iPhoneSIMfree Goes Live, for a Price, Sparking Global iGasm


Sales of drool buckets are sharply on the rise today. iPhoneSIMfree, the controversial website that has long promised to release a fully software-based unlock solution for iPhone, has delivered the goods. Their website has been revamped and relaunched as an online store complete with resellers and affiliate partners worldwide. Gadget fans the world over can now join the great global iHumping experience.

Now before you go running through the streets in your undies, again, this is not a free solution. And membership into the gentlemen's club of iUsers won't come cheap - here in the US, Wireless Imports will be charging $99 per software license. Ouch!

But hey, maybe you can apply that $100 coupon Steve is handing out? Ooh, sorry...that was below the belt.


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iPhoneSIMfree Goes Live, for a Price, Sparking Global iGasm


Ha! Ah Monkey Island. Such fond memories I have of that game series. I can recall many a laugh had while playing Curse of Monkey Island. Especially the Pirate turned Restaurateur's serving Ipecac slaw. "How's the Ipecac slaw?" "Not bad, but a few minutes after eating it, you'll be hungry again". LOL!
Alas, much as the figure above may resemble dear Herman, it is not. That is a well known but unnamed character from Monty Python. His lead every episode with just one line..."It's". You can see a sample of his regular appearances here..
I was hoping everyone got my little joke. Apparently not. Oh well.

That YouTube video only further proved how much like Herman Toothrot he is. Herman also had a rowboat on Monkey Island and that picture above looks like Herman standing at his mountain peak where he had his cannon stashed. Now that you explained the joke, I totally got it and it's pretty funny. I should watch Monty Python, but I never got it. Maybe it's like Seinfeld. It's just not funny until you watch enough to understand the mindset and then be able to enjoy it.

Well is he a spitting image of Herman, I'll grant you that. So perhaps the game developers at LucasArts got the inspiration for his character from Monty Python.