droid ( open architecture, individualizing etc.) but iphone is already more secure and perfected that it has a ways to go. Did you know the droid processor doesn't use all the parts at the same time? probably why apple developed the A4. Now keep in mind I have a

You know why iPhone will always be superior than any other phone in the market? Because Apple Is taking time to develope the most efficient features. They make sure that each feature works to the absolute best of it's ability everytime. Hardware and software intergration are very important ! A functional phone is what apple main goal.

Apple will continue to hold back. . You think that there going to put all there brilliant ideas into one phone? No.they going to sell the hell out of the technology that they have.. They are holding back features and developing functional software so that they can continue to reign over the smart phone industry.

But wait if Apple develops there phones the best.also have the best product, Then why does the new IPhone suck so much. Why does it have so many problems. Oh and why are they being sued for there product. Explain that! Please do!

Oh and also if you keep up with the science world and technology they invented better phones then the ones we have now.. The are making more money off of us by selling a newer better phone each year. But it's only one level up from the one last year... Apple didn't come up with it.... Scientist did and most of there features people new were eventually going to be in phones like 5 years ago.

iPhone will probably always be the frontrunner because it was the first TRUE smartphone. It broke the barrier down in the cell phone industry and left the other providers in its dust until they were able to catch up. The result of that = the trendy phone that everyone will always have because it's considered the cool one. I relate it to Samsung... trendy tv's that are very popular, but they suck compared to what's out there. I've been an iPhone user for 4 years. Had every model of iPhone including the latest iPhone 4, which is the worst one so far. For the most part the phone is pretty fantastic. It did what I wanted it to do more or less and served as a powerful tool in my job. I hope we can all agree AT&T's signal and service sucks, and after hitting my breaking point, I switched back to Verizon and got the HTC Incredible. I'll save the long details, but so far it has blown the iPhone out of the water in every respect. Asthetics, ease of use, power, reliabilty, 3G speed, processing speed... you name it. iPhone may corner the market and attempt to suck up every ounce of money by slowly releasing new technology, but it'll eventually bite them in the butt because from what I can tell, this Incredible makes my former iPhone 4 look like one of those brick-looking Nokia phones that everyone had in the 90's. I loved my iPhone very much, and can't talk bad about it, but people, there are much much better phones out there.

The I phone 4is my first smart phonebut am very disappointed AT&T service is terrible and shady.I hAd better service with prepaid.and the camera sucks too

Apple Iphone 4 remains one step ahead of the Droid with Superior mateerials and workmanship, not to mention the high res retina display and dual cameras for the new facetalk technology. I have waited since the 1964 NY worlds fair to see Facetalk become a reality and Apple has done it! The Droid and other phones are still being made soley of plastic materials and are somewhat clunky in styling. Why make a bigger screen and hold back on the resolution when you need it most? Hats off to Apple.... Again!

I really do wish i had a iphone considering i have a macbook pro, ipod totch, and i am very up to date with the latest apple softwhere but with all the bad reports on the new iphone 4, I think i will stick with the droid incredible

The iPhone 4 is the best phone i've ever used, held, seen. Just the feel of it in your hands makes you feel like you spend $1000 on it. The simplistic design of the iPhone towers over the overly graphiced and strange look of the droid phones. Nice try HTC and Motorola but you can't compete with Apple. There is nothing like having a MacBook and a iPhone 4, might be the best feeling in the world...if your against it you obviously can't afford it.

My grandaughter in college got the Iphone 4G and AT&T service. I have been pulling my hair out over the lost calls and voice variations (loud then very faint) when talking to her. Don't know if it is the phone or the service, but I have a plain flip phone and Verizon and can call anytime anyplace and stay connected. We're taking the Iphone4 back, canceling AT&T and getting her a Droid Htc from Verizon. None of the wireless carriers in our area can touch Verizon. We have had accounts with almost every carrier and Verizon beats them all hands down. Sorry Apple...you should have contracted with Verizon.

I like phone to have pretty button. Make boom-boom sound! Your phone suck! My phone better! Any phone you got suck. If you got iPhone I like Droid; if you got Droid I like iPhone. Derp.

I have the Droid incredible my brother has the iPhone4 we put our phones together to see wich phone loads YouTube faster and happen to know the Droid loaded faster, Droid is more entertaining at start up, more cooler with the features, iPhone is plain and you have to jailbreak then when you jail break it might freeze like my brothers did, the Android shows you weather on main screen so if it rains rain drops fall on Droid screen really cool! IPhone you have to download a app then go to the app to view weather and wait for app to load... I own a MAC G5 computer for editing music that's all apple is good for but the iPhone suck itunes suck I get music free on Droid, I phone don't have flash player, I own a iPad 3G it sucks all its good for is for the kids to play the stupid apps and get ripped off, want what a real future does besides look boring get a Droid its the best, iPhone are for poor people who try to look rich besides I look rich in my BMW, when I turn my phone on its entertaining with the features not boring like the iPhone staring at the apps that ripped you off with low budget stuff, I love my real phone, like the robot says "ddrrooiidd" apple stick with computers made to make music and edit movies only!!!!!

I have to say that this is a wonderful post.
Simply a great breakdown of Iphone and Android base phones.
It will be interesting to see what happens in the app market as I think google android apps are defintiely going to do the iphone some serious damage .

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