RadioShack to sell iPhone 4 starting on launch day

RadioShack's corporate Twitter account has just announced that The Shack will be offering up Apple's latest and greatest device, iPhone 4, on launch day - June 24th.

YES! RadioShack will have #iPhone4 at launch. More info tomorrow.

RadioShack now joins the ranks of Apple, Best Buy, and AT&T stores in selling iPhone 4. Where do you plan on going come June 24th?

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RadioShack to sell iPhone 4 starting on launch day


FIRST !!!!!!!!!!
Oopppsss I forgot ..... Matt: 20-16
since I'm using my iPhone with Tmobile, I need to get one at Full Price. Up to $700 :(

I really don't care. I'll go where they have the phone, can swipe my credit card and sign me up for the correct plan with no residual difficulties.

I plan on getting one from The Shack. I traded in my iPhone 3GS 16 GB and got a $210 gift card. That's enough to pay off 99% of the new cost of an iPhone 4

Can we reserve an iPhone at Best Buy? I did last year, but I haven't heard if we can for the 4.

Radio Shack. Love the trade in program. And I know they will have a accessory credit deal going on like the last time.

Which ever place has the shortest line. In my city there is Best Buy, 3 AT&T Stores, and 2 Radioshacks within about a 4 miles radius.

Will they take trade in on launch day and what about existing customers wanting the upgrade price or two year extension? Anyone know if it a seamless?

Apple store for me! They are the only ones who can give me the military discount on the actual phone itself. Plus there's like four within miles from my house and they always seem to be the most efficient and friendly.

If i have a iphone 3gs, its still under warrenty. Im sending mine back to apple, getting a refurb, and sellin it new. They are goin on e bay for 4-800 dollars. Ill spend 300 on a new one, so ill b getting paid to upgrade.

I sold my 3GS, w/ a small crack in my screen, for $300. New phone is paid for. Waiting for pre-order date. Sucks I'll be out of the country on the release date but good to know it will be waiting for me when I get home.

Perhaps a silly question, because I have never upgraded my 3G, but, if you buy it at Radio Shack/Best Buy, how do you go about activation and setting up your contract? For that matter, how does it work with an online order? I am slightly leery of the process this time because I want to keep my grandfathered unlimited contract.

just sold my 3gs last weekend for 500 bucks , 16 gb jailbroken / unlocked on 3.1.2 , they still got good resale value on ebay too. Stil have to sell my wifes.

@(Copy of) Dev Activation is the same everywhere, even your home, hook it to iTunes and boom. You can have your grandfathered plan, ro the new plans, whatever you want to pick. iTunes will have those options for you.....

@Hahahah, yeah except when your try to seel you refurb as new, and the buyer checks the serial # and sees its a refurb, then you've wronged him, and you'll owe him, so in essence you'd be an asshole. Just sellt he phone you have ya dumbass!

Since I work for RadioShack, it's only natural for me to use my upgrade and get the iPhone 4. I might just get the 32GB version since I have a gift card too! Product trade-ins are accepted at any time, just make sure you bring in all OEM accessories with the device.

@Diminick, do you get an employee discount? That would be nice. My wish QVC 4 easy pays. That would be nicer. They sell the iPod touch 3rd gen.

nope no employee discount on the phone. only accessories. and no the only way to check about the trade in program is to actually bring the stuff to the store. and u can only trade in 3 devices a day

Trade in are robbery. I checked the site on my tp2 and they will only give me 98 bucks back. Its basically brand new since I just got it. (Last phone was stolen asurion gave me a new one) maybe my brother will buy it from me since he wants one. I have my tp2 running adroid also.

if you're getting it as a early upgrade do you have to go to your carrier? like call them or their website? or can you go into any store still?

Will be selling JB 3G with 3.1.2/5.11.07 firmware on ebay. Then buying 32GB at Best Buy using pay in full within 18 month.
By then I'll be ready to swing around and start the process again to purchase the iPhone 5 or 6 or whatever it'll be calling in 2 yrs.

going on what lime asked ,
this is my first att upgrade , nevermind iphone. If you go to a store like bestbuy or radioshack , do they do the upgrades for att? I have one due for full discount and another for early upgrade. They should know this right?

I know best buy does do upgrades. They called me two weeks ago saying I could upgrade with them already although att says not till next month. I guess they have a different upgrade deal.

Can't we just preorder upgrades online via AT&T or Apple, thus avoiding queueing and potentially being disappointed if they run out and still get it delivered on launch day?
I will be holding on to my 3G as a backup for a while and may sell it on ebay as I imagine I can get more for it on ebay (even after the iP4 release) than as a trade in.

Which store is going to open earliest on the 24th? I have a flight to catch at noon and need to get the phone home, charged and synced.

Lol. Mine is already refurbished. No matter what serial they check, its gonna start with a 5. Same thing i did with my 16gb 3g, just put refurb in description. It is arguable though as the only thing refurbed on the phone is the board and everything attached to it. The face, back, buttons are all new. In my experience, refurbes have are better quality than new phones. Either way. I always describe my items on ebay and y im selln it. Lol.

Getting mine on RadioShack, they are accepting pre-orders on the 15th, is a dissapointment that AT&T isn't accepting pre-orders.

A couple questions for those that are experts in such matters. :)
I want to pre-order. I am not eligible for the full upgrade, but I am eligible for the "discounted" price, which I guess means I don't have to pay the fullretail price, but I won't be getting the cheapest price, either. Which is honestly ok wih me, I just want the phone!! So my first question is, if I pre-order with Apple, are the able to give the "discounted" price, or is it only AT&T that will do that?
My second question. I'm leaving for vacation on the 23rd, but I desperately want the phone for vacation. The first city I'm gouge to has an Apple Store. Can I select to pick it up there? Because I will just go there that morning and get it, but I just didn't know if i could randomly pick what store I wanted to pick it up in.
Which briNgs me to question three. I know that no matter where I am, there will be a crowd. If you have pre-ordered, do you have to wait in the massive crowd, or do you get to go to the front of the line, or even a separate line?
That's all for now! Thanks for the help!

Sold my 3G 16gb already on ebay for $425, I'm preordering mine to be shipped to me at work. Who here thinks I'll be able to concentrate AT ALL that day? Me neither :D

A little off topic but does anyone currently have an iPhone and live in new orleans??? I want the new iPhone but always hear how ATT sucks and wanted to know if they are good in the N.O.

It's still not batter then the evo. It's the same dame phone come on It's a slap in the face stuip iPhone gimps

RadioShack has never participated in an Apple iPhone pre-order before, but if it's anything like the HTC EVO 4G pre-order then each customer will get a assigned a time to come in and receive their phone before the store even opens for normal business hours.

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