iPhone Über Alles! Apple Rolls Out the Barrel in Deutschland


T-Mobile customers in Germany are waltzing in the streets today. Earlier this morning Steve Jobs announced an exclusive partnership with Deutsch Telekom (T-Mobile), bringing iPhone to Germany starting November 9. Pricing is set at €399, but one of my readers in Germany, Jonathan Marcialis, sent news (with photo) that several shops in Germany are already advertising iPhone now for €899 ($1,200). Mein Gott!



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iPhone Über Alles! Apple Rolls Out the Barrel in Deutschland


very funny title! but the ad is not from t-mobile but i guess from a little store on the corner or sth. bcause it is mantioned "frei für alle netze" meaning: "unlocked iphone", and "ab sofort erhältlich", meaning you can buy it right now. so these are importet, unlocked iphones, bought in usa.
send my regards from the octoberfest

The Apple iPhone is bound to do well in Germany, well at least if you believe the high-efficiency stereotype. I guess the iphone just helps you get a lot more done in a short period of time.