Clearcam for iPhone Promo Code Giveaway!

We reviewed Clearcam for iPhone last week, and this week, the developer was nice enough to share some promo codes with us to give out to you guys! Since our review, the developer released an update to the app that fixed some of the issues I had, such as some shots coming out a bit blurry for an unknown reason. He's also added a few tweaks that have made the overall image quality even better!

What do you have to do to get your hands on a code you ask? Simply leave a comment below, that's it. We'll pick a handful of you at random on Friday to win some codes.  Remember! To win a code, you must leave a comment with a VALID e-mail address. If I can't send you an e-mail at the account you left the comment with, another comment will be selected.

UPDATE: Give-away is over, winners after the break!

And don't forget, we also do giveaways on Twitter from time to time randomly, so if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter for chances to win other promo codes as well!

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The developers of Clearcam are also on Twitter, so give them a follow as well!



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Mike Q says:

I'll take one! TiPB rocks!

niko360 says:

send one my way TiPB! thanks

Escher0 says:

I'd love to try it out!

Hugh says:

my gf has this app and I'd love to have it too!

Osumailguy says:

Pick me coach ... pick me!

Nuno says:

Wow! I want this promo code pls!

dgbooker says:

Tipb send some love my way. Come on guys.......

Nicole says:

I want one, I want one!

Michael Doran says:

I use my camera constantly to snap shots of my kids and family. This would definitely get a lot of use! Please pick me!

brianlees says:

In the immortal words of my beautiful wife - Cheap is good, but free is better.

Jailbreak4ever says:

I love the iphone as a medium for photos and would be happy to check out any photo app.

John says:

Send me a code and I'll give it a go!

Dataguy says:

Thanks to no side hardware shutter button on the iPhone, I really need this app!

Alex says:

My iPhone is my only camera, so having an app like this would be great!!

MasJ says:

Looking for a really good camera app to take better pics of the kids

Jason says:

Woot for a new camera app!

Yitz B. says:

AWESOME! I wanted to get this! Can't wait! Good luck everybody!!!! :-)

Doug says:

This is just like Oprah! I hope infind a promo code under my seat! Ok, it's nothing Luke Oprah. I just got excited...

Ed says:

Puck me! I mean...pack me! I mean....pock me! No, no... Pick me!!!

iArnie says:

I want to win something. I love winning things.

Rick says:

And this giveaway doesn't appear to be for USA only! Yipeeeeee!

JRGN says:

I would love to have a code! Thx & Best Regards, JRGN

Doug says:

See. I'm so excited that I can't spell...

Leo says:

Looks like a great app...
Love the info... Keep the posts comin.. Please 

Frederico says:

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Please :)

Daniel says:

go go go =)
This program rules!

pcSLC says:

I would love a code! Read the site everyday and love my iPhone camera! Thanks TiPb!

Scottnga says:

Yoo-hoo! Over here PLZ! Thank you.

Chris says:

I would love to try this out.

Tesh says:

This would be wicked,.

Rick says:

I would love to have that. I take a lot of photos

Jaime says:

I liked the review you did two weeks ago and I would really want to try clearcam.

Sopa says:

Ooooh, I want! I want! :)

techmom#IM says:

Very cool! I'd love a sweet camera app like ClearCam.

kmiahali says:

I've always heard of Clearcam but never got the chance to use it. This would be great if I won!

Kevin says:

Hey guys I will love this app for my iPhone it seems awesome!

Ken says:

I would like to try it!!

djayme7 says:

i'd love me one of them there!

Koot says:

Sweet I don't mind a free app (#^.^#)

Abonamuz says:

Owww hell yeah. I would like to review this app. Thanks!

OrionAntares#CB says:

A new giveaway and Hotmail Exchange sync activating today.

Doug says:

Would love to get the chance to try ClearCam. Thanks!!
Loyal follower

Bmxbiker46 says:

comments, comments, comments!

Leroy says:

Would definitely love to try it!

Jason says:

Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win so I can take some nice pix

Edymors says:

I want a promo code, PLEASE!!!! :)

Rob says:

I'd be interested in something like this.

MoBounce says:

Sweet!!! Pick me, pick me!! shoots hand up feverishly, like a 4th grade brown-noser

Redshirt says:

It's an interesting concept and would like to give it a go. I'm curious how the stitching works.

Sentenial says:

I am curious as to when Camera+ will be back on the app store. I bought it, deleted. And I want it back.. :/

Caleb says:

Wow, what a perfect time for this giveaway! I will be attending DragonCon in Atlanta, GA this weekend and this would be the perfect program for all of the pictures I will be taking and uploading to my twitter feed and facebook account!

willows3 says:

Unicorn!!! For my Unicorn White iPhone 4? Yes? I refuse to get the black one! And yay for a new app! =)

Chuck N. says:

Looks great... would really like to give it a try.

Tyler crawford says:

This is the best website for all information on apple products/accessories, I recommend it to all of my friends, thanks tipb for all the apple updates!

mattoaks says:

Loved the review and would love to get my hands on the app to try it out!! Thanks for all you do TiPB

wingate says:

Now if I can stop shaking with excitement my pics may not need an app.....LOL

Bkbone says:

That's great, I want !

Mike says:

Great idea - so let me test it - I use icam

Hector Sanchez says:

Remember when the runners up for iPhone contest were supposed to get a case? Yea, still waiting.

iM4cGirl says:

I need to have clearCam and your review tells me I must have it, anyway I can get a promocode?

Trickyd80 says:

I'd love to have it, so I can enhance my kids & dogs photos!!

robertpetry says:

Seems like a great app. I have had some issues with blurry photos on the iPhone 4 and this should help. Thanks!

Ceelo187 says:

Sweet hope I get to win.

rhoddy01 says:

Release the Kracken!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dmstrom says:

Clearcam looks like a really cool product. Looking forward to trying it and getting all my friends to buy it!

James DeRuvo says:

I'm in! I'm always on the look out for a better camera app!

melb_guy says:

Sounds like a very innovative app. Would love to give it a try!

Joseph says:

sweeeet can't wait to try it (if i get chosen)

xxDruMMer BoYxx says:

Hey ill take it too...Love playing around with my camera. Thanks Tipb...whoo!!!!!

Alex says:

Just got a iPhone 4, would love to make another new addition to it.

Lubsy says:

Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!

Skidds says:

Would like to try - thanks

ed says:

I like to take pictures of skies will be nice to try it

Horácio says:

Does it come with the horse/unicorn too?

Billy says:

I never win anything, but it doesn't hurt to try...

Carlos says:

I'm always down to try new apps so if I get picked that would be awesome. Thanks for the great review.

BrianTufo says:

@Billy dont feel bad i never win anything either! Hopefully this will end that streak!

tyrran says:

Sweet, I remember running this back in the Cydia days, and it only seems to have gotten better! I seriously hope I win!

Rich says:

Looking forward to trying it!

blyths says:

What the heck, better odds than the lottery! :)

dwilk21 says:

I would love to have a new camera app! pick me!

AdamSass says:

This will be an awesome app when apple let's them use the volume button to take the picture.


I'll take it. If it's free it's for me. :-)

big9erfan says:

This would have come in really handy when at the beach at sunset this weekend!

shinseiromeo says:

I still use an iPhone 3G so I NEED this! LoL

DLprac says:

Me please! Used the trial version of this when it was only a JB app I think?

Julian says:

Well, as a daily reader of I'd hope to big a winner in one of the contests or special things they hold nevertheless, I can't. Haha I hope I'll get picked for something that seems pretty damn interesting :)

ebedoun says:

I'd love a copy of Clearcam. Thanks for the opportunity TiPb!

Apple h8ter says:

Sweet. Let me know where to send my email so u can send me that code

Min says:

This app would be perfect since I rely on my iPhone 4's camera a lot for work. Unfortunately the native camera app isn't great...
So, pick me!!

myr says:

I missed the last one! Can I get this one? gracias......

Pablo Seoane says:

I'll take it please! =) Thanks!

BrindawithanI says:

What the heck!! Can't win if you don't enter!

Dave says:

Looking forward to being chosen to get the great app Clearcam.

Colin P says:

May i please have a promo code?

rlewisphilly says:

While I am unworthy, I would love to spankin the clearcam app! pretty please with sugar on top!

Tyler says:

I would love a promo code.

Orion2021 says:

Would love to try it out. Can't wait to get a unicorn in the form of an IPhone 4.

Tom says:

Keep up the good work, you guys!

CG says:

This looks like a great app! I hope I win a promo code!

Clubcarib says:

I'm looking forward to trying out this app. I use my camera more than anything else, and I'd love to experiment with light levels and exposure outside of the native camera app.

zachcheatham says:

I want to when something!.... Boom!

Tres says:

Would love to try it out in Australia :)

Jason says:

I would like this to be the first contest I win!

fantom1023 says:

WOW!!! Clearcam would be awesome to have!! Thanks TiPb and Clearcam!

Jason says:

I would like this to be the first contest win!

Hodgez says:

I would be very very upset if I received a free promo code. So please do not send me one!! Please! I'm begging. 

TheNewDude says:

Thanks guys!!
This is a good give away!

onlineboypr says:

This is why i love this website greetings from Puerto Rico!

NOLA says:

Would love to give it a try and take some shots of my hometown New Orleans...5 years after Katrina!

Fokas914 says:

I watched your video last week, it looked really nice to try out!!

TheFallenEagle says:

iPhone > All Other Cell Phones & Media Players!!!

phansom7 says:

I would love to try this app out!!

redbeard says:

Just the app I've been wanting too!

darktanone says:

Hope it clears up the yellow tint issue.

Nick says:

I'm in too! Gotta love trying new apps!

Stephane Fortin says:

I would most definitely love to get a chance to try this app on my brand new shiny iPhone 4.

Cheerios says:

I can't wait to test how clear it is

Lee costa says:

Would love to try this wonderful app.

Leonard Hidayat says:

Been wanTing to replace my stock iphone 4 camera app
Now found this clearcam as my best choice
I hope i can win one of the codes this time

chasemyprov1 says:

This is sweet, I could use it

George says:

With this amazing camera app known as clearcam I will b able to put a man on mars, create world piece, and find exactly where osama bin laden is hiding!

Paul Banbury says:

This looks like a way to improve the already great camera system on the iPhone. I use Camera+ for fun processing results and to have a more clear image to start with would be helpful! Please send me a code?

DHut says:

Really got excited about this give away. Considering the fact I'm always using my camera to take all kinds of pictures, I would love giving this app a test and see how amazing it's said to be!!

Ken says:

I'm totally psyched about this promo. As a teacher, I am always looking for opportunities like this to integrate some easy tech into my curriculum!!!!

michael169 says:

Would love to give it a try

KC says:

Clearcam sounds/looks awesome - sign me up for a promo code! Thx!

NickD says:

was wondering where you got the Unicorn!!! Because its so damn fluffy!!!

Kurt says:

Would love to try it!!!

Salam Horani says:

what's the name of the unicorn?

The Dude says:

Please pick me... I'm a cool dude :)

Spazbite33 says:

I supose il try even tho i never win anything.

Pavel T says:

I'd like to have Clearcam. Hopefully once in a lifetime I'd be lucky to win ! :))

Caribou says:

Mmmmmm, coooooodesssssssss........

pivale says:

The sequential shots to pick the best one is a good tool... We should have it for a while now on the iphone4 camera.
It's good that some developers picked this up.

Angie says:

I want this!!! Being the app junkie that I am, please PICK ME!!!

colin says:

<3 TiPb..I wouldn't have found out a lot of things about apple n others without your persistent hardwork to bring us the storys. so thank you guys

jonmark says:

Would love this app!! Please and thank you! :D

JimH says:

I'd love a chance to check out this app!

Gavin says:

The developer's claims seem fairly outrageous, but from what you say, it sounds like it works, and it's really worth having. Would be nice to have a promo code, though ;)

Arnie Bulaski says:

IF its anything like Redlaser i'm sure its great.

Noah Rasheta says:

I would love to try this app. Karma owes me some love and luck so hopefully this is my time!

Andrew says:

I wonder if there is any lag time. I'd love to give it a try.

Aldo Johnson says:

Looks cool. And simple idea, too.

lalo76 says:

I would love to have this app so I can take nice pictures of my 1 year old daughter.

Mcnooberson says:

Looks like a great app! Count me in!

Woodman500 says:

Good, I'd love to use a decent camera app.

ren says:

Me me me me me me me me me

iJake says:

Love my iPhone 4!
Love TiPb; it's always loaded in Safari at all times!
Love taking pictures with iP4, now with a FLASH! !
Would love this new app!

scott vargas says:

hey i have yet to find a good camra app and this app looks like it would work great...i hope i win?!

Nick says:

Looks like a great app. Love to give it try!

pnut78 says:

My friend has this app and it is pretty cool! The (I think its called) simple mode takes quick pics and saves the best one! I would love this since my kid never stays still!

E Pow says:

Looks like a GREAT app!! I would love to win this.

ChrisM says:

I'd love to play around with this, the review of it looked great.

rsbranch says:

Would love to try the Clearcam app! I have other camera apps on my iPhone. Always liiking for something new.

Chak says:

Is there a significant delay between shots? I would love to try this app in any case. =)

iamlynda says:

I would LOVE to try the clearcam app!!

Vertigo976 says:

There are a lot of posts right now

michael says:

beautiful for the beach....

Tony Smith says:

This is the best contest yet.

Conrad says:

Would love to give ClearCam a try!!

dave k says:

i would really like to try out this app!

Wei Li says:

Blurry photos is the biggest challenge with digital cameras.

Raaj says:

Great App!! must be better than tht awful stock camera

Raaj says:

Tht is so much better than the stock camera app!

Luisfer Goldstein says:

TiPb is the best site ever..!!!!
My iPhone would love to have this app!!!

Gymrat says:

Please can I have a promo code. Really interested in this app but haven't purchased because I have so many camera apps already.
Always listen to the iPhone Live podcast (not live because I'm in the UK).
P.s. If I win a promo code, the email will tell me what to do with it right? :)

excaliburca says:

Oo oo oo... may I please have a code? I would use the app ever so much... :)

Freiteez says:

I would use that app. Love the iphone camera

Debc says:

Love to give it a try. Tipb has helped make my iPhone even more fun. Thx!

Johnny Bravo says:

Johnny wants to win, give it to Bravo!

bohdanz says:

What a great thing this would be for me!

Macman says:

This looks like a great app for my new iPhone 4. Hope to get a chance to try it out.

Jeff says:

This app looks really nice!

Wow says:

I would be interested to compare the stock camera with this app as well. Interested to see the same pictures on the iPad screen and on my iphone4 retina display.

Miz.Michele says:

I'd love to win it. I am a recent iphone person...from a BB and have been happily trying application. I stink at the camera tho so help me out :)

apeach says:

I love new uses for the iPHone 4 camera.

Harry says:

I'd love using my iphone 4 to take pictures. This app would be a great addition to my iphone.

rkbrown81 says:

I would love a promo code!

James says:

Anymore codes left? I would live to try this app.

zaposlitev says:

rknnbxtbaqghrejeessp, zaposlitev, JbqzAtP.

Chuck says:

Would appreciate promo code to try ClearCam

Tyler says:

I LOVE this app! I would appreciate a promo code VERY much! You guys rock!!