TiPb GRAND PRIX: We Choose the Winner. You Win the Games!

There are now over 3000 apps in the App Store, many of them games, and many of the games are... racers? Yup, sure seems that way. A half dozen or so at least, and more on the way. How's a gamer to decide? Simple, the TiPb GRAND PRIX!

Once a week for the next few weeks we're going to review 2 racing games head-to-head and app-vs-app. Based on our review scores, we're going to pick the winner... and one of you, our readers, is going to win that app! (Technically: an iTunes App Store gift certificate in the amount of the winning race game app).

But wait! There's more! Every GRAND PRIX needs a Grand Champion, and every contest needs a Grand Prize. So, when all the reviews are done, the TiPb staff is going to pick our Grand Champion race game app -- and one of our readers will win that game AND an iPhone Blog Store gift certificate in the amount of $50!

How can you win? Leave a comment on any GRAND PRIX review. We'll randomly pick a comment and announce the winner the next week on the following Grand Prix review. (First winner announced on second review, second winner on third review, etc.) For the Grand Prize, we're going to randomly pick one comment from any of the preceding GRAND PRIX reviews, so make sure you hit them all!

Contest details after the jump...

Them Details:

  • Open to everybody who has an iTunes store in their country
  • Only one comment/entry per "Grand Prix" review counts (but feel free to post as much as ya like!)
  • Eligible comments/entries MUST include a valid email address. If we can't contact you, we can't send you your prize!
  • Contest will run once a week until all three (3) App vs. App GRAND PRIX reviews are complete, and the final Grand Champion is selected.
  • We'll announce the previous week's Grand Prix app winner with the next week's Grand Prix review posting.
  • You can win no more than twice.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TiPb GRAND PRIX: We Choose the Winner. You Win the Games!


Nice contest indeed, not only you provide us with worthy information about apps so we can decide to buy them or not, but also get our focus on the posts. Bravo!

I think that asphalt 4 is more complex than all of them, therefore making the game play much more exciting to the player.

I can blindly trust Asphalt4. It's great. Just waiting to get my hand on it! Racing Genre PWNS!!!