What's the status of your free bumper case/refund?

We're getting flooded with email and tweets about Apple automagic bumper case refunds. Looks like Apple is shifting into high gear and notifications are going out fast and furiously. Apple also launched an app today for those of you who don't yet have bumpers so you can go claim one.

Let us know what your current bumper case status is in the poll above, and give us the details in the comments. Overall, how's it going for you? Is Apple handling this right?

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What's the status of your free bumper case/refund?


I should have an iPhone 4 sometime around August 23rd. The bumpers will probably be gone by then and I'll be stuck with the lamest case...

Got a reply from Apple that the free bumper will be shipped on Aug 27th and will recieve on Sep1 by standard shipping.
Ships: Aug 27
Delivers Sep 1 by Standard Shipping
Part Number: MC597ZM/A
Estimated Tax$0.00
Order Total$0.00

My iPhone 4 is fine actually, but hey, if Apple wants to give me a free case I'm good with that. I chose the Belkin Micra. Plus you guys are sending me that free bumper, and the 4 fits in the Griffin holster I had for my 3G. I'm all set. :)

Not sure what's going on but I received a refund email confirmation and I tried using the free C
Case app, jJust got confirmation of my free case. Huh?

Other: Apple sucks and doesnt let you order online and I'm deployed with military and may or may not get to order on time. Thanks Apple!

OK, I went on the app and got the bumper, I actually already had a bumper but I thought I would get the extra case and not get a refund. But after I got the order, I also got the email saying that I'm getting a refund, I also got the email about my free case order. I'm I getting both? I don't know, it sure looks like it though.

Got email from apple too, ships Aug 27 should B here Sept 1 not bad since my ip4 wks great and now I get a free case..

Ordered 2 on my iTunes account - one for me, one for the wife. Notified of a refund today, not sure I got one or two refunds though. I assume 2.
No big deal though, no dropped calls for me even in low signal areas. Even on one bar the phone is still just fine. What a crock, but I'll take the free stuff all the same.

Got a refund and another freebie from the app store. Wasn't going to ask for a refund on the one I initially bought, got an email saying it had been refunded to my card automatically

Does anyone know if any more colours will become available? Not so into the black bumper on black iphone look.

I just go an email from apple saying my case will arrive by Sept 1.
"Ships: Aug 27
Delivers Sep 1 by Standard Shipping"

Don't waste your free case on a bumper. You can get them on EBay for about $2.00.
The other available case options through the Apple app ate a better value.
BTW. Got email from Apple confirming August shipment.

@ JNGold
My guess it is so they can access the serial number and IMEI number to ensure only one case is getting sent per iPhone. Is the problem that you don't have your iPhone with you, or it can't access the internet where you are? Either way, sorry it isn't working out for you.
Thanks for your service to our country.

I like a lot of people awoke to the news of the case app; downloaded it and ordered my case. I HAD purchased a bumper in store on launch day but hadn't heard anything about a refund for my card.... a couple hours later I got the email from apple saying my refund was complete. Soooo I don't know if im getting my "free" case anymore. The order status is still pending so we'll see come late august??

Sept 1 delivery here, too. So "ships in 3-5 weeks" is "ships in exactly 5 weeks". I'd been watching Twitter closely all week so I could order as soon as the offer opened up.
Btw, here's what a lot of people aren't seeing. You have to redeem your free case within 30 days of iPhone 4 purchase. For those many launch day folks, your cutoff is tomorrow. Best order right away.

Got my order aknowledment with an Aug 27 ship date. It will be my second bumper since I bought one from the apple store. I plan to put it on my second iPhone when I upgrade in January.

Can i just walk in into a apple/att and buy a case or bumper then do a refund?? Better than waitkng 3-5 weeks delevery no?? Or how long does it take for refund to take effect..? THANKS!!!

I got my orange bumper a week ago. I got my iPhone today. Apple sent me an e-mail that they had reimbursed me for the bumper.

By the way, I never contacted Apple about the bumper. So I was surprised when I got the email.

I agree -- my iPhone has been fine since launch. No antenna problems...but they're giving cases away! I'm in.

Ordered mine. Ships Aug 27 Deliver Sep 1. Even though I have no problems at all with reception or death grip or touching the left corner. But I will be take it anyway. I think this whole antenna thing is all bs. I know 5 others with the iPhone 4 and they too have no issues with gripping it. Btw who in holds there phone in "death grip" anyway? It's a phone not a baseball.

I had a case for the iPhone, but it didn't help the antenna issue. I just returned it today. Best Buy guy told me they were not getting white iPhone's until 2nd week in October. I'm willing to bet that apple will re-design the iPhone4.

I've yet to see this mysterious bumper app show up in the app store on my phone. Anybody got any ideas why it's not appearing. And since I didn't order one before, I also haven't gotten any emails.

Went to apple's site, gave them my credit card number, and they said my refund was processed, tax and all. Boom.
Apple gains more points with this guy. I had already paid for a bumper, and I was happy with it. I love my iPhone 4.

@Dimwit - Poll only works fine on iPhone 4 or any other iOS/iPhone when only in landscape mode. So UnFAIL your head to compute the Fail.

i ordered my free bumper on 23rd & just had email to say it's been shipped & should take 3 business days wow thats fast.

I got the email from Apple. It says my cover will be shipped OCTOBER 3. And were still in July. :-(

I just received an email notification that my bumper case has shipped. Much better than the end of august!

Original ship date was 9/1/10. Just received email from Apple, it shipped today and I will have it Monday. That was quick!!!!

Does the bumper REALLY make that big of a difference??? Seems that the problem was blown out of proportion by media and this is a ploy by apple to sell more bumper cases since its their first case...