2.1 Experiencing WiFi Problems? 2.1.1 Shipping on iPod Touch 2G?

iPhone 2.0 Firmware

Confession: My iPhone 3G/2.x experience has been relatively painless so far. No dropped calls, almost no 3G issues, very few App crashes, no eternal syncs, etc. While Steve Jobs reportedly said I'm in the norm, along with 98% of other iPhone users, you really wouldn't know that from the intertubes. They're on fire with dissatisfied users, and reader Anon, commenting on a post, points us to a thread on Apple's discussion boards that indicates the dissatisfaction may not be ending any time soon.

The latest problem is with the 2.1 firmware -- technically the 2.1.1 firmware already shipping, apparently, on the new second generation iPod Touch -- and WiFi. Specifically, non-Apple Airport WiFi access points and the WPA security protocol (which should be what everyone is using now, right?)

While some might think this is no big deal, considering the older WEP protocol remains an option, TiPb would remind you that system can be broken in less than a minute these days, rendering it little better than no security at all.

For the record, however, I helped upgrade a 1st gen iPod Touch to 2.1 on Wednesday, and it connected to with no problems whatsoever to a Linksys WiFi router, so this might be one of the increasingly common, more complicated and multi-factor errors Apple's been encountering (like Vista BSODs with iTunes 8...)

On the iPhone side, does this mean we'll be getting 2.1.1 tomorrow as well? And will face similar problems? Or is Apple even now rushing an emergency rebuild of 2.1.1 or even 2.1.2 to finally -- finally -- give the 2%ers some stability?

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2.1 Experiencing WiFi Problems? 2.1.1 Shipping on iPod Touch 2G?


even if there was a problem with wifi and WPA, none of us would hardly even notice it....
Most free access points, hotels , your panara breads.... Etc etc are still WEP as well...

I finally switched back to iTunes 7.7 because there were to many issues that I was unable to figure out. So, the only thing I'm really missing out on is the Genius bar. A small price to pay to have my software and iphone 3g to sync and update normally.

I work for a PDA software company, and one of my testing devices is a Dell Axim X51V (running Windows Mobile 5). Despite TWELVE ROM updates - far more than Windows Mobile devices usually receive - it is very unreliable when connected to a WPA network and you often have to soft reset it to re-connect after waking from sleep.
I'm not really sure why I mention this.

Also, it's funny... I used to have an airport express, and had TERRIBLE connectivity problems (this is pre-touchy stuff from apple). I switched to another router, and still had terrible problems. Finally I found out it was because there were about 12 other wireless networks in range of my apartment. I suppose wi-fi isn't really intended to handle that situation because I had continual connection problems. I'd like to find out how many people are having wi-fi problems in a very congested area vs being the only network available.

iTunes 8 is running amazing for me... actually it even FIXED tons of problems with just general bugs. I'm running vista 64bit. I love iTunes 8 now...

I have just update iPhone 3G to software version 2.1. It connects fine to my DLINK DIR 655 router on wpa2. iPod Touch still doesn't.

same here, I updated to 2.1 on my iPhone 3G and it automatically reconnected to my wifi perfectly.
Also, let me to first to say, HOORAY 2.1. I had literally zero bars and no reception in my apartment. Since the update I have a full five bars. amazing.

oh yeah, and the backing up/upgrading took about a quarter of the time a normal sync usually did before the upgrade.

I had to change my wifi connection password from wep to wap after 2.1, without this change, it was unpossible to connect the iphone to the web in wifi.

Thank you for bringing attention to this. There are several threads complaining about this on the Apple support discussion board but not a word from Apple yet. The new iPod Touches with 2.1 have huge problems with WPA.

upgraded to 2.1 on my iphone 3g and it's pretty much killed it. wifi, which worked flawlessly before, no longer connects to my network. unprotected, wep, wpa, wpa2, not one ounce of difference. no such connection problems to my linksys with my 2 laptops and pc. 3g connectivity also suffering, much worse than pre-upgrade. still searching for solutions but no joy as yet.

This problem is annoying, but I found if you forget the wifi network that you're connected to and then reconnect, it should work. Not always though. :S

I was having an issue with not being able to connect to wifi after updating to the latest firmware(2.1), and after restoring my iPhone through iTunes and still not having any luck I tried restarting the phone and what do you know, wifi is working perfectly.

Genius isn't really genius.
While it doesn't work with all English songs, it actually doesn't work with any other languages songs.
Chinese/Japanese/Europeans/Tamil... gosh.
It seems like genius works by grabbing data from customers then put it into a database then they're used to compile popular similar tracks - so called genius.
When launched, I thought it read on the beat, speed, intensity, genre, or something...
Not so genius indeed.

My husband bought me a iPhone last Friday and I too have tried connecting to iTunes using Wi Fi. Nothing. I did everything I was instructed by the App store, nothing. I have the Wi Fi signal on my phone all day long but as soon as I go to connect, it says I need to be connected to Wi Fi to access iTunes. I am like..huh? It is so frustrating. I have YET to find anyone who can actually help.

i just got a 2nd gen ipod touch and it does not work with wep either the only way i can get it to connect is if i take off the key

For those of you that have Wpa-2 or any type of encryption on your router. This will work for you. I seem to always have the wi-fi symbol but i could not connect until i tried the following.--This has worked for me and may help you...This is my Fix. The problem is the Iphone is not reaching the internet. The iphone is seen by the Router but is not getting past and into the internet.

  1. Connect to the WiFi that is giving you the problem. You must be able to connect to it. If you can not connect then this won’t work for your problem.
  2. In your settings select WiFi and then tap the blue arrow next to the WiFi name you are connected to.
  3. Erase the DNS info and add the following exactly like this:,

Note: In case the first two don’t work try this:,
I also tried this on my home network that was already working and it didn’t seem to effect anything. It still works fine and wasn’t any slower or faster. So give this a try and let me know how this works for you.

Thanks a million for this fix. I've been trying for a week after getting the new touch to get connected to a D-Link 655 router. Apple tech support could not diagnose the problem and after reinstalling software still nothing.
The worked like a charm.

The DNS fix is not an issue with the iPod touch / iPhone wireless, it's an issue with the router itself. Change your routers DHCP to hand out the public DNS entries from your Internet service provider, rather then relaying DNS through itself. If you DNS entry on your iPod touch is something like (linksys) or (netgear and dlink) then you have the default settings in your router for the DHCP server, and should change them to match your WAN DNS server.
Following Bobby's instructions will not hurt anything until you try to use any open public wifi that uses a clear proxy server.

I have tried WPA/WPA2 with my 2g iPod touch and two access point setup so far. At work I admin a 70 AP Cisco Wireless network. No problem with WPA/WPA2. At home I have an EnGenius Networks Router with WPA/WPA2, and it will not connect. Come on Apple. How am i suppose to bring this to the enterprise, if people can't use it as a viable PDA?

Ok, all I was having problems connecting to my wi-fi at home. Following these steps and this should fix your wi-fi problem. I have the 3g iphone.
goto settings,general,stroll down, until you see reset, reset networking settings. i phone will shutdown and reboot. then goto back to settings choose a network and your wi-fi should come back up.

I had a problem with wifi range with my iphone so here is what I did. I found this company website that claimed that they fix wifi range problems. hdwifi.com I called them up and they recommended the exact product for my problem. Two days later I received it, installed it and I now have full coverage all through out my 10,000sq ft home.

Hello everybody, Im from méxico and I recieved my 2nd gen touch 6 days ago and I am having the same problems y sold my old touch to get this and oh what a deception. Wifi connection really sucks and I use it at home and at my office as a pda, now what apple? Help.

Another Update-
I Just got an iPhone 3G today. While my 2G iPod Touch will still not connect to my WiFi (as mentioned above), my iPhone has no problem with it.

I have had my second gen iTouch for about 24 hours now. Often I have not been able to connect to my Dlink Dir 655 router that is running in mixed G/N mode. So, I went on a mission to figure out what is going on. I started by disabling G and N and just went back to 802.11b with no WEP and things went great. G with WPA was no go. To make a long story short I have it working consistently now. This makes no sense but if I go about half a house away from the router I connect almost 100% of the time. If I go close to the router (same room) it won’t connect. If I connect half a house away and then move close to the router it will stay connected and work fine. Go figure!!
Other facts, no microwave on, wireless phone is a long ways away and only one very weak competing network on a different channel. All of my 4 other computers have no problem no matter where they are.

I've got Wifi problem, my ipod touch 2g, won't connect to Linksys router (over wpa2 access protocol).

I just tried Bobby instructions and it seems to work. When I put my 2G ipod touch to sleep (with Wifi on) and wake it up, the wifi is still connected. Before it disconnects every time I did that.
If this keeps working after a day or two, then we got a fix. Thanks Bobby.
Also, for those that can't connect to your DIR-655 (which I have), I use WPA only with Mixed modes. My touch connects any where in the house, even if I'm near my router.

BOBBY!!! YOU SAVED MY LIFE THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!!! but i hve one question will i still be able to join other networks? cause does what i changed make a difference?

Good post. I am having a similar problem with a 2.1.1 iPod and a D-Link router. The iPod will not connect to the WPA encrypted WiFI. I finally got things working, so I thought I would share:

  1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/application_updates/iphoneco...
  2. Create a WiFi profile using that utility for your WPA wireless network.
  3. Install the profile on your iPod. This is a tricky chicken and egg problem. The only way to install this profile is to export it from the utility and email it your iPod. So you need to turn off the security on your wireless access point to receive your email (or join your neighbors unencrypted network for a minute). Once received in your iPod mail app just click on the attachment to install it. (You can now re-enable encryption on your access point).
  4. The profile will ask for your WPA password. Enter it in and the profile will be installed. You will not need to enter this password ever again.
  5. Go the Wireless setting of you iPod and click on the access point for which you just installed the profile (it probably still can't connect to it). And manually enter the DNS address by simply typing in the address of your router. In my case

Done. Hopefully this helps some of you.

Actually, after a day with my fix it still isn't working as well as v2.1 on my 1st gen ipod. v2.1.1 on my 2nd gen just takes forever to connect to the access point if it can do it at all. The 1st gen ipod would do it within 1 or 2 seconds.

I had wifi range problems and configuration problems as well with my Linksys wireless. I saw an article about a in/wall wifi access point from a company HD Communications that claimed it fixed wifi range problems and supported apple wireless security. I recently had one installed in my home and the claims are true. I have complete coverage and security on my iphone, my wife's itouch and with my laptop. Very cool product. Only down side is they only sell through dealers. I called my local A/V network guy and he was authorized and had worked with the product.

Im sorry but i fail to comprehend ur technical jargon, so i will speak in layman terms.In india u dont have many wifi hotspots, but i had been using wifi at an electronic megastore for a month or so.But after carrying out the 2.1 software update my iphone (3G & 16GB) fails to detect the wifi network.I tried the same at my friends place who happily uses wifi on his laptop, but my phone still couldnt detect the network.After a restart it did detect and connect to the network but then I could not connect to the internet.So i switched off wifi and switched on again and guess what?!No WIFI network detected again!!A few more restarts after that proved futile.Its so frustrating!!!Can someone please HELP?!Apple support and troubleshooting manuals hardly clarify the problem!

got my itouch (2nd gen) three weeks ago and wifi was perfect. then as of this morning---nothing, no wifi at home, or the free wifi @ the coffee shop and bar that i go to where i never have a problem connecting to. only get the "wifi is off or no networks in range"...
after reading MANY posts, i found the following wonderfully simple solution. tried it and WOOT WOOT--- everything is working perfectly again. here are the instructions:
reset your network settings
go to:

reset network settings

grrr--- the post messed up the formating. here it is again:
on your itouch:
go to settings
select "general"
select "reset"
select "reset network settings"

I have a 1st gen iPod touch that I recently upgraded to the 2.1 software. Since that upgrade, my wifi connection has either been painstakingly slow or not loading at all in my home with a linksys router. In other public places, it seems to work fine, but it will not work like it used to at home. I tried changing the DNS like Bobby suggested; with the, simple websites (i.e. google) work fine for about a minute, but as soon as I close Safari, it goes back to the bad connection I had before, and more advanced stuff, like loading YouTube videos or trying to login to my facebook page aren't working at all. Is there anything else I can try to keep the regular connection i've been having for a few minutes after changing the DNS? Also, does the http proxy matter at all? (whether it's off, manual, or auto)?

Hello i've just got my new ipod touch but i have 1 problem,that is that it recognizes my wifi but when i go onto safari it says safari cannot open this page because the server stopped responding??please help ive been trying for weeks.

update to 2.2.1; rest your network settings (as outlined by trev); set your wireless to WPA ONLY;;;;; works great for me. no lost connection anywhere in the house, safari ok, iTunes store ok :-)..

DO NOT DESPAIR. I HAD THE SAME ISSUE AND THIS IS WHAT SOLVED IT FOR ME. Firmware 2.2.1, well, sucks when it comes to WiFi functionality. I am doing a copy/paste of my very own solution. I am posting this on different sites so it reaches as many people as possible in the shortest time.
Here's the final solution I found by old fashioned trial and error (AND what a pain in the butt it was to figure out). It worked, is still working and in full WiFi strength!
I have a Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router, but I suspect it will work fine with most routers, specially Netgear.
This is what I did:
1- I logged into my "WiFi Access Point/Router" (Meaning the website where your router's settings are). In my case it is (This is the set Access Point for my router. You'll need to find yours. It should be located on the back label of the router itself.
2- Once I logged into the router's "Access Point" site, I went into "Wireless Settings" located in the menu on the left pane of the screen.
3- Here I chose "WPA-PSK..." as the security to be used, AND, I entered a PASSWORD. This is to maintain the Network Secure and block leachers from using my internet for free!
Don't forget to "Apply" the changes before going to the next step, and wait for it to finish will you? It will need a few extra seconds after it completes (the little antenna lights up on the router). MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN THE PASSWORD!
4- NOW, on the left pane (the menu to the left of the screen, remember?), go into "Advanced Wireless Settings". See that button that reads "Setup Access List"? Click on it! :P
5- Once in, DISABLE "Turn Access Control On". In other words, uncheck it.
6- Apply Changes, and for God sakes wait for it to finish!
7- On your iPhone, go to "Settings", then "General", scroll down to the end and tap on "Reset". Don't worry. It will not reset your iPhone. It will merely bring a new menu. Now from this menu, tap on "Reset Network Settings". Let the iPhone throw its fit... it's OK!
8- Try to log into your WiFi network using the password you were supposed to have written down in step 3 above.
9- You should be able to connect now to your protected network with full strength and all!
I hope this helps you as it did me...

i read all of the comments up there and ....
first of all: if you experience any kind of wi fi problems with your ipod iphone dont do anything before googleing a little about the network terms like DNS SSID etc. because people think they know what that terms means but they miss the details about them so my first advice is to take a little 101 in wirelesd network over the net with google and wikipedia
second my iphone overheated at the top when connected to my WPA network and after understanding a little about networks and knowing the type of wifi chip thats inside B G only i found the problem.... my router sended the signal in mixed mode (it sended it in N G B protocols or what ever you call them) and my phone worked hard to find the right channel to connect to. what i do was that i put my transmission in mexed B G only not N and my phone disconects for 3 seconds then reconect again because of the same SSID and password and it worked like new not to mention that in 3 minutes turned from hot to stone cold.....
so check every settings you put in your router and dont give N signals to ippd because the hardware dont support it

I had issues with using WPA2 with my ipod touch. I was able to connect if I used Static as opposed to DCHP ip adddress. Apple suppport said that I had to use mac address filtering on my Linksys router in order to get DCHP working. Not the best solution, but it worked.

My network connection on the ipod touch is down again...A lot of bugs. i tried everything you said. I found THE solution. The iPod will be back at the store tomorrow!
I can live without it

Some of the solutions by Bobby and others work only for select places. My iPod Touch 2G works on my home router and had to use the custom DNS posted several posts above, but it doesn't work on other routers. Besides, some of these suggestions are only for your personal routers, how about the public ones?
Please suggest a solution for public routers. Thanks.