Game Over: iPhone Dev Team Unleashes Free iPhone Unlock. Please God...Let This be The Last Unlock Story I Post!


Oh, you thought Monday's arrival of iPhoneSIMfree's pay-per-view unlock solution was the final word on iPhone unlocking? sigh Would that were true. No, the end hasn't come just yet. That moment will arrive when I am finally carted away, from nervous collapse, in an ambulance destined for nearby mental hospital.

Do lets keep our fingers crossed because this appears to be the one iPhone unlock to rule them all. It's an open source initiate set out by those hacking hoodlums known to the world only as iPhone Dev Team, who are making the source code available for public download.

Unfortunately this solution isn't for the squeamish. It's very "hands on", and making the magic happen involves downloading files, editing code, and bit of rubber chickenry. But hey, it's free and who doesn't like free. Full instructions after the jump.


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Reader comments

Game Over: iPhone Dev Team Unleashes Free iPhone Unlock. Please God...Let This be The Last Unlock Story I Post!


All right! I went through the process and my iPhone is now up and running on T-Mobile. I'll be paying the ETF and saying goodbye to AT&T since I am locked into T-Mobile for another year with 4 phones on a family plan and was waiting for this day. And I almost paid the $50 for the service too :)
I may not be able to upgrade my firmware, but so far Apple hasn't released any updates that really had any meat anyways and with the hackers and 3rd party apps out there I may not ever need to upgrade my iPhone.

That's great Matt. I know you were far happier with T-Mobile so it pleases me you found some middle ground to stand on.
As I said the in the post, I'm more thrilled by the likelihood this truly is the LAST defining unlock release. I don't think my faculties can take another "OMG iPhone Unlocked story." I'm starting to run out of material.

No, Kent, you'll probably post another iPhone Unlock story when they release a free GUI based unlock software instead of the open source one. Even though it works, it's a little too complicated for most people.

True, but that will be a follow on story, more or less. That's a welcome break from having to post story after story about yet another johnny come lately iPhone unlocker. At this point I think iPhone unlocking is formally eligible for recognition as a new sporting event in the world Olympics.