iPhone owners get the most sex

The folks over at OkCupid have performed a little study where they analyze photography from a numerical angle. The finding we found most interesting is that iPhone users have more sex than other smartphone users.

The above chart compares the number of sexual partners of 30 year olds who use an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone. They also broke down the data of the number of sexual partners by age. The iPhone wins on that chart too.

The mathematical part of me has to ask, are iPhone users attracting more partners because they use an iPhone, or is that that these people prefer iPhones (perhaps because of all those dating apps)? In the chance that it's the former, any Android users ready to make the switch?

[OkCupid via Daring Fireball via Andy Baio]

Leanna Lofte

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There are 77 comments. Add yours.

Trulymobile says:

Yes I can confirm the above data :)

JhonnyC says:

Wow. I don't know what to say about this.
Maybe jut that I'm glad I have an iPhone ;)

Tris888 says:

All I read from this chart is that regardless of brand, 30 year old women who use smart phones get more than 30yr old male smart phone users.

Jake Hilborn says:

Android = Nerds who prioritize hacking > poon.
Blackberry = Business men who cheat on their wives and black teenagers who are too poor to get an iPhone but still get pussy.
iPhone = Chill apps bros whose only mission is to get laid.

JNGold says:

The "smartphone" wars are over. Who cares how much marketshare Android has? LOL!

ibegary says:

Just means us android users like 'playing with our phones' more. :D

MacMan says:

After a long break. I'm back, and yeah this is why I switched back.

Tebow says:

...sorry to tell you this iSheep, but having sex with animals doesn't count.
now get back to sucking on S.Jobs' teet.
Good Luck.

KPa says:

A higher number of sexual partners does not necessarily mean more sex. They didn't take into account frequency of sex with said partners.

KPa says:

And why is the word "s e x" able to be used in the article but censored in the comments?

Gregz0r says:

The poster above, must be an Ansroid owner.
Seriously(kinda) though, iPhone owners value aesthetics more, maybe?

jp says:

Most sex partners does NOT equal most sex.
Wow KPa beat me to it. Nice.
Studies show married people do it more than unmarried folks living together. Its pure fact that married people get more action.
Of course, married folks with iPhones get WAY more action.

Omar Little says:

Omar's IPhone is the cause for many pipe laying sessions. Indeed.

Brian says:

Maybe the Droid owners are too busy having sex to take pictures and post on OKCupid!

AlexLovesStaudts says:

I have to echo KPa. This just shows us that iPhone users are bigger cheaters. Is the # of sexual partners for the lifetime, or only this year? An avg of 12 partners in a single year means we all are a bunch of players...
If it's lifetime, an average of 6 is not too bad.

0neTwo says:

This has to be the stupidest article and survey ever

dloveprod says:

I'm always going against the grain, been abstinent for 45 months

spook† says:

But this doesn't begin to take into account the quality of the sex they are having...the user experience...if you would.

redman12 says:

I will call this "lazy" study, the fact that they are so lazy to get a representative sample. This study is a bunch of ballony and i'm typing from an iPhone..

omgabunny says:

I'm bringing the average down -_-

britmic says:

Hmmm ... so if you can afford an iPhone you can afford to keep that mistress, whore and slut. Awesome.

coby says:

i get more head then a pigtail

RagedUSMC says:

FaceTime has come in very useful! Thank You Apple!

Tebow says:

..sometimes i feel like a nut.

ArtSpot says:

my wife informs me that I'll get less S E X the more I use my iPhone.

tkd27 says:

A few things:
1) I can't believe that no one has flamed Jake Hilborn yet.
2) This is so unscientific that I am surprised Leanna posted it; it's really more up Rene's alley.
3) I am in the exact same position as ArtSpot :)

Smalls says:

They must have used the number of Adult apps on the app store.
In all seriousness, I see more people with Android phones than iPhones simply because of service. I have an HTC Hero, but I have an iPod Touch so don't go off saying I can't something.
This was a lousy study.

Jan Pfafk says:

Most of the time I just like to have S E X with my iPhone
Knack knack knack

Joe says:

@ibegary i disagree that just means android user play with themselfs more......

Jan Pfafk says:

Seriously I beat that s h I t like it owes me money to my iPhone

kev says:

Its a very easy theory to prove. Just ask Rene if he's getting some. Lol.

Mike says:

Makes sense. Android users are all nerds still living in their moms' basements.

Ricardo says:

Well, with apps like "Grindr" and similar apps... why wouldn't iphone owners get the freeky mojo on. I know Grindr get me more play than I should....

Chip Chipperson says:

I wish i fell into the category of more sex+iphone.

iPhreak says:

There must be an app for that!! Sorry had to say and can't believe none of u knuckleheads beat me to it!! Lol. BTW...sent from my iPhone 4!!

P says:

The iPhone 4 has elevated my sex-game!! Thanks Apple!! :)
Android = Hacking
IPhone = Hornie
BB = Old hornie dudes

Tebow says:

..according to the following study below, the figures giving in this article are completely wrong:

a rohani says:

This survay was done before I got my android. If I was included in the survay the average woulda been twice as high :)

Dan says:

artspot - i concur w/ your statement

Dan says:

also , just an fyi, tim tebow will be the biggest flop in nfl history. Yes, topping jamarcus russell.

Silentsoul says:

These figures make complete sense for a couple reasons at least. I can see iPhones being popular among cool artistic people living in the city. I know we get laid. Android being popular on Verizon in the rural areas among spec centric folks is not ideal conditions for frequent layage.

J1CA says:

I'm having sex right now playing with my iPhone while they ride me.........

Corrina says:

This is hilarious! True. But hilarious. At least for me.

Joe McG says:

I've lost count of sexual partners so I guess I win...
__Sent from my iPhone

Tebow says:

@Dan.. you must be a LSU or UT fan.. regardless, it's clear that you're a loser in the game of life..
Good Luck.

zisel says:

My god.
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Bob Marley14 says:

Tebow is vary small. In the head.

Tebow says:

@John.. which head are you referring to??

OrionAntares#CB says:

Umm, number of parterns =/= frequency???

Nick says:

Hmmm, yeah, more partners doesn't mean more sex. Just means you all cheat more :P

Martin says:

Agree with Nick. More sexual partners does not equal more sex. Perhaps non-iphone users are more committed to their current partners.

Dood says:

Now this article I can get into Rene. Nice job buddy!

WTFLogic says:

All it proves is that Chicks who use iPhones are Whores, compared to Chicks who use other phones. Skanky Whores. No thanx.

Eric says:

Lesson learned - hit on iPhone chicks.. However, my lady has gotten substantially more frisky since I got her an EVO... Coincidence?

Eric says:

Also forgot - Does that include the number of BJs they have to give to get good service at the apple store?

jasondeno says:

What can I say? We iPhone users just like to have fun without all the hassles so common in other (phone) relationships.
BTW, I should mention that when I deathgrip my partner, she becomes less receptive to me too. We need to prove that this rumor is NOT just limited to the iPhone. It's pervasive. Tube of toothpaste. Birds. Most sandwiches.. I could start a video series! 'Jason Squeezes Random Crap- real hard'

CaptainYoshi says:

So what your saying is that iPhone users are also more likely to be carrying STDs? Yikes...

Shae says:

"The mathematical part of me has to ask, are iPhone users attracting more partners because they use an iPhone..."
Correlation... people who buy iPhones are probably more likely to have money and other status symbols (nice cars, etc). I'd say that whole package is attracting dates, not the phone.

whateber says:

Wow, women with smartphones are total whores! Or at least the ones on OKCupid.

Chris Wage says:

Do I really have to be the one that points out that this is based on user input alone? So, the more accurate headline is "iPhone owners claim to have had the most sex". Is that really a surprise to anyone?

you_monster says:

This study should be used by steve jobs in the next keynote.

TheMan says:

iPhone users have to find something else to do because their phones don't work...

Mark says:

The mathematician in you left out the most intuitive possibility -that some third factor causes both iPhone-ownership and promiscuity. For example, people who are fashion conscious seek out iPhones and have more sex. That's stats 101.

ANGRY says:

WTF > All it proves is that Chicks who use iPhones are Whores, compared to Chicks who use other phones. ****** Whores. No thanx.

Markus says:

Proves that iPhone users are needy and can't sustain a relationship is all.
And since when does more partners = more sex. Surely the opposite is true.

mh3rn4nd3z3 says:

lol. iphone users are noobs and sluts.

Mobidroid says:

Did you count the number of Dildroid users? Reading the comments on the apps I think you missed a good sample :P

Mario Amatucci says:

A geek would by an adriod, a business man a BB and a cool guy an IPhone, easy to understand the reason of these results.... foxes

Christian says:

Guys and girls with blackberries don't have as much time to get sex. We're busy folks. But remember, what matters is the quality, not the quantity. Blackberries and their users are much classier and do things better ;-)

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