Why did you Jailbreak iPhone 4? (If you did)

ios 4 jailbreak

The iPhone 4 (and iOS 4.x) Jailbreak hit last night and by the looks of our Jailbreak Forum, many of you have gotten busy and quickly.

Since iOS 4 allows wallpaper and multitasking, and iPhone 4 is available officially unlocked in many countries, we're curious why you're Jailbreaking this time around?

Better notifications? Glance-able information for the lock screen? Drop-down settings access? Themes? Removing Wi-Fi-only restrictions? Wi-Fi hotspot? AT&T unlock? What's keeping on the Jailbreak these days?

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Why did you Jailbreak iPhone 4? (If you did)


I didn't. Too many issues with FaceTime and MMS. Plus when I jailbroke my gf's 3GS when I installed Winterboard and applied the them "no docked or undocked icons", I thought the phone was going to blow up.
I'll wait it out. Mobile Terminal doesn't work and I don't know how to change my root password otherwise.

I jailbroke my 3GS and lost MMS, but there's a fix out now trough Cydia. Waiting for all the JB apps to update for 4.0.1 before installing anything else.

If teathering & FaceTime over 3G are available in the jailbreak, I'll do it in 3 seconds. Waiting to see about that...

I just finished jail breaking my iPhone 4 running IOS 4.0.1. No problems at all with FaceTime or MMS. I've also rebooted the phone several times with no probs.
The main reason I jail broke this time around was for MyWi, so I can tether my iPad. I'm curious to see if FaceTime will work with 3G ubrestrictor. I also really like my AOL "You've got Mail" mail notification. I probably won't be doing much of the customizations or need backgrounder anymore.

I jailbreak because there's no way I am ever going to pay for ATT's insane tethering prices.
Now that the issues have been ironed out I'm just waiting to download apps updated for iPhone 4.
With a jailbreak this easy people that have been on the fence will now take the plunge into the jailbreak scene. I hope this increases the quantity and quality of jailbreak apps.

I did because of Backgrounder (I need real backgrounding!), unrestrictor, sbsettings.
BTW MMS and FaceTime issues were fixed as far as I read online.

I did out of curiosity... many years without ever trying it I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. Tonight I'll revert back once I figure out the best way to do so. Its slow, buggy, and it feels like things aren't working right anymore. Would have liked to test mywi but I have a 3G package for my iPad that I don't plan to cancel because of a jailbroken phone. Its interesting to have the option and maybe cydia will fill up with more interesting stuff in the future.. but for now its not for me. I'm actually sad it was a lame experience.

Ssh, then sbsettings. I'm happy with AT&T so don't plan to unlock.
SOV: the way to change the password is to ssh into the phone. Or if you have an ssh client on your phone, you can use it to ssh to mobile@

1 I want to customize the phone.
2 use it as wifi hot spot
3 run the backgrounder in some apps
4 shrink the icons (prefer smaller Icons) and use the 5 icons in the dock
5 wifi sync (iTunes)
6 3G unrestrictor
I wonder why people are still using mms ?

FaceTime over 3G with unrestrictor seems to be in process by the dev. We should get it pretty soon though ;)

I jailbroke my phone actually on accident at jailbreakme.com. I didn't think it could be done through safari like that. Awesome process. I was disapoited at how much cydia sucks compared to the app store. There is no descriptions and no image previews. Plus it installs dependencies but when you uninstall, I have no idea how to get rid of the dependencies. Plus winterboard messed up my phone because I think it was for ios3. Why did cydia let me install it!!!! I had to do a restore. Really disappointed. I'll stick with apple approved apps.

@JD...your JB is slow and buggy? Do you have any animated themes runni o anything? Mine works really good. Can't tell a difference in performance at all.
As for me I jb for intelliscreen, MyWi, and sbsettings. I HATE going to the settings menu to turn wifi on/off all the time and I like to keep it off unless I need it for battery purposes. Just one example of many.

If TIPB doesn't know why people jailbreak by now...:P
Sames reasons as always. Because Apple is so controlling.
People want to tweak their smartphones as they've done for years now. They want to be able to install the apps they want such as MyWi. Or download files over 20mb. Or hopefully be able to use facetime using 3G that we already pay through the nose for.
Perhaps a better question would be why wouldn't you jailbreak? It's simple to do.

I jailbroke for sbsettings, mywi 4 tethering, mainly Lockdown but it's not supported in 4.0. And that's it. When apps start to work on 4.0 I'd be happy :)

I was one of the unluckys, that Jailbroke last night, and lost mms, and FaceTime... a restore and restore from previous back up fixed it right up tho. Once I saw Surik had fixed the issue i went back, and did it again, and now it works fine.

REPLY HEADLINE: What are the disadvantages or problems with JBren phones? What will I lose, or what disadvantages will I face?
I have worked with computers for 32 years, since the DOS days. Yes, I saw the evolution of personal computing. I know that Apple "borrowed" the GUI from XEROX PARC, but that Microsoft did not keep up, and came out with the ugliest GUI ever in Windows 3.1! (What were they thinking?) Nonetheless, I liked that I was a superpower over my DOS machines, and that the Windows (Microsoft Windows, that is) would be compatible with more software.
I briefly even used Macs in their infancy when desktop publishing, PDF, and Postscript were born. It was a beautiful time. Could have been even more beautiful had a Mr. Bill Gates not walked the earth in his greedy shoes.


I just got an iPhone 4 (my first iPhone ever) and I am just wondering what took me so long. Although, I have been also using the 2G original iPhone that my bro in law gave my partner, I can see some lag time that is not apparent on iPhone 4. I probably would have hated that. So far, there are only a few issues I have with iPhone 4. Maybe about 3. Other than that, I think the designers thought of just about everything they could.
With that said, I would like to use my iPhone 4 tethered to my notebook without paying AT&T, the ripoff company, a ton of money for just that feature alone. On an aside, I would also like the ability to have unlimited data for $30, which AT&T "claims" is to provide the customer with a cheaper alternative that saves some money. Hmph. $5 is not much of a monthly savings. Why not give us unlimited data, minutes, and SMS for $50 monthly??? Now that would save us some money. HELLO AT&T!!!
I also like that I heard I could sync my phone thru WiFi, like I do with USB now, AND, most importantly, I want my OWN SMS TONES!!!
Can someone tell me what to look out for, and what I am up against in doing this? What will I lose? What will I gain?
I'm on a Microsoft Windows PC (not for long), so I need instructions geared toward that environment. I would also like an outline of steps to follow in doing this, just a brief step by step list of the motions taken and the order taken, so that, as I am following on the various tutorials, I will know what step I am on and that I am doing it all correctly.
Thank you all great people, for any help you can give me. I do give rep and praise for help given to me, and I try to assist others where I can.
I am looking forward to being part of this forum, as it seems the most down-to-earth, yet professional and friendly community.
Best wishes, I will await your replies!

I jailbroke mainly for SBSettings, BiteSMS and Scrobbl, but use many other tools like LockInfo, Backgrounder, iBlueNova and Winterboard for some little modifications.
@Kil Miller:
Cydia has descriptions and image previews, but they're not really unified, sometimes you have to click on "More info" for screenshots and stuff like that. And sometimes they take their time until they show up, especially at the moment because of all the new Jailbreakers.
You can uninstall dependencies and system packages by switching to the advanced view while in the packages screen.
Winterboard has been updated for iOS4, but maybe a theme you installed wasn't 100% compatible. Switching to "Summerboard mode" could possibly have helped.

Couldn't wait, I have to have bitesms and SbS settings, plus winterboard. I love being bake to reply to text on lock screen and while on other apps, not having to close out what I'm doing....!

MyWi 4, SBSettings, iFIle, thats why i jailbroke it....
FaceTime / MMS issues only appeared once and have been fixed...

"@Jordan…your JB is slow and buggy? Do you have any animated themes runni o anything? Mine works really good. Can’t tell a difference in performance at all. " - In Reply
Not slow and buggy at all, works perfectly and smoothly, just some theme's arn't displayed properly because of the retina display but it looks just as good with a few tweaks!

Easy to answer:
Mail / TXT Message / Calendar / Wether -info on Lokscreen
Fast switching of Wifi/ 3G / Bluetooth with one swipe an a klick
Mouse on the iPad

Saying iOS4 multi-tasks is a bit generous so Backgrounder is one. But the main reason is so I could use LockInfo or Intelliscreen. I don't like have to go in to my calendar just to see appointments and prefer them at a glance on the lock screen. Seems like such a simple no-brainer thing so I'm not sure why Apple is so resistent to doing it themselves. If they did I might not jailbreak any more.

Two reasons, 3G unrestrictor to get FaceTime working over 3g (doesnt Work by the way) and PDANet for Tethering..

Ios4 folders are ugly. Categories + categoriessb ar much better, even if it's a bit harder to set up. Also lockscreen dim delay, 3G unrestrictor, scrobbl, backgrounder, sbsettings, … and so much more. Thank you comex for all this !

The reason I originally jailbroke my 3GS is same reason that I am jailbreaking my iPhone 4 - text tones. Apple's paltry selection of text tones is awful.
Of course once I jailbroke, I discovered SBSettings and many other goodies, but it's all about the text tones!!

Two reasons for me:
1. Because I can.
2. LockInfo. That's the one thing that should have been built into iOS from the get-go.
The rest is all a wash for me; I don't tether and I'm not a big "theme" guy. I'd love to have Mobile Terminal working on the iPhone 4, though, cuz I love command-line stuff. :)

5 icon dock, custom hosts file for adblocking, sbsettings, MiWi and lockinfo. And to JT, yes all of the apps on my phone and pc are 100% licensed (either FOS or paid for). Its really not so hard to be legit.

I jailbroke mine for one reason only.... the sounds.
Why does apple not allow you to edit the message/switch on/switch off/email sounds? its my phone and i want it sounding how i want it.

JB for many features, mostly MyWi, lockinfo(why should I have to go into my calendar to see it win mobile has had this for a long time and they are irrelevant right now), SBS settings (best way to have quick access to turning wifi on and off, or hide apps I don't want my wife or kids to see, ;)), BiteSMS (I love this for texting, nothing better IMO), AnyRing (love being able to use any song on my phone for rintone or text notifier), 3G restrictor, Mtn Dew battery (fun touch), and many more...


When I had my 1st gen iPhone I had to JB if I wanted to use it because it wasn't in Canada until 3G and there were no data plans so I could only use it JBen in order to unlock it and also to turn off the 3G. Then when I got my 3G I had become used to using the phone without data, I'm in Wifi 90% of the time. So again I had to JB to turn off 3G but I also got used to having wallpapers, custom SMS ringtones and a few other perks. I'm not a heavy JB user so with my iPhone 4 I don't need a data plan because from the OS I can turn off cell data. I have wallpapers so the only thing I would JB for is to have custom SMS tones. I like having my iPhone 4 in pure form it just feels so nice I'm not sure that is enough of a reason for me to JB it. I'm still considering it but I'm leaning towards not doing it. My GF now has my 3G which is JBen so I'll still maintain that and get my JB high off that phone LOL.

Im not going to jailbreak this time around. iPhone 4 is already capable of multitasking and allowing folders on the springboard. Also, MyWi would have been another reason but my laptop busted so i dont really need it now. Plus, all the problem with MMS and FaceTime just turn me off to the whole jailbreak concept.

Why isn't the browser based jailbreak getting more attention? It shows that iOS allows arbitrary code to be downloaded and run in system-changing ways. People approvingly call it just a jb method, but on any other platform, this would be called what it is - a remote root exploit, or, in plainer terms, a yawning, gaping security hole.
I am all for jb and fully support the rights of anybody to do what they want with the hardware they purchased, but allowing the browser (or a browser-initiated process) to run arbitrary remote code is a flaw as bad as anything the IE team ever released, and this remote flaw is one Apple has to correct yesterday.

3G FaceTime which will come soon, LockInfo, iRealSMS, Tethering, try before you buy (AppSync) - (I should note that I have bought MORE apps because of piracy, because I was able to try them beforehand. Buying them is easier than always waiting for someone to crack new updates. The more the updates, the more I'm incentivized to buy) - Also, need SBSettings, and little hacks here and there that I can't live without. It's a no-brainer to jailbreak.

I jailbroke, because I wanted the dB numerical meter, not the bars, but I run pirated software, and the hosts file was messing up my ability to restore my 3GS backup to the i4, but I didn't realize this at the time.
However, I'm glad that I didn't restore from my 3GS backup, as it seems this is what is causing a lot of the proximity issues and the other stuff.
I literally jailbroke, installed SBSettings, changed the graphical to numerical, downloaded the official iOS and chose to Upgrade (not install) and wiped the jailbreak, but kept the numerical meters. Rock on.

This Jailbreak breaks Skype background operation. Skype no longer multitasks under iOS4. Bummer. You'll have to use backgrounder if you want to keep it running (not as battery efficient.)

I'm not even sure why I did! Once I saw that it was as easy as going to the phone browser, I figured it was worth a try!

Only one real reason to JB for me... tethering without being raped by AT&T, with not only their $20 surcharge for the "privilege" of tethering, but double whammee - capped to 2GB. No thanks. I'll keep my unlimited and now thanks to JB'ing - will tether to my heart's content... my plan is to try and hit 10GB in a month... screw you AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmwwwwuuuhahahahahaha

I love the way you guys are quite happy to break your T&Cs of your contract with AT&T to get tethering.
I'd laugh my ass off if they kick you off and force you to pay up your contracts...lol

@Mephisto i agree, bet its there fault att had to make changed to there data plan, the jail breakers are that percentage that use 8gig or more a month.
i hope Apple finds a way to block the browser certificat to the jailbreak site and att finds a way to charge these people for tethering

I did so I could turn that blasphemy Apple calls multitasking off. Half of the bugs with the iPhone 4 can be linked right back to those apps never actually closing correctly. Since I've jailbroken my phone and turned that crap off, I can successfully import my photos and videos every single time. No more power cycle needed to import. Yeah, this was the right thing for me.

jt & abishek- idiots like you are what gave jailbreaking a bad name. JB is NOT about piracy (and yes, all my stuff is legit), it's about freedom and controlling our devices, so crawl back under your rocks.

Mephisto and non-jailbreaker... I pay for unlimited data. I do NOT tether to dl big files/bit torrent etc. I use it so I can work on my files on my laptop and email them as needed. I use it so I can web browse/post on forums, etc. from my laptop when I'm on the road. Yes, there are some that abuse the system, but it's not all of us, and I doubt it's even most of us. Just like most who JB are decent people, so are those of us who tether.

And FWIW, between my husband and I, with our tethering, we still only used 600MB of data. I wouldn't call that unreasonable, considering we both pay for unlimited data, do you?

Why did I jailbreak? 'Cos I have missed the ability to add my own sounds, have different themes and most important, I own these gadgets and I will decide what I want to do with them, not Stevie and not Apple. Great work guys ;-)

LockInfo. It's that simple. I have gotton so used to having mt weather, calender and other info available (after coming over from BlackBerry) at the touch of a button that I cannot live without it.
Come on, Apple. Step it up a bit!

I JB'ed for a few reasons.
MyWi so I can have wifi for my non-3g ipad
and 3g unrestrictor
I can't wait for apps like iblacklist and fakelocation to come back!

I did it ...because it was easy. Or so it seemed when I hit "slide to jailbreak." Then all the respositories were jammed up and everything was slow and buggy. I tried to get some game emulators but they didn't work right because of traffic. When they did start working, so much of the Cydia "store" is encrusted with ads and dubious-looking links that I don't want to hang around there.
Is this what Android is like?
I played with SSH and some settings tweaks but I can't shake the feeling that it would be really very easy for someone to steal my passwords or other data.
I am resetting my phone now and will run the (multi-hour, dammit) restore when I get home tonight.

People that brag about vilolating their TOS confuse me. Teathering with unapproved third party apps is stealing, period. I love the excuses and justifications... I already pay for the data and should be able to use it for the iPad, I don't use that much data so its ok. These same people would criticize me for walking into a convenience store and stealing a Mr. Goodbar, such hypocrites. Do contracts and signatures mean anything anymore? You WILL get caught and have to pay backdated data, I guarantee it. And it won't be cheap.

sbsetting,mywi(tethering is included free on my 6gb plan on rogers but i can only connect over bluetooth and usb, mywi allows me connect the ipad to my 3g plan),3g unrestictor,winterboard themes,five row dock.

Control of my own phone (Not Stevie and his Cronies) , tethering, MyWi, 3G unrestrictor, being able to run Facetime on 3G (you know its coming), MMS/Ringtones.

I have an iPad and ai don't want to give Rogers more money to tether my iPhone to my iPad so mywi is the solution as well as Mquickdo.

Apple has made improvements si Now I jailbreak only to CHANGE the AWEFUL native apple SMS tones and to change SMS bubbles/BG.
I don't understand why apple doesn't realize the amount of people that texts and they won't give such simple options when clearly it can be done. They don't even put an option yo hide keyboard!!!!!!! iPad has it!!!!!!! So annoying that I have to exit text window and re-enter just to read a text!

Julie. You are an idiot. Period. You are an embarrassment to the forum. Please leave.
There is a big difference between stealing a physical product ( with a tangible costs) versus using data.
It's people like you who pay for the same data twice that cause this mess. The companies know that suckers are born every one. You are the sucker of the day. An embaresment to women and iPhone owners!

Your T&Cs state that you can ONLY use your data on the phone, not to tether to another device. This is specifcally against your terms and conditions, it's black and white.
If you don't like it then take your phone back.
YOU'RE the embarrassment, idiots like you who think they're entitled to do what they want.

You pay to use your unlimited data on your phone ONLY, thats stated in yout T&Cs. It's not rocket science, stop trying to justify your breach of these terms...

I jailbroke my iPhone 4 for the same reason that I did my 3G. I did it for Options & Functionality. I just love being able to tweak and add things that Apple is to stubborn to include natively. BiteSMS, 3GUnrestictor, Shink, SBSettings, PDANet, FiveRow/Icon, MultiIconMover, ActionMenuPlus, & Winterboard are just a few packages that just completely changes the way you use your iPhone and makes it so much better.
@Julie1468: You're dumb, why would you not jailbreak and get "FreeTethering" when the same Data that you pay 15 dollars extra to use is no different then the data that you already use w/you default data plan.

Loud noises!!! No... I have some serious questions. Does AT&T have anyway to know that you are tethering other than the increased use in data? Also, is tethering the only thing the breaches the AT&T T&C?

It IS different, you agreed to ONLY use that data on the phone. If you weren't happy with that then why did you agree to sign the contract?

I'm a little tempted just to have better notifications and the ability to change the sounds of the std Apple notifications.
maybe after a few weeks...

Wiener Von Cockin, funny name. I would like to know the answer to those questions too.

I jailbroke for SBSettngs, iRealSMS and the ability to SSH into my phone and change those horrible message tones.

I almost considered not jailbreaking my iPhone 4, but I did. I soon realized how much I was missing. I'll list what I got and why:
Sbsettings - quick toggles for everything. Amazingly useful for battery life and convenience.
3G Unrestrictor - I love having the ability to use my apps wherever I want. I don't feel like being held back by wifi to be able to enjoy them.
MyWi - tethering is sometimes necessary. Home Internet will go out, hotels don't offer wifi, or other devices without cell repection may need it. I don't care what AT&T says in the contract. Sorry, but they've yanked us around long enough to not offer it as part of the service.
ToneFXs - This app is great for having lots of ringtones and shuffle them regardless of who's calling. I don't have to depend on a specific person to call for the ringtone I assigned. Many other sound customizations, but that's my biggie.

I JB for two reasons now. Quick reply and a status notifier. I really hate the obtrusive pop up when u get a text or a push alert. It's really outdated compared to other OS.

Government steals, companies steal, why you shouldn't steal virtual data already paid? I like that i can, if its you who dont, then move on...

i dont have an "I" anything. this is the first time i have been to this site. i like the android and Pre site. i didnt know that not only do iphone fan boys bash other OS they also bash their own.... ...what wrong with the iphone fan boys?

5 icon dock / SBSettings / Lockinfo (but weather Icon no work under 4.01 --- So intelliscreen). Forgot how much I maser all of these.

PETE has a point. All the iPeople should get along and you cant steal something you paid for. Maybe misuse but not steal.

It's always so intriguing for me to see the way Americans get stuck on moral discussions. Here in Europe most people are much less held back by the idea of jailbraking. People here decide te jb for the choice of things like ssh or sbstettings. Tethering is just one of those things. It wouldn't even surprise me if the Dutch CEO from Apple also jb'd his iPhone.

LMBO..You guys have to go through "jailbreaking" a phone and voiding your warranties just to customize? If you have to do this why purchase such I locked down device??? This is what I had to tell myself before I went to the HTC EVO..It just doesn't make sense to purchase a product with my hard earned money that has so many limitations. SMH..I couldn't even choose what kind of keyboard I wanted to use in my Iphone4 Geeze!!!!

BaDOAN says:
August 2, 2010 at 4:07 pm
Apple has made improvements si Now I jailbreak only to CHANGE the AWEFUL native apple SMS tones and to change SMS bubbles/BG. I don’t understand why apple doesn’t realize the amount of people that texts and they won’t give such simple options when clearly it can be done. They don’t even put an option yo hide keyboard!!!!!!! iPad has it!!!!!!! So annoying that I have to exit text window and re-enter just to read a text!
This is pathetic that you buy the product then..It appears to me that you would LOOOOOOOVVEEE Android!! May not be as SMOOOOOTHHHH..But you get FREEDOM!!!!!

@Dguidro for "jailbreakers", jailbreaking its just another option to buy apps, warranties last for 1 year only, jailbreaks last forever. We, the one who jailbreaks and choose this devices bought such a locked down device because of the simpler reason, we think its the best choice around, apples programs designs/hardware are high quality, always. For finding what kind of keyboard you want, you just need to read the setting menu for less than a minute.

Apples hardware is not quality. None fact that if you drop the phone from 2 feet unto a hard surface it will shatter costing in the range of 100 bucks to get it fixed. Are you saying that a 5mp camera and a phone that has just now gotten a flash Quality? Apple feeds you guys birdfeed because they know you will buy whatever they sell. The iphone4s will include a 8pm camera with tethering to one device and you guys will buy. Its a game and you are in it..don't be a sucker man!

I did it because my iPhone 3G is so slow on iOS4..
I will get new iphone when I can get it on pay and go with o2.
Since adding SBSettings I can keep it speedy. Skype was running in the background. No notifications on or anything. Has anyone else had similar problems?

I jailbroke my iPhone for 3 things specifically. Sbsettings, tethering, and 3G Facetime. However, I never thought that the iPhone had limited functionality. I mean yeah you cant customize it like crazy but isn't that really limitless? In that case every phone is limited or "locked" by their maker. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, maybe Apple hates us all wants us to use their Marimba ringtone forever lol.
Oh, 2 more favorite jailbreak tweaks: Cyntact, and snaptap. Don't know how I got used to not using these for a month.

To everyone that thinks tethering is breaching the contract agreement, Can I have some money? I don't think you'll spend it wisely enough.
But seriously, who cares? I don't think its unethical. I mean come on, how ethical do you think AT&T is being when they charge you $20 a month for texting when it costs them NOTHING? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_messaging) Besides, AT&T wants you to tether, their motto is Rethink Possible ;P

does anybody know what is the application that let you have a numerical read out, versus the bar? someone had posted it and call it the "db numerical meter" but I cannot find an application in that name. any help would be appreciated!

Who cares if you use feathering for free. Att are thieves just like banks. All they want is your money. To justify not using all the data in the phone why can't you use the extra data on your computer? I have the unlimited plan still since I've had it since the first day so I don't see the problem.just because they now offer feathering doesn't mean anything. They should have had since day 1 and nit for jailbreak users.

For those iPhone 4 Users: Does "SnapTap" work on your device? I downloaded it and nothing happens when clicking the volume button in the cameraapp... can just increase and decrease the volume... nothing more. Normally the camera should release? (using iPhone 4, iOS 4.0.1)

@Marco Try closing the camera app, then turning snaptap on and off in settings.. worked for me..although you cant seem to turn off the shutter sound.
Anyone having problems with quickreply on IOS 4.0.1?

5 Icon Dock
5 column springboard (doesn't work)
5 row qwerty (doesn't work)
SB Settings (the best thing EVER)

For SMS customization. Can't believe this is STILL not an option. Apps like iBlacklist, Tlert or biteSMS, Five Icon Dock, Fastsnap... Just more options than Apple gives us.

OMG Creating a WiFi hotspot without paying 20$ a month for AT&T's outrageous tethering fee. A Flat fee for the program pays for itself within 2 months. Utilizing My3G makes Facetime actually usable anywhere! I can now watch Hi Def YouTube videos on 3G network now! This is to name a few... The jailbreak actually makes the phone utilize its full potential!

Lock Screen Calendar/Upcoming Appointments. That's it (and a deal-breaker otherwise -- girlfriend wouldn't abandon her ancient WinMo phone without it!).
Everything else is nice-to-have, but just gravy.

If u hate apple so much and don't have a iPhone 4? Why in the hell are u even on this site??? Go find a HTC blog or something dumb A**!

@elementbt... yea.. quick reply worked fine for a little bit, then just stopped... so i got bitesms... its completely replaced the stock sms on my phone

@Sunsangtrade: Kindly die in a fire with your spam links.
As for the topic at hand, I jailbreak for customizable SMS tones and better multitasking. I love my iPhone 4 but it's multitasking feature isn't really multitasking at all. When I put an internet radio app in the background, it should keep playing (Shoutcast, for example). However, it turns it off. But, with Backgrounder on a JB iPhone, the radio continues to play. Annnnnnnd I can decide what programs are backgrounded and which aren't.
Apple is getting better but is still a ways away from giving us a customizable device right out of the box.

DGUIDRO ur phone sux dude it's missing tons of apps? I think ur just jealous cuz u can't play madden 11?

LOLOLOLOL! Jailbroken iPhone 4 > everything else, droids, nokias, htcs, palms, hahahaha, you are only fooling yourself if you think that because the x has an 8mp camera and u can "customize" it without modifying it like the iphone 4, haha. It is only a phone so this whole online back and forth baby battle between phones is pretty lame, but who cares if it takes a few minutes to jailbreak, the software won't fail and apple doesn't cover cracked screens so who give a _____ about a warranty, I've had all 4 iphones and never needed warranty help, other than a display issue which they replaced even though it was jailbroke, I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 and I have the best phone in the world, if you think I'm wrong, you obviously don't have one!

Ok first of all how stupid can you be, why in the beep would I pay almost 130 bucks a year and not get full capabilities. JAILBREAK JAILBREAK JAILBREAK!!! Do IT and you will open so many capabilities, just lists and lists and list, for crying out loud iphone does anything and everything you could imagine once JBd. Why do so many people criticize the iphone well its cause theyre jealous. Instead of making stupid comments go ahead and try out a JBd iphone and you will see what I mean, it totally makes every other phone look bad.

Just purchased and iphone4 and really wanna jb it but loads of people keep telling me it'll fail? After reading through some of these comments i'm seriously thinking about it. What are the chances of it going wrong?

Ive done alot of research on jailbreaking the iphone 4. My main concern is like most people about the whole warranty issue. Now if ive read correctly if you do jailbreak it and need to send it in for whatever reason you should have backed it up before and restore the factory setting before sending it in. That would make sense to me. Does that sound right?