iLuv Casual Fabric Case for iPad - quick look

The iLuv Casual Fabric iPad Case with Band Clip for iPadis a pouch-style enclosure that you can use to keep all that precious glass and aluminum tucked away safe and sound.

The iLuv case itself is snug. I could shake it -- gently -- upside down with only minor panic that it might slip out. However, with the velcro belt in place it's locked in. Shake away!

The outside is durable fabric and slightly padded. It will prevent bumps and scrapes but I wouldn't want to risk drops, especially not high ones. The inside is lined with soft, plush material to really pamper your iPad. This is a great case for those who like to carry around their iPad in their brief case or backpack and do not want to worry about it being scratched or damaged.

Black with orange, pink with purple, and beige with blue are your color choices. It is quite a stylish pouch case, though I do feel that it holds appeal more to the female audience.

Take a look at the video for more. iLuv Casual Fabric iPad Case with Band Clip for iPad is available from the TiPb iPad Accessory Store.

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iLuv Casual Fabric Case for iPad - quick look


guess what? iLuv Georgia!
I could watch georgia review air and it would be truly amazing..

Nice review Georgia, good piece of writing. Short and to the point, as it should(usually) be. However, after just a passing glance, I will say, as a guy, the only color I would consider is the black w/orange. And probably wouldn't get that one anyone because I'm not an orange guy, but that's just me - yellow is better. However, I would be willing to bet money no (straight) man will be ordering pink with purple or beige with blue unless as a gift.
Overall, the two things stopping me from getting this are one, no iPad. So TiPb, send me an iPad and I'll buy this. The other thing stopping me is the color, though the sleeve looks cool. Would be nice to have a really good solution to the whole typing thing w/out a physical keyboard, cause the instore iPads I've tried typing on don't cut it. Thoughts anyone?