How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2.1 - Mac OS X QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

IMPORTANT: If you have a iPhone 3G that you want to unlock you must use the preserving baseband method - only available on Macs.

There has been a lot of buzz going on in the forums regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 2.2.1 firmware lately, and a lot of questions to go along with i t!. Today we're going to take a deeper look at the exact steps you have to take to get your iPhone jailbroken on your Mac.

Let's get started, after the jump!

1. Get the Tools

First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 2.2.1 firmware. If you're not yet running 2.2.1, update via iTunes. We'll wait. Honest.

All good? Okay, next make sure your iPhone is not connected to your Mac. Then create a new folder on your desktop and name it "Pwnage". Next you will need to download the following tools:

  • QuickPwn
  • 2.2.1 Firmware IPSW for first generation iPhone (2G) OR 2.2.1 Firmware IPSW for iPhone 3G  [BE SURE TO SELECT THE PROPER FIRMWARE VERSION, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT]

    2. Install the Tools

    Now double click on the firmware file you just download to mount QuickPwn. Once mounted click and drag the QuickPwn application into the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop.

    3. Launch QuickPwn

    Simply double click the QuickPwn icon to get started, click ok to accept the copyright notice and we are ready to begin.

    4. Connect your iPhone

    You will be asked to connect your iPhone to your Mac, do this now and then click ok.

    5. Begin Pwnage!

    QuickPwn will now detect whether you have connected an original iPhone (2G) or iPhone 3G. Now the software will search for the 2.2.1 ipsw firmware file you downloaded a few minutes ago.

    6. Customize Your iPwn

    Next you will be asked if you would like to replace the original boot and recovery logos on your iPhone. Select Yes or No to continue. [If you select yes, you will have the nifty little pineapple logo at startup instead of a apple.] Now QuickPwn will create your custom IPSW file. Once that process is complete you must enter in your OS X system password to continue. (Just like when you update certain applications).

    7. PAY ATTENTION: Here's the Tricky Part

    This next part can be a bit tricky but as long as you pay attention to exactly what the software tells you, you should have zero issues. You have to put your iPhone into DFU mode. First turn off your device. Next, you will be prompted to hold down both the home and power button for 10 seconds. Lastly, you will release the power button while you continue to hold down the home button for another 10 seconds.

    8. Sit Back and Wait

    QuickPwn will now begin to work it's magic. Be patient while QuickPwn is modifying your iPhone. It will take a few minutes. [Do NOT do anything to your computer or iPhone while this process is taking place] Your phone will the reboot and once it starts back up you will see the Installer app along with Cydia, and you are done!

    9. We Have Jailbreak!

    You have just jailbroken your iPhone! Now wasn't that simple? We'll be back soon with our Windows PC edition, and in the meantime if you want more information or help troubleshooting please head over to our section of the forums dedicated to jailbreaking. There are plenty of members of our community that can help you out!

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How To: Jailbreak iPhone 2.2.1 - Mac OS X QuickPWN Edition



What if you install the wrong Firmware ISPW? (for example using the 3G jailbreak software with my iPhone 2G)
My 2G phone has been lagging since jailbreaking and I'm wondering id this is why...

@ Martin
Yup they won't be affected.
It is finally nice to see quickpwn screen shots on the mac. It looks way more polished. However I'm am so glad it's out for pc.

Funnily enough, I had to jailbreak my original iPhone to unlock it for use outside the US. Now that iPhone 3G is available locally, I've yet to find a compelling enough reason to jailbreak.
Now if they ever figure out how to unlock the 3G...

My iphone 3G won't reboot after step 8. When i put it in DFU mode itunes switches on automatically, i close it as quick as i can but maybe that's why it won't reboot after?

The steps described here do not mirror the prompts one gets when using the software...this is a confusing tutorial for that reason. Would suggest updating it to reflect what actually occurs on screen

Hey Jeremy, no on Mac.
First of all, should you quit iTunes before starting? I didn't and I think that messed with the install process. Also there were questions about my iTunes account that are not in your tutorial. And should I be in Expert or Simple mode to follow your instructions?
Also, when I download the firmware I get a folder with many different files in it - unclear which is the firmware file I am supposed to click on to launch the tool...

Yeah, close your iTunes out. Questions about your iTunes account? As for more than one file, sounds like you are not downloading the file correctly. Should download to a single file. (just tried it myself. It is indeed a single file) Sorry I can't be of more help at the moment, I'm still at work.

The process went perfect but the phono does not detect any carrier (no telephone), the rest is ok. I first used ctrl restore from iTunes to install 2.1 software.

@Carlos, sounds like you are trying to unlock your phone as well? If you are on a first gen iPhone and are trying to unlock it you need to use Bootnueter from the Installer to unlock. The directions I gave here is for a jailbreak only. Hope this helps.

I was recently given a "new" iPhone 2G which I successfully unlocked using QuickPwn as described above. Everything seemed to work perfectly....EXCEPT FOR ONE PROBLEM: I have the SIM card from my existing 3G AT&T phone (an HTC) in my iPhone but it doesn't seem to be getting a signal and I can't make a call. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

@ Jeremy - No, there is no message. If I turning it on without the SIM, I get the "No SIM Card Installed" message. But with my AT&T SIM (from my HTC) installed, no message whatsoever and no connection to the network.

@ Jeremy - The iphone knows my cell # and everytime I try making a call I get the "Call Failed" message.

@BadDrumr, I just re-read your comments. You do know the above is simply for jailbreaking only and not unlocking correct? In order to unlock your phone you need to download bootnueter from Installer, run that from your home screen. It was then flash your baseband for unlocking. Hope this clears up your issue. If not, I am out of ideas.

I just found more people having similar issues as you and a restore/then re-jailbreak did the trick. I'd say give that a try. Also be sure not to be using a backup file after the jailbreak. Good luck!

Ok, for those who don't get signal after the jailbreak just restore to 2.1 using itunes 8 and after activating the Sim continue from step 3 onwards...
(This has been verified to work if you have the issue of no signal)

Thanks Jeremy. As per your recomendation I dowloaded from Cydia Bootneuter 2.1 solved the problem. So update to 2.1 2G iphones is a bliss with this procedure.

  1. Get the Tools
    First and foremost make sure your iPhone is updated to the 2.1 firmware. If you’re not yet running 2.1, update via iTunes. We’ll wait. Honest.?????
    what that mean???
    I am with jailbreaked iphone 2G. Version 2.0.2.
    Do You try to say that to update, first, because after the phone will be locked, You know it, right???
    please answer?

Can i use this tool also for iphone 2G, and to update my iphone with 2.1v???
if yes what are the differences in the manual, nobody explain exactly the tricks about the iPhone 2G, WHY?WHY?WHY?

Vinnie, I also have an iPhone 2G. The procedure that I used and worked is as follows:
1)Update it in iTunes (Version 8) to 2.1.
2)With quickpwn 1.1 (Mac) make the jailbreak.
3) Once jailbreaked, from Cydia, download Bootneuter 2.1 to get the phone baseband working. Thats´s all!

I don't get any signal after doing the jailbrake. I tried doing it all over again and even from step 3 on and still no signal. HELP!

Can someone please tell me where can i get the Cydia Bootneuter 2.1 because i too am not getting a signal.

SSJ, after the jailbreak process is completed, connect via Wi Fi to Cydia and search for Bootneuter. Then dowload it to your phone anf flash the baseband.

Is a feature post on using QuickPwn really necessary? The tool is so simple to use, it's self-explanatory.

@WyldKard, just because you ~think~ you know everything does not mean there are not people out there who appreciate a guide or how to. Being a bit selfish no?

Can some one just tell my why I should consider jailbreaking my phone?
I understand it allows you to bypass the programming on the phone that restricts you to using Apple-made only apps n stuff like that, but what can you do with it really? What are some of the things people have downloaded that they normally wouldn't be able to obtain that are really worth it?
I've looked up screen shots of jailbroken phones, so far all i see is a colorful background and when you charge the phone the battery looks on fire.
Whats makes it worth the taking the risk of having a jail broken phone malfunction, taking it to the mac store, and having a mac genius turn you away after they discovered the phone is hacked???

Also, what is the chance of Apple creating an iPhone update that overwrites the jailbreak? Could an overwrite cause the phone to not work properly? If so, how long will we have to wait until an updated jailbreak is created?
<~~ worried

Hey, I have the iphone 3g and I absolutely need to have it unlocked in order to use my sim card from ZAIN. My older phone has just died on me and I need to unlock my Iphone to work. HELP"""""

I have to agree with MizCTp.
I fail to see the real advantages of jailbreaking my iPhone 3G. There are thousands of apps on the App Store. I can see if you really needed to tether and you didn't get to buy NetShare or you want a colorful Springboard but other than that, you take a chance of having problems with your phone, from what I can see.

I thought I had destroyed my iPhone but this completely fixed it.
Thouroughly recommend.

As far as I know, jailbreaking isn't permanent. You can always restore from iTunes, so if you screw something up, it won't be too huge a deal. I did mine just so I could use the tether because I'm not always in a place where I have access to the internet. Other than that, there are quite a few neat apps on Cydia that you aren't ever going to see on the App Store.
So, is it required or needed? No, of course not. The iphone does almost everything the normal user could ever want. Does it add functionality that you otherwise wouldn't have? Yes, it does.

barndotcom is right, when I do click the above mentioned link, a zip file (iPhone1, is downloaded.
When unzipped, a folder appears with different file names in it: 018-3946-43.dmg, 018-4108-7.dmg, 018-4118-1.dmg, a firmware folder, kernelcache... and a restore.plist?
When I double click one of the .dmg files the application asks for a password to get access (and this password is not my OSX password)!
Please tell me what to do...
I would like to update from 1.1.3 to 2.1 does that mean that I would need the cydia software?

Hi, thank you for the perfect step by step. Everything seemed to work, but after step 8 the phone does not reboot correctly and Cydia is nowhere to find on the phone. After then inserting my carries SIM card, I am first asked to enter the code, that is no problem and everything seems to work. But then I have to connect the phone to the computer, which then opens up itunes and I am being told that the SIM card is not recognized.
Why don't I have cydia?
How come the SIM card not work?
I appreciate any help. Thank you.

okay..jailbroke my 3G everything works great lots of fun new stuff.BUT my dialer doesn't work now,I mean i can't make calls except for my favorites list,or check voice mail or received calls...anybody know what has happened? someone told me to uninstall KATE but that didn't work so i will use the backup app from cydia and then restore on itunes?or what?

I just jailbreaked my 3G Iphone version 2.1.
After jailbreak, everything is fine, except that the phone has no more network (no Edge, no 3 G) (this seems to be linked to the provider?). Does anybody know what I can do? Thx

Hi all
My brother gave me his standard UK iphone 2g with 2.1 software and I want to use my vodafone PAYG simm in UK.
I have read TONS and am building up nerve to do the pwning process, but have a query:
When the phone is pwned people seem to find the new simm is not recognised - solution is deleting some internal files using iphone browser, that seems to be a PC only app. What do you need on a Mac?

Wao! i think this is the best tutorial of all!!! no problems at all. made a mistake deleting a wrong file and neither cydia nor installer were not working. Followed this instructions and everything is back to normal, just had to do some upgrading once in cydia...Thanks Jeremy.

I jailbroke my iphone, followed all the steps, found I had no signal, followed some more steps, visited cydia downloaded bootneuter 2.1 and gave it a tap. On verifying the previous settings it kept crashing. I grew impatient and went back to the old system. Anything to stop bootneuter from crashing? Anyone else getting the same feeling?

I have tried several times to install this on my iphone 1st generation and when I get to step #7 I get the dfu mode code correct it says it was a success then itunes opens up and it says that there is an error 1621 or something like that. And my phone doesnt restore or turn back on. I have 2.1 and itunes 8 any help would be grateful and i have a mac. THANKS

This hasn't done anything to my phone. No Cydia, No Installer, nothing. My phone looks and behaves as it did before I started despite everything happening as describe in the tutorial : (
On a Mac too!

why it's so hard or me to success the DU mode it's always failed, i did the instruction correctly and i tried so many times but still failed.. after i release the POWER button and i keep holdng the HOME button but suddenly my iphone3g automatically turn on then its failed.. im getting tired of this!!!! somedbody helpp

Hi... I have first generation jailbreaked, unlocked Iphone on 1.4.. i am thinking of upgrading to ver 2.1... after jailbreak will iphone have installer and cydia.... it will again lock itself... meaning willl not be able to use any sim.....will bootneuter from cydia solve the problem... As i cant afford a brick...u know what i mean and i am using mac os x....Has is worked gr8 it anyone...please put me out of misery

Tried it all, works neat etc. Except for one thing:
After step 8, Quick Pwnage says: ihaz Succes! with this kitteh on the backround.
Now, fine, but my iPhone does NOT reboot. The screen is just blank.
Maybe its relevant: iTunes won't stop opening after almost every step.
I tried it several times, pwning, no effect.
Some help anyone?

HEY Dumbkapf Im having a similar issues w/ my ATT 3G (16GB) after my pwntool 2.1 jailbreak...When I click the dialer the "CALL" button is just Green no words, I cant hit any buttons and w/ in 10secs it returns to the HOME screen...CAN SOME1 HELP US PLZ...Incoming calls, Text , & Signal work Normal
"okay..jailbroke my 3G everything works great lots of fun new stuff.BUT my dialer doesn’t work now,I mean i can’t make calls except for my favorites list,or check voice mail or received calls…anybody know what has happened? someone told me to uninstall KATE but that didn’t work so i will use the backup app from cydia and then restore on itunes?or what?"

Hi.. I also have a problem after step 8. As soon as the iPhone reboots, iTunes turns on by itself (I didnt have iTunes on when I started step 1) and gave some error. Then the phone just gets stuck at the boot logo. It will not reboot. Ive read a few other comments on this post that expresses the same problem but noone seems to be offering a solution. Any help please?

Oh, and im encountering this problem on a mac. If the problem is iTunes. Is there a way to stop it from auto turning on when the iPhone reboots?

prab, I'm having the very same problem. Tried 3 times, everytime it hangs on boot after the last step. I'm thinking of archiving iTunes so it can't boot accidentally.
After my iPhone finishes restoring itself, I'll try this, and if it doesn't help - screw this jailbreaking.

Didn't work even after zipping up iTunes, so it wasn't that. I have no idea what it was. But switching to PwnageTool did the job, and wasn't much slower (yeah, after 3 tries and 3 restores you kind of don't care about couple of minutes) or harder and after jailbreaking I have a .ispw -file that I can backup in case I'll need to jailbreak again sometime later.

For anyone still having issues, please check out the TiPb forums, myself or someone else would be more than willing to help you out. Thanks.

Is there a way to jailbreak your phone if your power button does not work? I know there are apps for this after your phone is jailbroke but what about before?

hey can u send me the downloading link 4 unlocking the iphone(first gen)..or jus explain me hw to unlock it after jailbreakin it...

Please PLEASE help me, when i download the firmware from this link after about a second it turns into a zip file? when i try to locate the firmware it cant find anything its been a whole day and its doing my head in!! can someone please tell me how to download it properly so pwnage can find the firmware, or how to extract what i need from the zip folder? PLEASE!!

my dialer wont work. jailbreaked my phone about two weeks ago & it was working fine, just all of a sudden i can't dial a phone#

Hey, I'm confused about the second step... how do mount the firmware file to Quickpwn??? (I'm on the latest mac) Do I need to download a program to do that? Thanks guys.

Wow... I would NEVER do this, I wonder how many Jail Break Devotees ultimately bricked their iPhones.
I wonder how the Apple stores deal with the ‘it just stopped working‘ routine.

Hi, I have jailbroken my Iphone 3G 2.1 using by following the instuctions above. All is well, other than i cannot see my old apps (ones bought from itunes) now. Please can someone help? Thanks in advance

I jailbroke at 1.14.
Then I went legit at 2.1.
If I jailbreak again now, how can I get VideoRecorder back without having to pay for it again?

Hi Jeremy! Nice step by step tutorial but I'm having some problem on downloading the PWANAGE & QUIKPAWN programs I'm not a bit familiar to bittorent and when I tried clicking on the direct download its says something like webpage just time out. Is there any other site where I can download the files much easier. Thanks.

I got it already! It's working like a charm! I had experience also loss of WIFI signal what I did was I tried to set-up again my WIFI connection on the iPhone and it works great!

i unlocked my 3g noproblem and like other users my dialer was working and all of a sudden it stoped is there a way to fix this please help

OK so i downloaded Pwnage tool 2.1 but instead of creating a new application when i try to open it, it just trys to open iTunes, that is not what i want right?
its like the program i just downloaded doesnt exist
any thoughts?

Hi Jeremy!
many thanks for all advice.
I have Jailbroken my iPhone 2G to 2.1 using QuickPwn.
Installed Bootneuter 2.1 to unlock SIM. working fine.
However, there seems to be no sound coming out of the headphones and built-in speakers of the iPhone---> the device cannot be used as an iPod.
any suggestions?

@BBI - try turning the volume up? Ok, bad joke... honestly I've never seen anyone run into that issue, at least due to a jailbreak. You may want to restore in iTunes and try again. If it happens again it may be a actual issue with the phone itself. Sorry I can't be of more help on that one.

Hi Jeremy! One question, I have jailbroken my 3G 2.1 and its all working fine. My question is how will I delete some of the applications I have installed? It seems theres no X on the icons like the typical program that came from Apple if you want to delete them. Thanks.

I don't know or care what jailbreak means. my iphone really stopped working. i only got it 3 days ago. I did hold down the home and power buttons, and the screen shows a usb plug going into itunes. why? what do I do now? I don't care about itunes or jailbreak. I just want my phone to work.

hi there, I have installed BootNeuter v2.1 but unfortunately it doesn't appear to be working. when I launch the app it crashes immediately. I rebboted the iphone more times and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app: as soon as it launchs it crashes.
I have a 3G Iphone, with firmware 2.1 any idea?

I've been following all the steps as described.
But at step 8 the QuickPwn seems to hang.
the i'm writing this at 10:10 and the last activity on the QuickPwn log was: 2008-10-22 21:43:21 - Successfully built Quickpwn Ramdisk file.
please help.

Hey all, GREAT tutorial! Just worked perfectly with my iPhone 3G, firmware 2.1, phone calls and SMSs working as expected. Phew! Now to tether it to my laptop... :-)

hi, i have a problem with my iphone and would like to knnow if anyone can help me. I can NOT press the "M" letter, and the "K" and "I" letters either on the keyboard. an this is also for the numeric keyboard so I can´t press the "8" either.
PLEASE HELP!!! I will apreciate. Jailbreak works fine, by the way!

Brilliant Tutorial, i followed it step by step and had a jailbroken iphone in 10 minutes(maybe less)...
Thanks to all involved. Keep up the good work

I did everything as shown everything went fine until i tried going to my contact and it always automtically shuts down i cant make calls using contacts
any help is much appreciated

macdripper - about removing unwanted apps
Assuming that you used cydia to install the apps.
Go into cydia and then "manage" - you will see "packages" and "sources". Go into "packages" which will list all of your installed apps. You can click on the apps and can remove them from there....

I have just jailbroken into my G2 and am very chuffed with myself but the same problem as JTeCH I can't make a call using my either the key pad or contacts it is coming up as no service?
I was using this phone on another carrier with no problems until I mistakenly tried to upgrade software the carrier Virgin Mobile supports iphone?? any tips

I have just upgraded my iphone (2G) to firmware 2.1 (used to have 2.02 also Pwned).
Now, when I dial a number and press the speaker button (to talk hands-free) the call is lost (signal loss). Then the signal comes up again.
Anybody with the same problem? Thanks
Iphone 2g firmware 2.1 Pwaned

After entering DFU mode and completing jailbreak successfully according to PwnageTool,
seemed like I had to hold power and home button for 10 secs again to restart(?) but therre's no installer, cydia or sign of any other apps... ? Am I missing something (I'm trying to figure out how to unluck the phone next...)

shoot - now I'm screwed. Restored in iToons and now it's locked into wanting me to register the darned thing. Tried re Pwning, but same thing happens - says success, phone stays off, itoons doesn't see it unless I power up by holding both buttons for 10 secs again and same story. What am I missing?? Anyone?

It seems this step was missing from the tutorial
"In iTunes, hold the Alt/Option button and click Restore" - therefore, as nothing happened after jailbreak, I hit the default restore given no other options and am now screwed.
But I guess there ain't nobody here but us chickens anyway... thanks all the same

i keep downloading a folder with many files inside and not an ipsw file.
any comments on what should i do???

My problem/solution - I got to DFU mode but got message "Itunes must check the ipod software update server to identify this device." - allow iTunes to check for updates and if it finds any just make sure you only allow it to DOWNLOAD Only and not to choose "Download and Install".

  • iPhone is still in DFU mode and iTunes, should then say that it recognizes an iPhone in Recovery Mode. After which it will display the screen which allows you to Upgrade or Restore your phone. At which point you should hold the Option (on the Mac, or Shift on Windows) key while clicking on the Restore button. That will enable you to force iTunes to ask you to choose a firmware package (.ipsw) for the restore.

Hey Guys,
I have Jailbroken my iPhone 2G to 2.1 using QuickPwn. Installed Bootneuter 2.1 to unlock SIM. working fine.
But I also cant hear no sound either with headphone or speaker... so no ipod and no phone calls..
It cant be a hardware issue as it worked before jailbreaking and unlocking it.... any suggestions ???

I recently Jailbroke my new iPhone 3G. All my applications work and I'm quiet impressed with Dev Team. So what's my problem? Well ...I can't make phone calls. I can see my dailer, but it closes after 3secs and it won't let me touch anything. Not sure what caused it. Can someone help? I've read around this forums and several people have the same issue, but no reply. The only way I can make phone calls is with the "Who" application which lets me voice dail. I still need the dialer, any help? Thanks in advanced

There seems to be a problem after I jailbroke my phone. (1st gen iphone w/ 2.1 update, AT&T activated)
I can't open any apps i download with the app store or installer. Can anyone help? I tried restarting the phone but to no avail.

I also wanted to ask, is there a way to UNbreak your jailbroken phone? as ridiculous as that sounds! Thanks for any help!

i have jailbroken and unlocked my 2g iphone 3x today using this guide along with bootneuter. after every time i unlock it, i put the new sim card in and, while i get full bars and can connect to the new carrier, my iphone says that "different sim detected, connect to itunes" and when i do connect to itunes it says the new sim is not for this phone. what do i do?!? also when i reconnect my iphone sans sim to my computer, i am asked whether i want to set up a new iphone or restore from a backup...

Thanks! Works perfect on a brand new iphone 3g, didn't even loss any contacts or other data!

ok look,i have cydia cuz i jailbreaked my iphone and i also have installer.. but the problem is that my installer is "legal"! Evrytime i try to add a source it tells me that it is an illegal source.. wtf do i do? is there a way to get installer without having do evrything alll over again with another program??

Worked perfectly for me on a Dutch 3G/16 Mb T-Mobile iPhone with loads of apps installed. Ten minutes, if that.
Thanks for the tutorial!

Anna Says:
October 27th, 2008 at 10:30 am
Hey Guys, I have Jailbroken my iPhone 2G to 2.1 using QuickPwn. Installed Bootneuter 2.1 to unlock SIM. working fine. But I also cant hear no sound either with headphone or speaker… so no ipod and no phone calls.. It cant be a hardware issue as it worked before jailbreaking and unlocking it…. any suggestions ???
What I did with exactly the same problem (iPhone 2G, 2.1 firmware, QuickPwn and Bootneuter 2.1) was to "restore"my iphone directly from iTunes, It says "If you are experimenting some troubles...stuff" note that I said DIRECTLY, without DFU Mode or any other thing. When it had finished my home screen appeared as a regular LOCKED iPhone but this time with my carrier name on it. I did again de QuickPwn process and THAT´S ALL. I got my iPhone with my carrier ("Fucking Thieves" Telcel, here in Mexico) and sound.
Good Luck

Did mine today and no real problems!!! its all good so far!
this post is good but does not go into any real detail, so for those about to break check out this step video for those working on a mac:
also something i encountered, when phone in DFU and itunes pops up, close down pwnage - itunes said it there was an iphone in recovery but that it could not be recognised (or something similar) and the phone did not appear in itunes DO NOT PANIC! just click ok to itunes and dissconnect phone USB and then replug in, now it appears as a recovery iphone in itunes, and just hold down alt key while clicking restore and you will be able to locate you ispw file on your mac to restore from.
it seems worth it so far!!

First of all i updated my Iphone from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 it had the same problem,but i somehow fixed it,then not long ago I updated to 2.1,and again the same problem ,so I downloaded all your programes and run it to a mac.I tryed everything in the instruction was written,but when it all finished ,i clicked the butten Itunes,and there was written restore,instead of 'insert the old sim',so I restored itand again there ws written insert the old sim,now I dont even know what version I have in my Iphone,so please help,Im beggin you.

i also had the problem on my iphone 3g 2.1 where it wouldnt make calls and the dialer would shut after seconds i then went into setting and scrolled to the bottom where it said rip dev i pressed that then rip dev products which then came up kate i pressed that and unticked all the boxes it reset and my phone started working again i presume its a bug

I just received an unlocked 3G 16GB iPhone that I bought on eBay. The seller also sent me a Turbo SIM card, stating that it was already unlocked. I synced all info to my iPhone, went and bought a T-Mobile SIM card, cut it and inserted it into the SIM card tray with the Turbo SIM. However, it is not working... giving a "SIM failure" or "invalid SIM" message. The seller from eBay said that I need to unlock the phone everytime I sync it from my computer/iTunes. So, my question is... do I unlock it via this jailbreak method, via "Restore" from iTunes, or via unlocking an iPhone?? Can someone please help me?? And then give me the website/instructions to use for this process?? THANKS!! :)

Hello! I have tried several times using the instructions but ran into the problem at step 8 where iTunes starts up automatically, gets an error and my iPhone is then hung and the install just hangs. Not sure what else to try here. It seems that there are some steps missing in the step 8 area with regards to iTunes and an iPhone. Oh well. Great to hear at least that a good portion of the people trying are getting it to work.

i have a problem, i updated my first gen iphone to 2.1, unlocked it using quickpwn, but then i wanted to sell it since i got the new iphone 3G so i went in the settings and clicked on erase all content and settings, and now its like the OS is gone. it just boots and restarts and it wont sync with my computer. HELP

While jailbreaking your iPhone/iPod Touch to open it up for countless more apps, if you can't find what you in the app store, there is a reason for it coughdodgey softwarecough

hi please help me!!! i have previously jailbroken my iphone 3g on my old macbook perfectly but...i broke my iphone it so i got a new one and i also got the new intel imac and i diddnt bother transferring most of the stuff onto it from my old computer so i now do not have quick pwn. i have tried re enstalling quick pwn and the ipsw and but i have been waiting nearly three hours for it to finish downloading and the safari downloads box says the ipsw will take .....9 HOURS!!!.... 9 hours is just a bit rediculous and to be honest i cant be arsed. plllleeeaase help me i have now had it for five months ...unjailbroken ;(

P Jackson, you are the man! I looked all over for the fix to the Dialer not working issue, and your answer solved it for me before I had to try to do the whole Jailbreak process all over again, thank you!

Hi all, I have an italian iPhone with fw 2.1 and a Mac. I tried all the guides but without success. I also have a custom fw 2.1 (italian fw): is it possible to load this fw on the iphone simply use the ALT + "Restore" buttons? The DFU mode simply force the restore procedure but if I can use iTunes where is the problem?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

i got a question...yesterday i jailbroke my iphone 3g, but when i insert a turbo sim it gives me a error "different sim detected please connect to itunes" what does that mean??? if any1 knows the fix email me

I jailbroke my phone before the 2.1 upgrade. I can't download certain apps because it needs the upgrade. I'm afraid to upgrade because I don't know if all my other stuff will be lost (ie cydia, installer and all my other apps). Will that happen?

i used this method to jailbreak my iPhone and it worked great! thanks!
Only thing is now i can't get my sim card to work on it. It won't get any signal.
I have a 16GB 2G iPhone that i bought in the US. I'm in Australia now and am using a 3G sim card which did work in the phone prior to the upgrade that restored it.
I don't know what to do? HELP please! i tried bootneuter, that doesn't seem to do anything. Please help with descriptive explanations. A good guide.

alright... even got to the can haz success page... all was going to plan... it began the restart... but it still hanging- 10 minutes... turned it off.. turned it on... still hangs.. sometimes does a double vibrate... but just apple logo... itunes doesnt recognize it etc... im on a blackbook... 2.1 on it before i started... all files in the right places.... iTunes opened itself at some point in the installation though... then it was not responding... HELP HELP HELP

Please help!!!!!! I am having the same problem when i try to click on my phone it shows up for about 3 sec and then closes.... I had this problem before and updated cydia and had not problems for about 2 months then same thing again. This time could not fix it so i rebroke the phone and worked fine till i reinstalled all the cydia apps. I think there is an app that is causing this? If anyone knows please please let us know because i see i am not the only one with this problem... Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you P Jackson... sorry I did not see your post before I posted mine... I did what you said and it worked good. Thank you!!!!!!
Is unticked any of those things going to affect my jailbreak options? JW
Thanks again :)

Hey first of all thanks for all your help and talents in making all this happen,..not sure what went wrong but iphone sits forever in "apple logo picture" loading mode and vigrates from time to time....Help!!!
Stuck in a moment and i can't get out...

Hey guess what it finally work awesome! now if i could only get my gophone sim card to work then everything would be irie mon

having the same problem apple logo hanging and vibrates every so often. What do i do to fix this, just leave it alone? Been sitting for 45min. Quickpwn Log says Successfully built Ramdisk file?

Hi There
I hope you peolple can help me I have download the software and did run it on the 16 Gig Iphone and it did work for one day. The next day it came up with the pineapple icon and it is staying there the unit doesn't connect to the computer for upgrading or restoring from itunes and it is stuck on the icon I can only switch it on or off nothing else. Is there a way of cleaning out the software without connecting it to the computer? (reset or factory defaults) Any help will do at this point in time.
Thanks Willie

I also had the issue of dialer not working a few days after upgrading to 2.1 and jailbreaking iphone. Followed post 117 / P. Jackson and it restarted the dialer, now works a treat.....thanks for that :-)

when i downloaded quickpawn i get a file that says iPhone1,1_2 i dot know what to do help!!!!!

is anyone having problems saving notes in the original apple app, mobilenotes? i can write a note, but when i click out of it and there are no notes saved. any suggestions?

@ Jeremy.
I have a jaibroken & unlocked Iphone 2G with firmware 1.1.1 since 07 and was considering updating it to use new apps and stuff. I decided to give it a try but first I had one question. Is it necessary to remove the AT&T SIM before the process or at any other moment or can I just follow the steps of updating, jailbreaking and unlocking w/Bootneuter with the SIM installed at all times???

@Chris, I have a question for you. If there is a AT&T sim in the phone why are you unlocking it? Now if you are a AT&T customer and just want to jailbreak, sure you can keep your sim in the phone. That will not hurt anything. And if you are unlocking to use the phone with T-Mobile you can leave your SIM card in. It really does not matter and will not cause any damage.
Hope this helps you out.

To all those folks who couldnt dial after jailbreaking and installing kate... uncheck all options for kate and allow it to reset. now you can use the dial keys...

@ Jeremy. The reason I have an jailbroken/unlocked iphone is because I live in Puerto Rico and the iphone was not "legally available" until last october when the 3G arrived. The 2G iphone was never sold in PR but it was obtainable nonetheless. Therefore I had my iphone unlocked so I could use my 787 (PR) area code since december 2007 when I bought it. Also, having an unlocked iphone gives me the oportunity to use it without those expensive internet packages for iphone and just use regular internet features instead. But since you told me is ok to leave it inside, I'll give it try and see how it turns out! Thank you!

Had the same problem as Jorge in comment 131.
Tried jailbreaking again to let iTunes pop up and I hit restore.
Restoring as we speak.
Cancel Quickpwn while iTunes and your phone show up in it. THen hit restore.
Thought I was fucked... it's restoring as I type. Thank God. Never did I think that I'd panic about losing my cell. I guess you don't know until it happens. Pheew... dodged a motherfucking bullet. I won't be trying this again until all the kinks are worked out.

In Mac 10.4.11, QuickPwn hangs at step 8 in the tutorial, when there's a progress bar and a dialog saying "Sending WTF...."
The last entry in the log says "2008-11-20 03:05:04 - Successfully built Quickpwn Ramdisk file." but its been 8 hours since then. I'm paranoid and don't want to unplug my 1st gen iPod touch.
Any help, please??!

I jailbroke my phone and I have cydia and installer appear but after two days I added some themes and apps but now I can't use my phone icant call people from my phone I can only call people but I can only call them from contacts and I have no way of ending my calls HELP!! Somebody

if my iphone is already unlocked and jailbroken do I need to use pwnage or other apps to update it to 2.0? Can I just update it through itunes?

If you are having problems with using the dialer after upgrade just go into settings, down to rip dev option, unclick all Kate dialer will work...or if you want you can just uninstall Kate completely.

I'm havin the SAme issue with the dialer....what does untick mean...does that mean turn everything off and then restart cuz if that's the case it still doesn't work

I also have a problem with a dialer, after installing Cate,...
I deinstalled it, but that didn`t fix a dialer problem,...
I still have a "rip dev" option in my options panel

I have had problems with my dialer pad, followed the instructions to untick all of kates options and this fixed it straight away.
Thanks for the advice. I an now very happy....

If after the jailbreak you can't make dial calls because the phone dialer freezes and goes back to the main menu, try this:
1- Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn't work for me.
2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:
A) Mobile enhancer
B) RIP DEV preferences
3- Reboot your iPhone.
That's what I did and got my dial pad back again.
Hope this helps someone, I spent like three hours searching for a solution...

Is the procedure the same if I have the Iphone 3G with the original firmware 2.0 (5A347) and want to use Pwnage Tool to upgrade to the latest firmware 2.2 and not upgrage my baseband (01.45).

I've got an iphone running 2.1 and twice ive run quickpwn and both times it all goes smoothly and ends ok except there is no cydia or installer logo on my screen - can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or what stage I'm missing. The phone seems just as before?

Ok I have the 2.1 and after a couple days of using it my dialer just stopes workin like it opens then after a couple seconds it just closes

i did this an all steps went fine but now my iphone is stuck at the reboot. i tried going to the forums but that didn't work either. help? anyone?

can i do this on my laptop (NOT A MAC)
The instrustions arnt wrote to the clearest of there abilities...
when i double click it in its file itunes pops up and nothing happens!
Can you help ?

im having problem jailbreakin my iphone 3g 2.2. i followed the instruction, even look on the internet for other instructions. bu teverythin went fine till it get to the install section on the computer. it wont load anthing. can someone help me please. can i restore my phone atm?
please email me if you have an

I have purchased an iphone 3g in o2 uk. Its firmware is the 2.1.
If i jailbreak, would it in any way mess up my EDGE internet connection?
Cuz I have unlimited internet access, and I don t want to loose it.

I have succesfully jailbreaked my 3g iphone, but now i cant make calls from it i have lost all contacts and when i go on my phone screen to try and make a call it puts me back on my home page, alos when peolple phone me i cant hang up after the call.
please help

I am having an issue after jailbreak on 3G (2.2). I have no audio on the iPhone when making or recieving a phone call. The other party can hear me but I cant hear them. It sems that if I rotate the phone or switch to speaker and then back, that it sometimes starts to work. Any ideas ???

My friend have jailbroken my iphone and after a while i updated it on i-tunes and cydia was gone,i cannot play or transfer my apps that i downloaded,and i don't know what to do now.Please help.

i can't sync any app after jailbreaking my iphone. i also can't update it to the lastest version to avoid losing the jailbreak. what can i do about sync my app to my iphone. It's pretty bad if i just can use iphone to make calls, not for playing game.

I tried to jailbreak my iphone 3G and in the process something happened and I cant turn it on now. Can someone please help me. Thanks

Hi there, can someone please help me urgently. I tried to jailbreak my iphone 3g. when I tried to restore it with Itunes it failed and now when I connect it to itunes it just says that my sim card is not vallid and the iphone can not be turned on anymore.
pleas help me.
thank you very much

For those that d/l the firmware and instead got a folder instead of the ipsw file, here is the problem:
Safari automatically unzip all compressed file into the download folder, you need to disable this function. Go to Preference -> General -> Uncheck "Open Safe file After Downloading"
that should do the trick.

Koas says:
November 25, 2008 at 2:37 PM
If after the jailbreak you can’t make dial calls because the phone dialer freezes and goes back to the main menu, try this:
1- Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn’t work for me.
2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:
A) Mobile enhancer
B) RIP DEV preferences
3- Reboot your iPhone.
That’s what I did and got my dial pad back again.
Hope this helps someone, I spent like three hours searching for a solution…

Forget it! 6 crash's in the last 34 days 3g iPhone 3G and is pissing me off. Have all the latest software but makes no difference. Jailbreak was great when it was working other wise forget it! I'll put up with the standard firmware cause at least it works!

Re: Question 68...
Shawna Says:
October 18th, 2008 at 3:31 pm
Hey, I’m confused about the second step… how do mount the firmware file to Quickpwn??? (I’m on the latest mac) Do I need to download a program to do that? Thanks guys.
I am confused on the "mount" term, too. Please help.

dialer problem?
thanks @Koas
It worked for me:
1- Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn’t work for me.
2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:
A) Mobile enhancer B) RIP DEV preferences
3- Reboot your iPhone."

Hello to every body,
Please help me.
I have a 2G iphone and I used to have 1.1.4 fw that was working perfectly.
I tried to use Pwange, quickpwn: Itunes updated my iphone to 2.1, I think (since I cannot even see which version does it have now) but quickpwn was not working since it says it does not support that version of the fw and pwnage created the restore file but ITunes did not use it and now I cannot use Iphone anymore.
I don't know what happened to it.
Please help me,

I was reading other questions of this blog. I have the same problem of Adreas of question 181, only with a 2G.
Can anybody help us?

It worked for my 3G, running the program on my iMac Version 10.5.6. Only after downloading the USB file from Apple's developer site.

It is after step 7 that my phone won't do anything it just sits there and the clock just rotates in the lower right hand corner and rotates and rotates like it is thinking?

3G with 2.2.1 dialer not working? I fixed mine:

  1. Settings -> RiP Dev -> Rip Dev Products -> Kate
  2. Uncheck 'Facelift' and tap 'Apply'. Let Springboard restart. You may need to Reboot/PowerOffOn.

ps. Kate may fail with other buggy stuff you might be running, so if this doesnt work for you, then uncheck all of the options under Kate.

Hello I followed all these instructions perfectly but the phone will not work. All I have is the pineapple logo and it keeps turning off and on on its own. PLEASE HELP

ok I was able to get it out of this frozen stage but my internet doesnt work on cydia it says unable to load lost network connection but i try to reload and it keeps saying that........I tried with my Edge network and WIFI but neither works At least the safari works now but it wasnt before when i first upgraded it...
I have a 2G iphone my service is with Tmobile I upgraded it to the 2.2.1 firmware and I have a Mac Osx someone please help I don't want to try again and freeze it or mess it up more. Should I just downgrade to 2.0 again? Please HELP!!! Thank you

Stuck between 7-8. New firmware wont load. Third trying going on a 15 minute this time. Any suggestions?

I had my iphone 3g unlocked and have been installing all sorts of stuff then today I noticed I couldn't dial using my keypad. When I went into my phone it just kept taking me back to the main screen. I followed the instructions ramtin left and its works!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Uninstall Kate from Installer: this is what everyone recommends, seems to work for a lot of people but didn’t work for me.

2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:
A) Mobile enhancer B) RIP DEV preferences
3- Reboot your iPhone.
That’s what I did and got my dial pad back again.
All my icons seem to be moving around too so I'm hoping maybe this will solve that problem as well cos I'm fed up with moving them all back ...ARGGGHHHH !!

Hi, I have a iPhone 3G with 2.2.1 and a Macbook with 10.5.6 and when I try to follow these steps to jailbreak my phone, I get to the step where it says Building IPSW and it just stays there, I've left it there for an hour and nothing happens. Could someone help please? Before I read this I tried to do it without downloading the firmware and it found it from when I had updated to 2,2,1 and it did the same thing. So I tried downloading the firmware today and its still weird.

Should I try it on my Windows? or with Pwnage tool? I'm not interested in unlocking so I thought I'd use Quickpwn but seeing as it doesnt seem to to work...
Anyway what does anyone think?

Hey all. Just ran through this tutorial. Works well except that my admin user must have screwy permissions or something. The first time I used the tutorial, I got a failure message after a message along the lines of "Detaching QwickPwn ramdisk /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/" ... FAILED.
If you run into this problem, just make the ramdisk partition by hand and re-run:
sudo mkdir /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/
sudo chown myuser:staff /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/
sudo chmod a+rw /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/
problem solved.
Worked perfectly after that.

Whoops - those sudo commands should look like:
sudo mkdir /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk
sudo chown myuser:staff /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/
sudo chmod a+rw /Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk/
sudo will prompt you for your password.

2- Then go to Installer again and uninstall these apps:
A) Mobile enhancer B) RIP DEV preferences
3- Reboot your iPhone.
had the same problem with the dialer, would not load up. removed these 2 and worked fine.

hey guys i need a little help here. i just jailbroke my 3g using the steps above and everything seems to work just fine except it wont recognize any sim so i can't get a signal. i tried using the bootneuter trick someone said above and it keeps telling me to restore my phone. has anyone else had this problem?? what have you done to fix this??

hi i am trying this out right now on the newest imac running leopard. My iphone 3g is latest version 2.2.1
I went through all the directions after step 8 I have the little icon on the bottom right spinning and spinning but no loading.... It has been almost 45 mins now?!! Is there something wrong? How long did it take for yours to load?

I'm having the same problem as "royer" but I have a 2G. The log reads: "2009-02-27 11:47:43 - Successfully built Quickpwn Ramdisk file." and the spinning gear keeps going, saying, "QuickPwn is about to run on your iPhone." Help anyone? ch:

Ok, I followed everything step by step, but at the end a message pops out saying "Ipod detected but it can not work,conect and disconect and ty again", but I'm plugging my iphone not my ipod, and then is trying to put my phone in DFU mode and nothing happens it stays in that step forever. Why I'm getting the message that I'm using an ipod when i'm using my iphone?

Hello! Can you guys tell me how long it should take to jailbreak because after the last step I got the :"QuickPwn is about to to run on your iPhone 3G" and nothing is happening !!!! just the spinning gear !!! CAN SOMEBODY HELP US???????????????

This DOES NOT, repeat DOES NOT WORK (at least for me) I've tried it 8 times, finally I restored my phone to it's original factory settings and STILL, nothing works. I get the same problem as Paul. I do exactly what QuickPwn tells me, it DOES NOT tell me to release the power button after 10 seconds. I get that spinning gear and NOTHING.
What gives?

This does indeed WORK. Sounds like you may be running into the issue with the latest Mac update. Easiest way around it is to use a hub in between your computer and iPhone.

hey jeremy
i live in india & using vodafone connection.i have apple 2g jailbroken iphone with 1.1.4 version.i want to upgrade it to plz can u let me know how can i do it.

hey jeremy
one thing more that i m have windows vista on my laptop if it makes a difference in installation procedure.

hey jeremy,
i just got the iphone 3G for tmobile about a week or so ago, and everytime i plug my iphone in it comes up with a software update for 2. something, and i finally did it.
now its saying my sim cards invaild and all it wont work, it just has an itunes icon and an usb cord. i dont know what to do now.
please help

I have an iPhone 3G, version 2.2.1, mac os x 10.5.6. I like others get to step 8, and watch no progress bar movement, and the spinning gear in the bottom right of the window. I feel like I'm not completing step 7 correctly. How will we know if we have correctly put the phone into DFU mode? Please help. Thanks so much!

I'm having the same problem as GAry number 176. I can make and recieve the calls but can't hear the other party and they can hear me. 3G iphone 2.2.1

hey I was just wondering after the iphone is jail broken, is there a way to go back to the way it was before it was jail broken. Like say if a problem occurred and u had to get ur phone fixed, and are there any chances that something will happen to the iphone by doing this procedure?

That's the problem I am having cause I have a new mac with the new OSX, now what if I tried doing all of this on another computer, will it screw up how my iphone is assigned.

i have a2g an followed the steps exact. i have been waiting for an hour and its stuck on the final step. status bar has not even appeared blue yet. the spinning icon is all i have. should it take this long.

i jailbroke the phone a week ago now my interent wont work unless im useing my wifi any help??????

i completeed all the steps and at the end it says ihaz completed or watever and it says to wait for it to reboot. i waited for 30 min and finally it turned back on.... but nothing happened it looked the same with no new features.... what did i do rwrong

my itunes keeps launching in between and i cannot close it in any way. this disturbes the installation and when the quickpwn starts to "send things to iphone" it doesn't do anything. heeeeelp:)

I went through all the steps but the last step never loaded. and my phone never rebooted. Now it wont turn on and its not recognized when I plug it into my computer.
How do I set it back to factory settings? I cant have a phone that doesnt work at all.

I'm having the problem as ajj2526 (number 206). everything seems to work just fine except it wont recognize any sim so i can’t get a signal. 2G iPhone 2.2.1 / Does anyone know how to fix this please ?

I am having a problem with this
I keep getting stuck at part 7-8
I do everything right and when it gets to 8 the down load just never starts
it says "Quickpwn is about to to run on your iPhone3G.
Now I might have been confused at step 2
it tell me to double click Firmware to mount the Quickpwn
does mount just mean to open the folder
if it does then what could the problem be?

Hey I just jailbroke my iPhone 3G but now, for some reason, I can't connect to T-mobile. I got it through a plan from T-mobile here in Europe so I hope this isn't a problem! The status bar un the left upper corner either has 5 little flat lines or says no signal. What do I do? Please help

i have a at&t sim card, but i have no signal.what should i do? i get wifi but, no signal/ no status bar on my iphone after i unlock it & jailbreak it. please help

Iphone Specs: Iphone 3g Modem Firmware: 02.30.03 Version 2.2.1 (5h11) Netword: At&t (with sim card)
Laptop: Mac book Pro 17in (Processor 2.4g core 2 duo) Mac OS X (Vrs}: 10.5.6
Itunes: Itunes 8.1 (50)
Downloaded: QuickPwn & 2.2.1 Firmware IPSW for iPhone 3G. as linked above.
Everything goes smooth, except at step 8 I do not get the sit back and wait, what i get after doing step 7) is itunes opening, and saying it needs to restore, I ALT OPT and direct it to the file created: iPhone1,22.2.15H11CustomRestore
The phone then goes threw the motions of restoring, i see the pineapple images. and then once completed the phone restarts and itunes asks me to wait. once waited a few seconds the phone restarts and then Itunes asks me if i want to use my carrier settings that have been saved or set as a new phone. (bare in mind i have tired both options after a few restores).
Once finished i see Cythia & install icons and everything appears to be 'jail broken." I am able to set a wifi network and then update Intall and Cythia apps. At this point My phone had not noticed or picked up on my AT&T 3g network. but wifi is just fine. After reading the posts here, i go ahead and download bootneuter and run the app, it goes through the motions of detecting settings, and once its done an msg from support pops saying i need to restore from itunes.
Rinse and repeat, i go threw all the motions again and still no network.... Am I missing an obvious step or not so obvious get this phone working properly with jailbreak & my at&t network settings?
Going threw this in hope that i'll be able to use fling at some point on 3g for skype calling.

Please help me to find out what is error [2001] popping out during the jailbreak processing.

my name is nasser from oman.
i hve a iphone 3g 8gb i download a new version 2.2.1 and now its not working no signal pls help me about this .
thank u

I did all of the above steps and when I was in the "Sit Back and Wait" process, the phone screen turned white for several minutes. When I was waiting for the reboot, the phone simply went from the white screen to shut off.
After turning the phone on to experience my jailbroken phone, I had returned the the exact same set up that I had before it was jailbroken. Am I supposed to take any more steps to get Cydia or did the process not work? Above results same after two attempts...

I'm having some trouble getting the job done. When it says hold down power button and home for 10 seconds, I do that, nothing happens, then it switches to hold down home button for 10 seconds, so i did. Now my itunes was being weird and wouldnt restore. Now, it randomly restored, i have no idea whats going on.

after i have when through the hold power button and everything and im now at the downloading stage where it shows the bar being filled... only it is doing nothing... what am i doing wrong? should the iphone be turned on for this part or off?

Update: While the download bar was being wacky, I turned on the phone. Will provide results in a moment

Hi there,
I have jailbreaked my iPhone 2G, and it seems to work great. However, iTunes made me aware of a new software update for my phone so I downloaded it. The problem is that now my phone is locked again, and I have to jailbreak it once more, and I can't figure it out. I can't open the Pwn, and also I can't get to the "information site" in iTunes about my iPhone (the one where you can choose restore). Does anyone know how I do it?

my iphone going till step 7 then in step 8, it say quickpwn is about to run on iphone 3G it is not loading and i was waiting for like 30mins to 1 hour, but nth happen i mean the blue line is not comin up either , wht should i do

I have the same problem as the Austin (person above me ^^^) basically i do the install.. and it runs and runs and runs.. and then it gets to last bit and says that its about to run and NOTHING... it just says Quickpwn is about to run on your iPhone 3G. but nothing. left it on for nearly 3 hours and nothing!
Any ideas anyone?! really want to get this working.. and dont want to have to pay for someone to do it!
Pleasse help?!!!

Im not sure if this'll work. Im trying it atm, but download the iPhone 2.2 Firmware update (search google), and save that to your pwnage folder. Go to itunes, shift click restore, and choose that 2.2 Firmware to restore to. Now, google quickpwn 2.2 or just find a 2.2 tutorial because I know there are many out there. Hope this helps. Let me know if this works, just a process Ive done with previous firms.

i trying to fine out what to do about my ophone 3g i cant use my i phone coz no signal i download a new version 2.2.1 , pls help me about this, tell me what to do. thamks

Ok... so I tried everything i could to get it to work on my mac.. and it kept getting to step 8 and would just stop!
So... i fired up my XP side of my macbook and decided to do it through there. downloaded quickpwn for windows.. and 2.2.1 etc etc etc followed all the steps.. seemed to be working really well.. finially got to the end where the pinapple comes up.. was all going well.. then on the screen it said please wait whilst your iphone 3g reboots.. so i thought brilliant its worked... its now been rebooting for over 2 hour, and just vibrates every now and again. i plug it into my macbook and nothing comes up at all. i really don't know what to do. it doesnt even recognise it in itunes.. so i cant restore it or anything...
Can ANYONE please help me?!? ANY advice would be great?!
please please please please please? lol