Pages 9.0.4 adds ePub export for iPad

Pages 9.0.4 adds ePub export for iPad

It's not the iLife '11 full on HTML5 and ePub editing app we've been waiting for, but at least Apple has released an update for iWork's Pages word processor that adds ePub export for iPad.

Here's the official verbiage:

  • Fixes an issue with tables.
  • Includes compatibility with the standard ePub file format (for use with iBooks) when exporting.

Numbers (for spread sheets) and Keynote (what Steve Jobs' uses for his presentations) were also updated.

So anyone ready to get their ePub on?


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Reader comments

Pages 9.0.4 adds ePub export for iPad


This thing is crashing nonstop for me - no matter what face I make. 100% crash rate within 15 seconds.
New features or not I'd like to know how to roll back to the previous version?