Update: anySIM Bricked my iPhone. MOMMY!


Angels and ministers of grace defend me! My compulsion to beta test software has led to my iPhone's untimely demise. I installed anySIM from iPhone Dev Team, under the foolish assumption that it would work and do little harm to my dearly beloved. Everything seemed to be going fine until the unlock process completed. Then an error message popped up saying "Unlock Failed" and blathered on about not being able to update baseband settings.

Ok, I thought...the unlock procedure failed. No harm, no foul. I'll just back away slowly and not make eye contact. Then I noticed something that caused my Adams apple to move up and down in dramatic fashion; no AT&T logo or bars were visible in the service status indicator. Ruh roh. Don't panic, just restart. Did that, and still no signal. I can't make or receive calls at all. My iPhone is now the worlds most advanced paperweight.

I will keep you posted. In the mean time, if you happen to see a man wandering the streets clutching a black shiny object, in tears, that will be me.

[Update] Oh god, now I'm really starting to panic. I attempted to perform a restore via iTunes, and it failed. Now the bloody thing is stuck at the recovery mode yellow alert screen that reads "Please connect with iTunes". What a way to end the weekend.

[Update 2] And the clouds have parted. Pheww! Ok, I managed to do a full restore, bringing my formerly bricked iPhone back from the dead, and in working condition again. Excuse me while I change my underwear.

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Reader comments

Update: anySIM Bricked my iPhone. MOMMY!


repeat after me - let others be early adopters - let others be early adopters.... good luck - I'm sure you can get it to an original state. Veel success as we say in Holland

Man, that sucks. I did mine the manual way using Terminal and it works like a champ, even YouTube. You may have to go the manual process to get it back up. Check the hackingosh forums for help and good luck.

"Beware of strangers bearing gifts."
Man, sorry to hear this! I wish you the best in a cost-free recovery, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks guys, but you'll notice I updated my post. I managed to do a full restore, so it's all good now. My iPhone wasn't unlocked, but at least I got it working again. Phew!

I havent done the anysim steps yet I'm scared
But on the bright side I was in tears laughing when I read your blog. Must be from being online so long trying to unlock my frikmen iPhone

Its not bricked! Theres a longer way around incase you get that message - a few more steps (one extra app in the process). Someone posted over at engadget.

since Youtube works on t-mobile , can there be any extra charges on my t-mobile bill for using youtube or any other features of iphone like weather etc.???

OT: but were you a contributor on Jason Dunns "Thoughts" network? So how were you able to finally restore it? iTunes?

Terry, yes I was a contributer for Dunn, on Digital Media Thoughts.
A simple restore via iTunes did the trick.
Michael, the answer is no you won't incur any extra charges so long as you have unlimited data. I'm not familiar with T-Mobile plans but so long as you get all-you-can-eat data pricing, you will not be charged extra for view youtube content or any iPhone-centric feature. Data is data.

did anyone detail the pitfalls and how to get back out so we don't make the same mistakes - or should it still be taken as read that it's too soon for us unqualified closet geeks to start messing with unlock procedures... ?
btw, yes Amir, the i-mate (note the wannabe name) looks like a cute bit of hardware, but it's all in the OS/GUI

I got this same error but cannot repair the phone. Repair mode doesn't even show up. My phone needs to activate but I can't because iTunes won't work. And using a 3rd party activate tools fails. What steps did you do to fix your iPhone?

hey the same thing happened to my phone!! I used anySim and my tmobile sign went away and also my service. When I rebooted the phone its stuck with the yellow triangle. when I try to restore it I get an Error. "cannot be restored" How can I bring my phone back from the dead??? STAY AWAY FROM anySim People WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP

I had the same problem, a few diligent hours and I am free.
OK.. here's what to do:
1. Use iTunes to restore the factory firmware. While you are at it, get the latest update.
2. Use intruction on this to activate again (http://iphone.fiveforty.net/wiki/index.php?title=Alternate_Activation_Me...). I used the last option, DVD Jon's mechanism.
3. Jailbreak it (www.ibrickr.com). Excellent video guide.
4. Last step follow this (http://iphone.unlock.no/). Remeber +Click = 0, is what you are looking for ;)
5. Swap out the sim and enjoy !!

I tried to upload a file to my iphone using ibrickr and I got a warning that ibrickr had a problem and had to closed, now my phone will only show the apple logo and not connect to my computed. I tried holding the sleep and home key with no luck. The logo appears for about one minute and then goes away. Holding down the sleep button does nothing. This may be a 600 (sorry only 500, I'm getting 100 back from apple)dollar mistake. I welcome all coments.

ray goins im having the same exact problem somebody please help me
Ray Goins Says:
September 22nd, 2007 at 5:40 pm
I tried to upload a file to my iphone using ibrickr and I got a warning that ibrickr had a problem and had to closed, now my phone will only show the apple logo and not connect to my computed. I tried holding the sleep and home key with no luck. The logo appears for about one minute and then goes away.
iphone also scrolls numbers and letters after the apple icon

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