iPhone Update Coming Soon? My Tipster Says...Uh Huh!


Hey, check this out. I heard from a guy who knows an Apple employee that heard a rumor from Steve Jobs's cleaning woman, that Apple is planning to rollout a big ass iPhone update (version 1.1) as soon as later today or tomorrow. What's in this update, you ask? Don't know. All I do know is that it has something to do with bringing iPod Touch features like iTunes WiFi Store and that Starbucks thingy to iPhone. But word is that bugfixes galore are also in store.

Be still, my heart.

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iPhone Update Coming Soon? My Tipster Says...Uh Huh!


I'm leaning towards a tomorrow rollout. The timing sounds about right, to coincide with the big UK iPhone announcement. But who knows.

C'mon iChat, c'moooon iChat! I have a feeling I will be let down again! Has anyone heard anything further about iChat on the iPhone? I dont feel comfortable/needy enough to hack my iPhone quite yet to get that app on there.

I will be happy with bugfixes, MMS and cut/paste and landscape mode for the email client. I guess my expectations are low... I'd also like the double tap of the home button for music controls, or ideally a speeddial screen that you can tap instead of "swipe" unlocking the phone.
ichat would be nice, but I doubt we'll see that any time soon, besides, clients like beejive are somewhat adequate for the time being.
I'll be happy if they firm up stability though, I find safari tends to crash from time to time, or performance will fluctuate every ow and then....

I predict the highly predicted iTunes Wifi store, Starbucks thingy. I also predict Home Button functionality like the Touch, Space Bar double-tap for a period function, and best of all -- GAMES! (Please!)
Anything else would be a sweet bonus for me.

I'm right with ya Tony, i'm scared to hack my iphone just yet! I have a feeling I will be disappointed with no iChat :(
Oh, and i do hope they increase the volume on sounds and ringer! I hope it's not a hardware limitation!

I doubt the limitation on volume is hardware only... ever notice that speakerphone volume is much lower than say blasting a song from the ipod screen? if the phone would just be as loud as the ipod I'd be very pleased.

I think it Fluke it is right but there will be no games. I am a little disappointed with the number of updates that have not added any new features. I think we are stuck until some time next year with waiting for iChat, games, new widgets to home page, cut and paste, keyboard changes etc. More fixes this time along with the iTunes widget so Apple can sell us something. I would prefer cut and past and creating and sending options to the e-mail functions over access to buy iTunes.

I would probably faint if it would unlock 3g support on any iphone...and I highly doubt the chipset is capable of doing that...but you know apple always has tricks up his sleeve!

couldn't agree more... if they unlock 3g on my iphone, I'm tempted to use my 100$ credit to buy steve jobs an ipod shuffle and mail it to him :)

We know that update 1.1 is coming since an iPhone with that firmware was shown by Steve Jobs (see the slide of his iTunes where it showed firmware version 1.1) so this is no real surprise. It will be interesting to see if anything substantial comes out in addition to the WiFi store. The two previous updates were just bug fixes and so far we haven't seen any major fixes.
I unlocked my iPhone and use it now with T-Mobile. I just called this morning to cancel my AT&T service, but do have until 3 October paid up so there is a 2-week period Apple has to convince me to stick with AT&T and get the latest updates or just stay with T-Mobile and look for hacks to keep me satisfied.

The surprise is when the update is coming, not that it exists. Although what it contains will be of monumental interest as well.

PJ, he's pulling your leg. The iPhone has no 3G hardware built-in, so there is no secret "hidden" 3G functionality to unlock.

I consulted my astrologer and he said ... after three hours of charting ... that there is at least a 50% chance that an update will occur and a 50% chance that it will not occur in the foreseeable cosmic future.
He is usually right about these types of things.
If I can be of any further help, please let me know.
Mark ;-)

My astrologer says that according to the cosmic charts that there is a likely hood that an update is will occur, however there is a likely hood that it will not occur, in the near cosmic future. And my astrologer is seldom wrong about these statements.
If I can be of further help please let me know.

Of course the last comment was just in fun ... no offense intended ... but, when it comes to Steve Jobs you might as well consult the stars.

prolly the WiFi Applestore crap as well as the Starbucks crap. More crap for you spend money on!
If there's anything else in the update you can bet it's something minor to appease people.
I need a beer.


Josh, I fear you may be right.
Bitcher, I agree 100%.
1. WIFI store = $ to Apple
2. Starbucks = $ to Apple.
3. Rightones = $ to Apple.
The rest of you -- DREAM ON! I only wish half of what you are all salivating for comes true. iChat? Not bloody likely. Please, prove me wrong, The Steve, and I will publicly apologize. (That's a safe offer!)
-- Mikie

you folks are that anxious to have another button that takes you somewhere to give apple more money?
If the software allowed for creating your own ringtones FROM SONGS YOU ALREADY HAVE then it would have something slightly useful.
Now if it had penis enlargement software that's another thing.

This is silly. What the hell are you waiting for, you boobs? Listen to a little reality, from Bitcher AND from me:
1. Apple has a limited staff, and a lot of product lines:
a. OS
b. Hardware computers.
c. Hardware iPods
d. Hardware iPhones
e. Hardware AppleTV
f. Hardware Routers
each of those devices (except the os, natch) needs to have bug fixes, improvements, etc.
Where the hell are they going to get the people to include all the toys and features you think you so desparately need on the iPhone?
While it's nice that they make things, can't you see that The Steve is busy selling, selling and selling? And when he turns his attention to you, oh gullible iPhonies, don't you think it will be just to sell sell sell sell sell?
ITMS via Wifi indeed.
What an update. I can hardly wait.
Woo hoo.

I had a dream last night. They are releasing it tomorrow, definitely. No bones about it.
If I'm wrong, I'll eat my iPhone, or a brownie.

Mike...did you eat your iphone yet? Maybe he did since he hasn't responded yet...
and Kent..where in the world is this update?? I'm going to be taken to an insane asylum! haha

There really are some bugs that need taken care of. I could careless about them giving us WiFi Itunes so we can spend more money. I am resisting the urge to snag the Tmobe Curve.....

Hey Johnny! I am really hoping it is tonight...as all other updates have been on a Tuesday and this is the last Tuesday of the month!!! ....but I have a good feeling it's not going to be tonight...

Does it mean that they are doing something special when the store goes down? Been checking this morning and dont see anything. Its the thrill of the chase... ha

Nope, nothing to see here. The Apple Store went down to receive a slight makeover, nothing more. :(
Yes, traditionally when the Apple Store goes offline it means that a new product release is forthcoming. Particularly when preceding one of Steve Jobs's keynotes.
But then...there are random moments such as this when Apple takes the site down to make insignificant changes and correct typos. ;)