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Steve Jobs happy Intel bought Infineon WSL?

Apple happy Intel bought Infineon WSL

According to CEO Paul Otelini, he made sure Steve Jobs was comfortable with the purchase before Intel acquired Apple iPhone 3G baseband supplier, Infineon WSL.

Intel chef Paul Otellini says he checked the opinion of Apple CEO Steve Jobs before buying German chipmaker Infineon Technologies' wireless unit for US$7.7 billion. The deal makes Intel a major supplier of the baseband chips that let mobile phones connect to cellular networks.

"Steve was very happy," Otellini told Fox Business TV. "The industry was abuzz that this business unit was on the market, and there were a number of competing companies for it. I think they are very happy that Intel won the bid."

It makes sense, given Intel's existing relationship with Mac hardware, that they'd want to keep their new, high profile, mobile customer happy. The question is, did Intel check with Steve Ballmer before buying McAfee?

[Channel News via 9to5mac]

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Steve Jobs happy Intel bought Infineon WSL?

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I haven't figured out why Apple hasn't moved away from this chipset in the latest IPhones.
These guys gave Apple a black eye with their crappy chips and ratty radios which almost brought AT&T crashing to its knees back int 2.1 days.