Google updates Finance web app, adds Google Voice calls to Gmail

Google has a nifty update ready for users of their Finance web app, and while it won't work on iOS (of course), we're sure many in the US will appreciate the new Google Voice integration with Gmail as well. Here's the low down on Google Finance Mobile:

We heard your feedback and are please to announce we’ve launched the new Android/iPhone edition of Google Finance for mobile! The markets don’t stop when you leave your desk, so we’re bringing the markets to you. Our new design gives you a unified experience across desktop and Android or iPhone phones, offering nearly all the same features and functionality on both. You can easily access the new site when you do a Google search for stock tickers or company names on your mobile device, or when you tap the "Finance" tab on the Google mobile homepage.

For more on the new Google Voice in Gmail, we refer you to the video... after the break.

[Google Finance, Gmail, via Android Central]

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Google updates Finance web app, adds Google Voice calls to Gmail


Use to use it every day, since the update it doesnt work on my Black Berry. Atleast my daughter with her iphone and my wife with her droid can access it; even though they have no use for it. :(

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