iOS 4 app updates: 1Password Pro, Dragon Dictation, BargainBin


Just a quick update on some freshly released iOS 4 goodness today. As you know, Ally has been watching the App Store for iOS4 compatible updates and if you guys find anything especially awesome, feel free to leave it in a comment or send it to her in an e-mail (ally (dot) kazmucha (at) tipb (dot) com) and if we think it's awesome too, we'll include it in our next roundup!

1Password Pro

If you're a 1Password desktop (Mac or Windows) user with a Dropbox account, 1Password Pro's latest version is nothing short of a revelation. Just open it up, log into your Dropbox account, and all your passwords and secure data are automagically synced to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch over the air (OTA). This is the big one. This is what all Todo, Notes, and every other app that should be everywhere needs to do, with every major online storage option. It's the future.

Oh, and it looks great on Retina Display and works great with iOS 4 fast app switching as well too.

(And yeah, there's even an Android version now for those who dual-wield).

[$14.99 - iTunes link]

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Sure, iOS 4 still lacks universal voice integration but luckily... wait for it... there are apps for that. Dragon Dictation is one of the big guns and it's just updated to include Facebook and Twitter support, send text to the clipboard and paste into SMS. It'll also be coming to the UK soon. (They've figured out brogue, apparently).

[Free - iTunes link]



App Advice's BargainBin lets you set a price for an app (including free) and then alerts you when the app drops to that price. So, for example, if you know holidays usually beget sales and there's a game that's been just a bit too expensive for your tastes, you set it up in BargainBin and if it drops to your sweet spot, you'll know about it and you can go get it. (And if you're cheeky enough to have set BargainBin itself to free, here's you're alert -- it'll cost you nothing for a limited time).

[Free on sale - iTunes link]

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iOS 4 app updates: 1Password Pro, Dragon Dictation, BargainBin


Well, Apple said, and I quote
"If you are not completely satisfied with your iPhone 4, you can return your undamaged iPhone 4 to any Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. If you purchased your iPhone 4 from AT&T, you can also return it to an AT&T store."
so, no I don't think they'll take it but you can try! :)

question: can i return/refund my car because of poor gas mileage even if i crashed it into a wall?

Off topic - like the new look of the site (mobile). Not trying to attack you or anythig, but have you thought of moving away from the wordpress theme and design a mobile site that is entirely unique?
On topic - Dragon dictation is great to use and, from my experience, is incredibly accurate. DD did have a problem way back, in that it collected names from ones contact list and uploaded it to a server. Did they move away from that method?

I like Bargin Bin .. It wasnt ( updated for a long time).. It wouldnt work( it would freeze up and would not work at all )...
Now after the long awaited update it is working Great ... Its one of the must have apps IMO ....
I also like the free app tracker app ( works like Bargin Bin ).. Also pandora's box is a good one ..
I think I like Bargin Bin the best( now that it has been updated ), and is working as good as it used to ..

So has anyone tried logging into their dropbox while 1Password is open and seeing if all of their passwords are uploaded and stored? I cannot figure this one out.
anyone out there figure it out yet?

@ferrigno--I think that's just this post simply because it has a lot of tags. But then again, most posts have quite a few tags. And did the old mobile version not have the same way of displaying tags?

i've been using lastpass instead of 1-password. tried both but imo think it's better for online; it's free, stores everything online so you don't need to store stuff in your dropbox. Works on every platform and every browser, has the ability to fill in you credit card details or store any information from. its has a secondary authentication process so that even if someone guesses your master password they can't log in.

@ Kyle... You're right, but for some reason I'm seeing just two posts in a page when viewing on portrait....

I like the 1Password app. It's easy to sync with the desktop and everything automatically syncs over WiFi.

I think i will pay for this phone,Although it's have some bug , it's not means it will be forever.
i live in china and iphone 4 is assemble in Foxconn factory of china.
the factory cost of 16Gb iphone 4 is only about $260. i had bought a 16GB Black and unlocked iphone 4 from . it's nice and work perfect.
For this phone and this price, it's worthly to buy one.

I was thinking about getting 1password but it doesn't seem to be working from what I have read in the agile forums. The windows desktop client does not seem to have anyway to sync with either dropbox or the iPhone over wifi. Is this true? Does anyone use 1password with windows 7? What is the experience like would you recommend it? Also I use chrome for my browser. I haven't been able to get the chrome extension to sync with the 1password desktop client. It seems like there are too many holes in using my setup in order to get 1passwprd working. Does anyone know of any work arounds I could use. Like could I import stuff from chrome into firefox and then sync to the 1password client. Does the 1password client sync to dropbox yet and I am just missing it?