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Chirpy for iPhone is a Twitter application that focuses strictly on direct messages. High Order Bit, the creators of Twitbit, have designed this app with the intention of it being a replacement to the Messages app. They have focused on bringing nearly instantaneous push notifications and a stripped down, yet beautiful, interface to make direct messages quick and easy.

  • Simple and easy-to-use design modeled after the built-in Messages app
  • Incredibly fast push notification
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Integrates with your iPhone or iPod touch's contact list
  • Upload photos
  • Photo previews right in the conversation view
  • Supports multitasking in iOS 4
  • High resolution app icon for iPhone 4's Retina Display

High Order Bit has generously provided us with some promo codes for you, our lovely readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below telling us why you'd like to have Chirpy and we'll randomly select 3 winners.

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

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There are 54 comments. Add yours.

Peter says:

I'd like to see the incredibly fast push notfication. Is it really fast?

A.J. says:

Yeah their push notification borders on precog.

John Bramley says:

I would like to have chirpy so I can keep in touch with my boss (the wife) easier as she beats me up if I don't respond to her texts within minutes lol ;-) Good luck guys

Alli says:

Frequently using Boxcar, I can't tell if something is a mention or a DM. Then I'm forced to open up my Twitter client and go searching before being able to answer - and too often I've answered a DM with a mention. Oups! Chirpy would be nice.

Eric says:

I own Twitbit and its a great Twitter client. This would be nice to add to the app catalog on my phone.

Greg says:

I would love to test this app out. The default SMS is getting old fast!

Dan says:

I'd love chirpy because i've never ever used twitter before, never understood what it was about, but this sounds like a useful messaging system!

Telelax says:

I could use another awesome twitter app!

Tomas says:

Finally a reason to make twitter useful. I like it simple and fast very good!!! I'd like to give it a go.

iM4cGirl says:

I love the interface and the fact that there is a Photo previews right in the conversation view makes this app perfect.

Chuck says:

Newbe Twitter user needs to keep up with his iKids

rbjkman says:

I'll give it a go chip chip..

Gerard t says:

I'd like to see how fast it is and also how well the push notification works.

Binh says:

I would like to get chirpy to use as replacement for my SMS. I am still a student working 2 jobs to make ends meet. This would defintitely help!

Tizzy T says:

I would like to have chirpy b/c it's more convenient...I rarely respond and/or check sms...but if I get a FB or a Twitter alert them I'm responding as fast as with chirpy being inter-graded with twitter it'll help me a lot with the delay time that are between my sms.

Michael says:

Great app idea. Still getting used to twitter and how best to DM someone quickly. Perfect partner twitter app to go with either seismic or twitter.

Swiftman says:

I love Twitter and would love a way to chat- IM Style- over it.

Corinne says:

While I love Twitter, most of the time I'm wasting time just opening up tweetie to check for mentions and DMs.
This would be a great time saver for me.

pnut78 says:

The design is awesome. I could tweet so much more!

dwilk21 says:

i love the look of the app! would make using twitter much easier! hook me up :)

Vishal says:

Cause it makes a perfect couple with the twitter app ..... On a serious note would like to use it cause
1 looks to be fast
2 easy to use
3 it makes tweeting even more fun
4 looks like will make the whole tweeter thing look clearer rather than every thing looking up jumbled

Manuel says:

I would love too try Chirpy. I am always on Twitter. I would love too see what this is about! I never win anything from these forums.

falconeight#IM says:

Just give it to me and stop playing with these other peoples emotions

Michael says:

Most of my daily communication is through Twitter and DMs are not well thought put in other apps. I'd really like to use something that took that into consideration and this sounds like that app.

stephen007 says:

Love to use this instead of Messages.

Roy Bragg says:

I'm always looking for better ways to do things with my iPhone. Lately, I've been on an SMS binge -- twitter, facebook, Google SMS, etc. And I'm always looking to get rid of straggling apps. Armed with an app like this, GVoice and a few others, I can stuff a lot of basic apps into my MISC folder, use multi-tasking aps and leave home screen territory uncluttered.

patrickpiteo says:

The need for a better way to rwitteryea that's it plus it looks cool

csd says:

I would love this! My family & I have been looking for a good way to eliminate texting from our AT&T plans, & Twitter is the best way. But all the twitter apps make you fumble through the other features. All we want is the direct messages w/ push.
If I can try this out & it works, I've got about 8 people ready to buy the app!

rbiro says:

I'd love to get rid of the messages app

Richie says:

What does this app do better than messages to be worth $1.99? It looks similar and does the exact same thing, except it involves Twitter. Just seems silly and it makes no sense to me. I suppose it's more like an instant messenger in the fact that you may not want some people to have your cell number.

Mary Teague says:

I never win anything and this would be great to show off to
my co-workers. Possibly make them wish they had one. I would benefit greatly from this. Thanks. Mary

Pinny says:

Need instant messaging that's actually instant.

truf says:

I prefer to DM over regular messages and this app looks awesome! would love a chance to use it!

Leonard Hidayat says:

I want this app
this is a good idea
replace msn ym and even sms with twitter dm

Jrgn says:

Great replacement for SMS messages and I consider it universally compatible with all other phones making it a great solution to establish communication between persons. Very usefull! Best regards from Caracas Venezuela.

Michael Brian Bentley says:

I can see a need for this. I don't see Twitter providing fast message turnaround, tho. Does Twitter push direct messages out or do you still have to poll Twitter for them once every three minutes? Would it be faster to use Facebook?

Shawn says:

I'd like to use Chirpy because, it would be alot easier to keep up with ifriends. Without push notifications on the native iPhone client, it's days before I respond to my ifriends on twitter.

krislord says:

I'd like to use this as a replacement for MMS since O2 started charging for these!

Diana says:

Sounds like a stellar idea. I chat with a lot of people on twitter some only with dms. It's safer to have conversations that using texting if you aren't ready to hand out your # to your followers.

Donal Merrick says:

Fast push notifications would be so useful to me! It usually takes my currant twitter app up to 10 minutes, and by then the person you're talking to might be gone offline!

Lily says:

I would love to have chirpy! I collect the best Twitter apps and would be honored to have this one. It looks really neat and I wish other twitter apps had fast Push and sometimes have Push at all. Twitter is so addictive and these apps make it hard for us to live in the real world, not cyber world. ;)
Pretty Please with a cherry on top?

Jeff_Purvis says:

Can't wait to consolidate direct messaging

Berko88 says:

Oh, nice! Something that might make Twitter actually useful for me!

Rob says:

“Cheap, cheap!” That’s the sound I’ll make with this proto-Twitter app. Cuz, I’m cheap. Get it?

Al says:

i can finally chat direct to my followers, IM style!

Sasha says:

i Love Using Twitter And Chripy Is The Right App For Me :) It Would Be Very Cool If iWon :)

Dyvim says:

I'd use it for the push notifications. I have Tweetie and Twitterific but neither of those do push. So would be nice to add a new tool to my twitter arsenal for handling DM's.

Toby Adams says:

Chirpy is called Chirpy and therefor, it must be awesome!

Michael Doran says:

Well... I guess a good reason would be that I signed up for Twitter about two years ago, but rarely used it. I have recently downloaded a free Twitter client, but it is not very user friendly. This seems like it would be a great program for me to use to really get into Twitter.
Also, I will be getting the Iphone 4 sometime this week and would love a new app to play with on it (finally upgrading from my 8GB 3G).
Thank you!

Nenette Mougeot says:

Thank you, sounds wonderful!

Kristen says:

It cost me 15 cents per SMS. This would sure come in handy!