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A lot of TiPb faithful have noticed that we look a bit different when you visit us from your iPhone. It's true, we've iPhonified it up with the excellent IWPhone software bits. If you're a believer in getting the "real internet", just scroll on down to the bottom of the page and hit the link for "Normal View" and Mobile Safari will keep you on the full version until you clear your cookies.

The iPhonified version is very full-featured, with links to the forums, our about page, search, and gives you the ability to comment too. Actually, speaking of forums, you can grab our forums in an iPhone optimized version too, there's a big ol' link at the top when you visit them on your iPhone.

One note -- during high-traffic times, your iPhone-optimized version might revert to the full version of TiPb. Ok, two notes: don't forget that you can just type "" into your address bar to find us.

Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

Jon says:

I was wondering when you guys were going to implement one of those WordPress iPhone plugins! Well done!

z says:

maybe next you could make a native app store app.....

mrHiDefinition says:

This is actually really smooth. I like it alot. It doesn't have the same typing lag like most of the sites online that aren't directly supported for iPhone. And it's really easy to leave comments too.

FJR says:

would have been better if you had labeled the two notes as tip a and tip b.
that is, tip b: you can find us at

speranza says:

Nice job, I'll check out the forums next.

tiho says:

Very quick and easy on the iPhone now.

IphoneGeek says:

Nice step, and it looks good on iPhone.

The Madcap Laughs says:

I cannot find the "normal view" option of you talked of, above.

Jeremy Toledo says:

I sae the youtube of the Iphone vs. Blackberry Bold. Is there a way you can let me know when you critque the Iphone Vs. Google phone by HTC, for t-mobile?