FaceTime helping couples keep "in touch"


Among its many other use-cases (see Apple's recent set of commercials), there are a growing number of couples taking advantage of FaceTime to help them stay connected -- and stay intimate -- when they're unable to be together. From overnight business trips to long distance relationships, FaceTime on iPhone 4 provides several advantages over regular telephones and computers when it comes to intimate moments.

First, experts say 80% of communication is really transmitted through body language and expression. All of this is lost over text or spoken conversation. Text only allows for word choice. Voice only allows for intonation. With FaceTime and its wonderful video quality you can actually see changes in expression; a twinkle in the eyes, a blush along the cheek, subtle smile, a bittersweet glance.

Second, iPhone is a lot easier to move around the house (and into the bed!) than a clunky old laptop. You can have your iPhone comfortably docked or propped up beside you if you want to keep your hands free, or grab it and take it under the covers if the mood strikes you.

Gizmodo has posted several tips for the more adventurous among you, should you want to try them out.

So have you -- or would you -- use FaceTime to spice up your love life? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

FaceTime helping couples keep "in touch"


Steve Jobs the prude is now working on a way to block phone sex calls over FaceTime. As he would say, if you want that stuff go to Android.

My wife and I will be using it to stay in touch during my training and deployment...soon as I can afford two iPhone 4s heh.

Is this an advertisement? I come here to hear about cool apps, not get fed advertisements masquerading as news and stuff... Kinda a let down. Am reconsidering my Twitter follow...

Like Maggard said, this is a great tool for me to stay in touch when I'm deployed or away for training. I think this is a marvelous feature.

I hardly used to use Facetime before jail-breaking my phone... now that i can use over 3G i use it all the time ;)

@Brian - How do you figure this is an advertisement? Looks like a story about a built in feature in the iPhone 4 and goes on to ask people that have an iPhone 4 if and how they use it.

I would really love to get into FaceTime with my girl, we have a ling distance relationship and she has always dreamed on having an iPhone. I own a 3GS and has worked perfectlly. Hope I can gather money and pay her one. Obviously an iPhone 4 like mine which I'm getting whenever it comes out here in Mexico.
Nice topic by the way!
You guys post the best around iPhone world
Best wishes and good luck on your jobs!

How is this an advertisement? FaceTime is built into the OS.
And the article talks about being intimate with your partner over FaceTime, not making porn. If it wasn't for se x you wouldn't be here so stop being such a prude...

I wonder if a front-facing illumination LED could help with the under-the-covers FaceTiming. Just a thought...

My GF is waiting for the white iPhone, once she gets it's it's gonna be FaceTime all the time. We both have very busy schedules so this would really comes in handy :D

How well does the front camera handle reflected light? Do you need a background light source or can cranking up your screen's backlight give you a decent image as well?

TMZ.com has probably had an office party by now celebrating the advent of FaceTime. I sure wouldn't want to be the first famous person who was unwittingly being recorded.
Would the video recording of a FaceTime session be allowed in a court-of-law? Say for instance a recorded session of one of those new sex-chat services popping up that are promoting FaceTime functionality.
While the tape was running, you'd be 'visiting' with someone else -- when it's on YouTube, you're shown alone... A creepy kind of sex tape ;)

Shame on you Georgia for posting a Gizmodo link.
Were not giving those Scum web hits.
At least i know i'm not, ever again.

This is so absurd! iPhone4 is not the first device in the world to have this feature. And the fact that you can't use it over 3g just makes the app useless for most of us!
Thanks tipb for such an amazing article

I've only used FaceTime to test it and I must say that it works amazing over 3G in Orlando.
No adult situations yet though.

Must say it does read like an ad. If it were a howto (use facetime that is lol) it would be different. But its just an ad for a feature thats already known and for a device that wasn't the first to do it. I think its quite obvious that its better than using a laptop. Almost seems like news has to be drummed up about the iPhone these days.

Can you access FaceTime features between two different phones, perhaps the new blackberry torch or the android and the iPhone 4?

Je n est pas encor tester mais sa a l air chouette des voir c est copain et tout quand il s ont chez eux et tout moi je dit genial apple pour l iphone 4

With a major exam in 3 days, a trip home for some Valentine's TLC is out of the question. While nothing can compare to the sense of touch..I am looking forward to our candlelight Valentine's day Facetime dinner...and some after dinner fun too ;)