iPhone 4 international speed tests

iPhone 4 international Speed Test

You know the drill -- iPhone 4 just went on sale in 17 additional countries so hit up your favorite speed test (I used the speedtest.net app) and let us know how the new HSUPA (high speed upload) radio is treating you.

(And if you're in the US and have just gotten yours fixed, let us know how that's working as well).

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iPhone 4 international speed tests


I'm averaging between 2.5 - 3.5 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up in Port Orchard, WA (across the Puget Sound from Seattle). They finally fixed the AT&T upload issue in my area.

Why r my speeds so slow I'm averaging 18500kbps download n for upload 1000 Kbps I'm from Wisconsin about 100 miles from chicago

3551 download and 1658 upload in Phoenix, AZ.
I was getting about 90 upload a few days ago so I am assuming that the carrier fixed the issue with Phoenix.

Full 3G serivce here in Fort Worth, TX and averaging 1.45Mbps DL and 1.1Mbps UL...Kinda slow if you ask me but not that bad.

I know this is about international speeds, but come on AT&T. .34 Mbps down and .73 Mbps up. Absolutely ridiculous. And this is outside with 5 bars of 3G!!!!

My Down has been cut by a third (what's up with that?), but my UP has gone from 100 to 900(average of 4).
South of Detroit. Canada is 1.83 miles away from my desk, so almost an international reading.

@Miked You need to re-read the blog. It says for people in US wh had theirs fix, please let them know how its working. Come down bro

I am in the middle of NYC around 42nd street and near Grand Central station. My download speed is 418kbps and upload speed is 44kbps. AT&T sucks!

Disagreed, I'm in Canada and I read this blog all the time. If you're in Canada, I'd appreciate to see your test speeds.

Uploads even worse today in DC area, topping out at 50kbps right now. Get with it AT&T. Downloads are ~1500kbps.

Mike, I wish that was the case! Lol!...... Has always seemed a bit slow since I got it :-/

look at that down/up load speeds. I'm lucky to even get at least 1 Mbps of download speed and for some reason my upload speed is frequently faster than my download speed.
Right now its 308kbps down, 451kbps up. In San Marcos, CA at 78/Twin Oaks/Civic Center

My iPhone 4 on Telstra (Australia), 5 bars of 3G, i got 2896kb/s down and 3312kb/s up...
Funny to see that the upload speeds are faster than the download speeds. XD

I just did a speed test on Rogers in Canada , in Ottawa Ontario and got..
Test Date: 2010-07-30 8:51:17 PM
Connection Type: Cellular
Download: 6311 kbps
Upload: 2944 kbps
Ping: 198 ms
On my IPhone 4 32gb

going from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 on Optus I not only got much higher upload but also much higher download, from about 2Mbps to 4Mbps (down) which it might have to do with the new band, unfortunately don't have the upload stats with me atm and I can't get 3G in my house

I live in Memphis also and at first I was going to say there must be something seriously wrong with your reading because I have consistenly gotten 2.2-2.6 Mbps down since I've had my iPhone 4, sometimes even crossing the 3 Mbps mark, but it seems tonight for some reason I can't get much over 1.4 Mbps. Upload is almost always 1.21 Mbps upload for me.
Agreed, it is 5 bar connection here

I now it's not international but AT&T just activated 3G in Carbondale and Marion, IL, and I am, on average, getting 3Mbps down and 2Mbps up.

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Getting 12863 kbps download and 956 kbps upload with ping 94

Switzerland Zurich
iPhone 4 upload 3800 kbps Down 1077 Kbps
iPad upload 2540 Kbps Down 167 Kbps
Both exact same location

Basel, Switzerland: network: Swisscom 3863 kbps down, 1445 kbps up.
Geneva, Switzerland: network: Swisscom 2864 Kbps down, 758 Kbps up
Sometimes slower, rarely faster than that.

Well I'm glad I read this post. I'm on my second iPhone 4. Down is always around 500, up is always around 1500-1800. Michigan. Funny thing is, if you reset your network settings, the speeds will flip flop for a short period and then return to low down, high up. After reset, I get around 3M down and 1500 up. Lasts for about a half hour. Could an update fix?

4.65 up, 1.24 down in North Orlando, Florida. not really disappointed until I visit South Florida with their network upgrade-

Optus Australia at 5 bars gives me 3.21 Mbps down, and 1.51 Mbps up.
Telstra Australia at 5 bars gives me 5.41 Mbps down, and 2.8 Mbps up.

Zurich, Switzerland with Sunrise, max. rate 6024 down, 1181 up, usually around 5000 down, 1000 up, which seems quite nice.

central London, Vodafone: 6.2mbps down, 2.95mpbs up.
Average is about 5.5 down, 2.9 down.
Now if only the battery would last more than a day, it seems there's some sort of Exchange related bug in iOS4.01 that causes the battery to die very quickly

I'm getting 9.27Mbps download and 0.47Mbps upload. This is with Virgin Media broadband here in the UK.
I get those results for all servers.